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Fitso Seals Swimming classes
Fitso Seals Swimming classes
swimming classes
Fitso SEALs provides the finest swimming facilities open round the year in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad under highly skilled and certified coaches.
Fitso seals swimming classes provides certified coaches

Certified Coaches

Fitso seals swimming classes provides Hygenic Pool Facility

Hygienic Facility

Fitso seals swimming classes provides indoor swimming pool option

Indoor Pool

Fitso seals swimming classes provides best water quality of swimming pool water

Water Quality

Fitso seals swimming classes provides pool facility with ideal temperatures to swim

Temperature Control

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Fitso provides swimming classes in 5 locations namely Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Delhi and Hyderabad . Swimming is beneficial for people of all age groups. Swimming helps in keeping the body fit, lose weight, and burn calories. Swimming works up all the major muscles and will tone you up and slim your body down.

An hour of swimming for a male who weighs about 80 Kg can burn approximately 500 calories while gym workouts at moderate intensity for the same duration uses up around 300 calories.

We have structured swimming lessons, leisure swim sessions and Aqua exercise sessions at all our swim classes and occasionally we have Water Polo and survival swimming sessions. According to their swimming abilities, all the learners are grouped in different levels, namely Beginners, improvers, advance, and squads. The coaches assess children and adults at regular intervals which are then progressed to higher levels.

All our facilities have top-rated pools with outstanding infrastructure. All our coaches are certified and trained so that you have the best learning experience. We regularly maintain the pH level, chlorine level, and other parameters to ensure that the water is clean & transparent. Fitso SEALs provides swimming classes under the leadership of national level coaches for both adults & kids.

Our installations consist of indoor heated swimming pools having temperature regulation systems. We maintain a stable 26°C - 28°C water temperature which is the ideal temperature for swimming. This allows swimming in winters also. Fitso SEALs provides the best temperature-controlled swimming facility and training classes with India’s best swimming coaches.

Sooner the better. It is recommended to take formal swimming lessons from the age of 4 years or more. Yes, adults/old age people anyone can learn swimming. It’s an injury-free sport and especially recommended for people recovering from injuries. Learning swimming depends on your body structure, muscular flexibility, and dedication. There are examples of individuals who learned to swim within a week. You can learn basic swimming in roughly 14 lessons. We provide swimming lessons for everyone, ranging from children to adults and men to ladies.

Yes, we have swimming classes for ladies too and separate women changing rooms. We take all required measures to ensure their safety and maintain a friendly environment. A good chunk of our total users is women including those aged above 60 years. Yes, we do have lady instructors at almost all our facilities. To ensure a secure environment & good ambiance, we allow only members in the pool area. More than 40% of our members are females which is a quite high percentage compared to any other pool/facility available in NCR. At present we do not have separate pool areas for ladies though we do have a good number of female coaches at all our pools.

Yes, we provide teaching/coaching to children of all levels (beginners to advance level). Children above the age of 4 years can be enrolled in regular group coaching. Swimming Classes For Babies and Toddlers: We provide swimming classes in groups as well as one-to-one individual coaching for babies and pre-school children below four years.


All equipment required to learn and train will be provided by us in the class. The learners just need to bring their personal and basic swimming gear (costume, cap and goggles) for the swimming lesson.

All teachers and coaches at Fitso are either NIS or STA-UK certified. All our Lifeguards are YMCA, RLSS and STA-UK certified. The entire staff is First Aid and CPR trained.

All our learners are grouped in different levels according to their swimming ability.The wider groups are Beginners, improvers, advance and squads. The learners (SEALS levels) for children and (ADULT LEARN TO SWIM Levels) for adults are assessed by the coaches at regular intervals to be then progressed to higher levels. Time to learn swimming varies from individual to individual.

Swimming is a great workout because it involves the movement of your whole body against the resistance of the water. Swimming is a good activity for your health as it: keeps the heart rate up while taking some of the impact stress off your body, builds the muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness helps in maintaining a healthy weight, heart, and lungs. Tones your muscles and builds strength, provides a body workout as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming.

We have structured swimming lessons, leisure swim sessions and aqua exercise sessions in all classes and occasionally we do have Water Polo and survival swimming sessions.

We have several outdoor and indoor swimming classes where structured swimming lessons take place. All our pools have experienced and qualified Lifeguards, Lifesavers, First Aiders to ensure safety of our learners.


  • Fitso Seals Swimming classes in Delhi NCR

    Siraj Akhtar

    The experience is awesome with you guys. The guidance and support from Amit, Surya and other staff is beyond words. Thanks a lot guys .. Way to go.
  • Fitso Seals Swimming classes in Delhi NCR

    Vidyut Verma

    It has been just under a month since I got my daughter Ishita Singh started @Fitso, Gurgaon . I already see major improvement in her swim length in one go, stance and confidence. I would like to thank her coach Mr Mohit Rawat for his guidance which is helping her to be a better swimmer. I really appreciate the effort which entire Fitso team is putting to make it a better place to be. FITSO RULES THE POOL..... I’m loving it .
  • Fitso Seals Swimming classes in Delhi NCR

    Vinay Chaudhari

    I thoroughly enjoyed the pool (Sapphire international School, Noida), its cleanliness, size and changing rooms. Second, all coaches available there are very friendly and are helping individuals at every stage of learning. I personally would like to appreciate the effort put in by coach Vinay and Ranjit. They both are masters in their own way and have many cards under their sleeves to help us learn swimming in best possible way. Once again thanks a lot for providing us an opportunity to learn swimming from professional coaches. Wish you success in your future endeavours.
  • Fitso Seals Swimming classes in Delhi NCR

    Uchit Saini

    I am happy to see my daughter started learning swimming , though she is a beginner but her technical skills have been improving day by day . Thanks a lot for putting up sincere effort in bringing out the best in children.
  • Fitso Seals Swimming classes in Delhi NCR

    Raina Chaudhari

    I wanted to take the time to share our experiences with Mr. Dagar and his Staff at the Fitso Seals at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai. My son (5 years) and my mother (55 years) joined Fitso’s swimming classes as a total beginner. Our Instructors are excellent. They will make you learn things in different and fun ways. The amount of attention and focus given to each learner from the coaches is truly commendable. The training facility is very well maintained. I would recommend Fitso to anyone. There is no comparison between their teaching and other options around town.

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