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Terms & Conditions

Safety and Responsibility

1. Fitso deems safety as a top priority for all its members, partners and staff
2. Anything that compromises the safety of all people associated with Fitso will be dealt with immediate termination of the membership without any refund
3. Safety at Fitso facilities is considered as a mutual responsibility for both Fitso management/ staff and its members
4. The members are advised to take all necessary precautions while dealing with any equipments at the facility or the facility in general
5. Any act of violence either initiated or participatory in nature, within and outside the Fitso premises (like parking, academy/ school areas) will result in immediate termination of the membership with immediate effect
6. Fitso shall not be held responsible for any personal injury/damage or loss of life that may arise during the usage of facilities by the member

Right to Entry

1. Fitso reserves the right to allow/ disallow any person from entering the Fitso facility
2. No entry requests will be entertained for attending sessions without booking
3. Members are expected to arrive for their respective session in the booked slot duration only
4. Fitso reserves the right to deny entry to a member in case he/she arrives late for his/her session

Facility, Slots and Plan Management

1. Fitso reserves the right to add/remove any sports facility and/or slots based on its discretion
2. Fitso reserves the right to incorporate changes including but not limited to its facility operations (day, hours, plan types, coaching type etc) from time to time based on our customers’ and partners’ feedback
3. In case any issue/query arises from any of the above or other changes incorporated by Fitso, members can share their concern by raising a support request from the Fitso App

Booking, Slot Duration and Availability

1. Booking Limit: Members can book their slots in advance and can have a maximum of 3 active bookings at a time
2. Past and Future Bookings: Past and upcoming booking details can be accessed from the Fitso app
3. Slot duration: The default session/slot duration is 1 hour out which 50 mins will be dedicated to playing/drills (based on the type of sport booked)
4. Warm up and Slot changeover: Member are expected to warm up properly for at least 10 mins to avoid injuries
5. Entry and exit discipline: Members are expected to arrive and leave on time, under no circumstance will the member be allowed to overstay
6. Booking availability: Your booking is subject to availability of the slot in the sought time frame on a first come first serve basis
7. Slot Capacity: Each slot is designed to accommodate only a fixed number of members
8. Slot Cancellation: In case a member is unable to make it to the centre for the booked session, he is expected to cancel his/her booking at least 30 mins in advance

No Show, Late Entry Penalty and Booking Cancellation Policy

1. Members can cancel their booking maximum 30 mins before the session starts
2. If a member fails to cancel the booking in case not attending, 1 day will deducted from the membership as ‘No Show Penalty’
3. In case a member arrives late (15 mins or more), 1 day will deducted from the membership as ‘Late Entry Penalty’
4. Members are expected to mark their attendance through facial recognition attendance system not later than 15 mins from the session start time to avoid any penalty
5. In case of a dispute around the penalty application, members can go to their past bookings in the app and raise a penalty reversal request
6. Fitso will investigate the penalty reversal dispute raised by the member and will deploy commensurate efforts to arrive at the best possible and accurate decision
7. The penalty reversal decision made by Fitso team would be final and no further dispute shall be entertained due to any reason

Capturing Attendance

1. Fitso uses biometrics (facial recognition, finger prints, voice etc.) to record the facility visit and attendance data
2. Fitso can change/ opt for different technology/ modus operandi to capture attendance data from time to time at its own discretion for reasons including but not limited to security, reducing customer effort etc
3. In case the member(s) opts for a Fitso membership, it is deemed agreeable from the customers behalf that he will comply to the attendance protocol
4. For security purpose, all Fitso centres have CCTV installations to monitor live events at the facility

Session(s) Cancellation by FITSO

1. Fitso strives to maintain its facilities in prime working conditions for its members and hence requires pre-scheduled as well as unscheduled maintenance
2. Reasons for Slot cancellation: A slot might also be closed owing to reasons including but not limited to unscheduled facility maintenance, repairs, unfavorable/unsafe facility conditions, power cuts, adverse weather conditions, etc.
3. Cancellation intimation: Fitso will strive to notify the members through email/app/sms notifications in case of such occurrences hence members are strongly recommended to check their apps and emails for such updates before visiting the facility
4. Members are strongly recommended to add contact@getfitso.com to their email contacts to get such emails in the primary inbox mitigating the chances of losing/missing important updates from Fitso
5. Reconciliation: In case of any discord or dispute around cancellation, members are encouraged to raise a support request from the Fitso app

Refund Policy

1. All Fitso Plans are non-refundable plans and under no circumstances (including medical reasons) shall any refund request be accepted by the Company.
2. FITSO advises the users to go through the terms & conditions thoroughly before the purchase of this plan.

Membership Cancellation

1. Formal communication for cancellation: All requests to cancel FITSO membership must be made in writing to contact@getfitso.com
2. FITSO plans are non-refundable and under no circumstances shall any refund request be entertained.

Membership Termination

1. Fitso reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time for reasons including but not limited to discipline, misbehavior with the facility staff or fellow members, acts of violence, distortion of peace, violation of Fitso Code of Conduct, desecrating/vandalizing the facility and/or its premises
2. If anyone does not adhere to the right code of conduct, rules & regulations; then Fitso reserves the right to discontinue the member's membership at any given time
3. In case of any violation, no refund request shall be accepted by Fitso

Membership Transfer

1. Fitso memberships are non-transferrable (either in part or full)


1. If anyone buys a Fitso membership, it is given that the member is free from any conditions that might deteriorate or hamper his/her health while using Fitso services
2. While subscribing to Fitso membership, you take responsibility for the fact that:
(a) You have declared all/any medical conditions you might have
(b) You’ve checked things out with a registered medical practitioner or doctor and submitted the medical form before availing the services
3. If you have a heavy cold, sinusitis or an ear infection we recommend you not to swim
4. Fitso recommends its members to be free of all symptoms/disease/sickness at least 48 hours prior to resuming their plan with Fitso


1. All Fitso instructors are qualified and experienced teachers/coaches and hold relevant certifications
2. Fitso reserves the right to replace advertised coaches or programs under any circumstances
3. Any pertinent issue can be raised with our staff at the facility, the relevant point of contact will be the designated Facility Manager or the Coach in case the Facility Manager is not present
4. It is recommended that all queries related to technique and skill building should be directed to the coach deployed in that particular slot
5. Issues or queries related to membership, facility, amenities and hygiene can be directed towards the designated Facility Manager or via support request from the Fitso App
6. Any/all queries pertaining to your membership or staff can be raised via support request from the App

Changing of Instructors

1. Fitso will put reasonable endeavors to provide the same instructor or coach for each lesson during the same time slot, however, the cover teacher/coach may be used without prior notification
2. Fitso reserves the right to appoint a new instructor or coach at any time
3. Fitso reserves the right to provide an alternative instructor or coach for a class in case the regular instructor or coach is not available due to illness or any other reason

Lost Property

1. Fitso does not accept responsibility for any damage/ loss of property or articles left unattended:
(a) Including the ones worn or
(b) Left anywhere inside the facility
(c) Around the facility premises (within the grounds, car parking etc).
2. Members are expected to carry minimum items/belongings to the facility and take all necessary precautions. 3. In case anything is reported lost or found, you can reach out to the Facility manager and check or handover the item in the ‘Lost and Found’ box kept near him


1. The vehicle used to reach the Fitso premises will be the responsibility of the owner and Fitso does not take any responsibility for any theft/damage to the vehicle
2. All members and the delegated guardians of the members should observe the highest level of personal conduct in the parking area
3. In case there is an issue in the premises please report the same to the concerned Facility manager present at the centre


1. Due to privacy protection regulations, the members are expected to limit photography within the facility premises
2. Performing photography or video filming within and outside Fitso facilities should be done the highest level of sensitivity ensuring any other member(s) privacy is not violated
3. Photography is recommended to be limited to Selfies and Group photos serving the primary purpose of preserving memories
4. Photography at swimming pools and during Kids Academy hours is strictly prohibited
5. In case any violation, unwarranted behaviour or act is reported (by a member or Fitso staff), it might/will lead to immediate termination of membership without refund and/or legal proceedings under applicable laws will be taken up
6. Fitso reserves the right to use your photographs for publicity purposes, however, if required and arising out of any objection or upon request by the concerned member(s), Fitso will take steps to remove their photographs from its content
7. All Fitso photography, logos, and illustrations are the copyright of Fitso (or credited party), any scanning or reproduction of any of the above without our written agreement will be regarded as being in breach of our copyright and dealt with accordingly
8. Fitso cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties and, therefore, excludes to the fullest extent possible by law, any liability arising from a breach of this section headed “Photography” by any party.

Code of Conduct

1. Members are expected to maintain the court/playing area, changing rooms, and washing area in a clean and tidy condition
2. Members are expected to handle the amenities and equipment with necessary precaution and in no way tamper with any fixtures or equipment
3. Members are expected to arrive and leave the premises as per their allotted/ booking time
4. Members are expected to show their booking to the designated staff and mark their attendance before proceeding to play
5. Members shall not, before or after using the facility, loiter, or remain on the premises, or on grounds without reason
6. Running on the court area, changing rooms or in the bathroom is strictly prohibited
7. Members are expected to be in proper sports attire and wear earmarked footwear for their booked sport, proper attire ensures that you thoroughly enjoy the game and avoid injury
8. Fitso management at the center can exercise their authority to deny entry to any member who doesn't have a valid booking or is not in the proper attire for the booked sport
9. Members are expected to bring their own water bottles for hydration
10. Ensure a good and proper warmup before the game to avoid injury
11. Fitso expects all its members to behave in a disciplined and sportsmanlike manner
12. Shouting, yelling, or using cuss words anywhere inside or outside the facility or with anyone is strictly prohibited.
13. Improper behavior/ use of profanity by any member at the center will lead to immediate termination of membership
14. In case of any misconduct, or any action inconsistent with the Fitso regulations, the use of the facility, or where the premises are being misused, management has the authority to have the offender removed from the premises, and/or report the offender to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action as deemed appropriate
15. Taunting/ Sledging is discouraged, members are expected to exude the highest level of personal discipline and conduct while playing
16. For any queries around your membership, facility, etc please get in touch with the facility manager or raise a support request from the Fitso app
17. For suggestions regarding game improvement or guidance, please consult the designated coach in that particular slot
18. Be consistent and visit the facility regularly to improve your game skills
19. Food items /drinks are not permitted in any part of the court
20. All injuries/accidents should be reported to the coach/facility manager immediately, first aid equipment is available with the designated Facility Manager or staff
21. Any accident or incident related to safety and unsafe environment should be reported to the facility duty manager immediately
22. Spitting is strictly prohibited inside the facility
23. Smoking and/or drinking are strictly prohibited in the facility building or in any area within 100 meters of the facility
24. Photography/videography within the facility premises can only be done under the supervision of Fitso Staff, any violation of privacy would result in membership termination of the member responsible and/or required legal action
25. Members will be held responsible for any wilful damage to all properties at the facility (including lockers, windows, flooring, furniture, fixture, and fitting, etc.)
26. For safety reasons, any damage found or any attempt of damage identified should be reported to the authorities immediately
27. Management will accept no responsibility for loss or damage of personal properties inside the lockers/changing room facilities
28. Members must not leave their belongings inside the premises or changing rooms
29. Any item found in the lockers and/or the changing rooms will be collected and disposed of by the Management on a daily basis
30. Fitso will not be responsible for any personal property that may be damaged, lost, or stolen on the premises