Sports Terms & Conditions

Safety and Responsibility

(a) FITSO deems safety as a top priority for all its users, partners and staff, anything that compromises the safety of all people associated with FITSO is dealt with immediate termination of the plan without any refund.
(b) FITSO shall not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss of life or damage that may arise during the usage of facilities by the user.
(c) Safety at FITSO facilities is a mutual responsibility for both FITSO management/ staff and its users.
(d) The users are advised to take all necessary precautions while dealing with all/ any equipment and the facility.
(e) Any act of violence either initiated or participatory in nature, within and outside the FITSO premises (like parking, academy/ school areas) will result in immediate termination of the plan without any refund.

Facility, slots and plan management

(a) FITSO reserves the right add/remove sports facilities and/or slots based on its discretion.
(b) FITSO reserves the right to incorporate changes including but not limited to its facility operation day, hours, plan types, coaching type etc time to time based on customer and partner feedback.
(c) In case any issue or query arises from any of the above or other changes incorporated by FITSO, the same can be shared with the FITSO team by writing to

Refund Policy

(a) Sports Plan is a non-refundable plan and under no circumstances (including medical reasons) shall any refund request be accepted by the Company.
(b) FITSO advises the users to go through the terms & conditions thoroughly before the purchase of this plan.

Right to Entry

(a) FITSO reserves the right to allow/ disallow any user from entering the FITSO facility.
(b) If a user does not adhere to the right code of conduct, rules & regulations; then FITSO reserves the right to discontinue the user's membership at any given time.
(c) No entry requests will be entertained for attending sessions without the booking confirmation.
(d) All users are expected to arrive for their respective session in the booked slot duration, FITSO reserves the right to deny entry to a user in case he/she arrives late for his/her session.
(e) No refunds will be made in case there is a violation of any rule or regulation, misconduct or intent to cause damage to the reputation or cause harm to fellow users, staff or FITSO property.
(f) Attendance: FITSO uses biometrics (facial recognition, finger prints, voice etc.) to record the facility visit and attendance data. FITSO can change/ opt for different technology from time to time on its discretion to capture this data for reasons including but not limited to security, reducing customer effort etc.

Booking, Slot Duration and Availability

(a) Booking Limit: FITSO Sports users can book their slot minimum of 48 hours in advance and shall not have more than 2 active bookings at one particular time.
(b) Booking Confirmation: Your past and upcoming booking details are available in your FITSO App, request all users to check and avail the services as per your booking plan.
(c) Duration: Your session/slot duration will be for 1 hour; 50 mins will be dedicated to playing/drills (based on the type of slot booked) and 10 mins for changeovers/setup/changing time.
(d) No extra time: Under no circumstances will extra time be given to any user, the users are expected to leave the playing area/pool at least 5 minutes before the slot gets over so that the same can be made available in proper condition for the next slot users.
(e) Session availability: Your session booking is subject to availability of the slot in the sought time frame on a first come first serve basis.
(f) Slot Capacity: Each slot is designed to accommodate a fixed number of users, we request you to kindly book the session and cancel if required well in advance to avoid any inconvenience to yourself, fellow users or the FITSO staff.

No Show/ Session cancellation by users

(a) Sports user can cancel his/her booking before the session starts, which, if unattended it will be counted as a No Show.
(b) Sports users are expected to cancel or reschedule their upcoming session at least 1 hour prior to the session start time so that the slot can be made available for other users.
(c) Bookings canceled within 1 hour from the slot booked will be counted as No Show if the slot goes unutilized.
(d) In case the user fails to cancel the booked session and does not turn up, the session will also result in a No Show.
(e) A maximum of 2 No Shows per month is allowed per user, post this each No Show will entail a penalty deduction of 1 day from plan duration.
(f) Compensation for missed sessions: Under no circumstances will FITSO be liable to compensate for the missed/canceled sessions by the users.

Session/s Cancellation by FITSO

(a) FITSO strives to maintain its facilities in prime working conditions for its users and hence requires maintenance from time to time.
(b) Reasons for Slot cancellation: A slot might also be closed owing to reasons including but not limited to facility maintenance, repairs, unfavorable facility conditions/ playing environment, power cuts, adverse weather conditions, etc.
(c) Cancellation Intimation: FITSO will notify the users through email and app notifications in case of such occurrences, users are strongly recommended to check their apps and emails for such updates before visiting the facility.
(d) Users are strongly recommended to add to their email contacts to get such emails in the inbox without any hassles.
(e) Reconciliation: In case of any discord or disputes, the user is requested to write to

Membership Cancellation

(a) Formal communication for cancellation: All requests to cancel FITSO membership must be made in writing to
(b) Sports plans are non-refundable plans and under no circumstances shall any refund request be accepted by FITSO.

Membership Termination

(a) FITSO reserves the right to change or cancel a user membership at any time for reasons including but not limited to issues related to discipline, misbehavior with the facility staff or fellow users, acts of violence, distortion of peace, violation of FITSO Code of Conduct, desecrating/vandalizing the facility and/or its premises.
(b) Sports Plan is a non-refundable plan and under no circumstances shall any refund request be accepted by FITSO.

Freeze Option

Freeze option are pauses that can be availed in case the user wants to or is obligated to take a planned or an unplanned break/s owing to reasons including but not limited to medical concerns, professional or personal travel, exams or any other personal reasons.
(a) Freeze Option can be availed either by logging a request on your FITSO app or sending a mail to our team at at least 1 day in advance.
(b) Freeze option is available based on the duration of the Sports Plan users.
1. 1 month -> 5 days.
2. 3 months -> 15 days.
3. 6 months -> 30 days.
4. 12 months -> 60 days.

(c) A user can exercise multiple freezes within the above-prescribed limit of freeze days with respect to their plans.

Membership Transfer

Sports Plans are non-transferrable and the plan/sessions cannot be transferred to any other person fully or partially.

Plan Renewal

(a) Existing users subscribed to FITSO services should get in touch with us at for renewing their existing plans at least 7 days before the expiry of their respective plans.
(b) The users may also reach out to their respective pool/facility managers and apprise them of the same to get the plan renewed.
(c) Users have the option to pay online as well as at their respective facility by handing out the renewal amount to the designated pool/ facility Manager, post which they will hand over a payment receipt on the spot.
(d) Users already subscribed with FITSO will get a preference for availing the plan renewal under current offers applicable at the time of renewal.
(e) The communication and the payment for availing the renewed package should be made timely through proper channels (Online or Pool/ facility Manager).
(f) Renewals will be provided on a First Come First Serve Basis based on the availability of the slots.


(a) When you sign our terms & conditions, you take responsibility for the fact that, should you answer ‘yes’ regarding any medical conditions you might have, you’ve checked things out with your doctor and submitted the medical form before starting with us.
(b) All medical conditions must be disclosed to FITSO before availing its services.
(c) All information received is treated in confidence and with sensitivity.
(d) If you have a heavy cold, sinusitis or an ear infection we recommend you not to swim.
(e) FITSO recommends its users to be free of all symptoms/disease/sickness at least 48 hours prior to resuming their plan with FITSO.


(a) All FITSO instructors are qualified and experienced teachers/coaches and hold relevant certifications (International- STA-UK, ASA, Austswim, YMCA, ASCA & National- NIS, RLSS).
(b) FITSO reserves the right to replace advertised coaches or programs under unavoidable circumstances.
(c) We like to encourage communication and welcome issues to be raised with our staff at the facility, the duty management team at the facility will be the Coach in charge and the Facility Manager.
(d) The facility manager will not be able to or will not be responsible to answer any queries around training/techniques related issues or answer sports-specific concerns/issues.
(e) Should you require any further information or advice with respect to your membership, please do not hesitate to contact the respective pool/ facility manager or email our Customer Experience Management team at

Lost Property

(a) FITSO does not accept responsibility for any damage/ loss of property or articles left unattended (whether being worn or left in the pool/changing rooms) in and around the facility premises (within the grounds, car parking etc).
(b) Users are advised to carry minimum items to the facilities and take all necessary precautions.
(c) In case something is reported lost or found, you can reach out to the pool/ facility manager and check or handover the item in the ‘Lost and Found’ box kept near him. This is where you may find the items misplaced or lost.


(a) The vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner and FITSO does not take any responsibility for any theft/damage to the vehicle.
(b) Please note that all users and the delegated guardians of the users should observe the highest level of personal conduct in the parking area, in case there is an issue in the premises please report the same to the concerned pool/ facility manager.


(a) Please note that due to privacy protection regulations, the users are strictly prohibited from clicking pictures, performing photography (including camera phones) or video filming within and outside FITSO facilities .
(b) Any violation of this policy may lead to immediate termination of membership without refund and/or legal proceedings under applicable laws.
(c) FITSO reserves the right to use your over/underwater photographs for publicity purposes, however, if required and arising out of any objection or upon request by the concerned user/s, FITSO will take steps to remove their photographs from its content.
(d) All FITSO photography, logos, and illustrations are the copyright of FITSO (or credited party), any scanning or reproduction of any of the above without our written agreement will be regarded as being in breach of our copyright and dealt with accordingly.
(e) FITSO cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties and, therefore, excludes to the fullest extent possible by law, any liability arising from a breach of this section headed “Photography” by any party.

Changing of Instructors

(a) If applicable, we will use reasonable endeavors to provide the same teacher/coach for each lesson within a given time slot, however, the cover teacher/coach may be used without prior notification.
(b) We reserve the right to appoint a new teacher/coach at any time and may, at times, need to provide an alternative teacher/coach for a class due to illness or for any other unforeseen circumstances.
(c) In the event a teacher/coach is away for a long period of time, we will try to keep the same cover teacher/coach for the time period where possible.


(a) If a user wishes to take a holiday/ holidays during the term of his subscription beyond the holiday calendar shared below, FITSO will not be liable to compensate for the lapsed sessions in any form.
(b) FITSO’s Holiday Calendar is shared as under for your reference.
(c) Holidays vary every year and will be updated at appropriate timesFITSO reserves the right to declare immediate holiday or closure of facilities on account of any reason.

Month Holidays
March Holi
October Diwali (2 Days)

FITSO Code of Conduct

(a) All Sports
1. Learners accept that they are under the supervision, control, and care of the Instructor/coach during the session.
2. In case the behavior of the learner is unsatisfactory or the session is being disrupted, the Instructor/coach has the right to remove the student from the class.
3. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult who must stay in the venue during the lesson.
4. No food or drink other than water in a sports bottle may be consumed at the venue or in the changing areas.
5. In sports venues - running, shouting, interfering with other players, fighting, throwing items, are considered disorderly behavior, the user/ participant/ guardian involved will be asked to vacate the premises instantly.
6. Parents are asked to stay outside sports venues for coaches to be able to do the jobs you have employed their services for.
7. New students could have parents within the venue (especially for small kids), for a maximum of 2 initial days/sessions.
8. Outdoor shoes must not be worn beyond the changing rooms or pool deck.
9. All users must adhere to the rules of the facility and follow any instructions written or verbal form FITSO staff.
10. All users must wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the sport they have enrolled for.
11. Jewelry including earrings should not be worn during swimming or playing any sport.
12. Management reserves the right to decline or cancel bookings, particularly if the guidelines above are not followed.
(b) Swimming
1. Swimmers should not eat for at least 1 hour prior to swimming.
2. As a general rule of thumb, do not enter the pool area prior to your lesson start time.
3. Whilst you are waiting for your class, please keep poolside noise down to a minimum so that the sessions can take place in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
4. Only enter the pool (water) once your instructor has invited you to do so.
5. Listen to what your instructor tells you, if you don’t understand, please ask.
6. The following actions (including but not limited to) are seen as disorderly behavior: running, diving, jumping, ducking, fighting, bombing, shouting and throwing items, etc.
7. If you are warned and the behavior persists you will be asked to leave.
8. Swimming goggles, including those with ophthalmic prescription lenses, may be worn at the wearer's own risk in the pool.
9. To avoid injury, wearing of spectacles in the water by a swimmer during a session is not recommended, care of spectacles is the responsibility of the owner.
10. No jewelry should be worn during swimming lessons.
11. Appropriate swimwear should be worn at all times in the swimming pool and communal changing areas.
12. Please ensure that users with long hair have them tied up and wear a swimming cap.
(c) Swimming Dress Code & Hygiene
1. All swimmers must shower and go to the toilet before they enter the water as this helps to keep the pool clean .
2. Do not take any food or drink items into the changing rooms.
3. Shoes must not be worn in changing areas and pool hallway, all shoes are to be left by the entrance doorway.
4. All learners/patrons should wear appropriate fitting costumes/trunks, swimming cap, and shorts specifically designed for swimming. Baggy costume/trunks can hamper movement.
5. Religious or medical bracelets are allowed but should not distract the swimmer from their lesson.
6. All learners should shower before their lesson.
7. Encourage children to use the toilet before the lesson commences.
(d) Safety at Pool
1. In the event of any emergency, all learners/patrons will follow the pool's Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and follow the instructions given by the Lifeguard / Coach in Charge.
2. All members should vacate the pool on hearing one long blast of the whistle blown by the Lifeguard / Coach in Charge.
3. All swimmers and spectators will immediately stop what they are doing and wait quietly for further instructions.
4. Should it be necessary to clear the pool, when the instruction is given (sound of 3 long whistles), all swimmers will move to the sides of the pool, leave the water and stand back from the side.
5. Should it be necessary to evacuate the building - no attempt should be made to recover possessions from the changing rooms or anywhere else within the building.

Changes to Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct

The recommendations, ideas, and techniques expressed and described in FITSO classes, as well as in books and videos endorsed by FITSO cannot be regarded as a substitute for the advice of qualified medical practitioners. Any uses to which the recommendations, ideas, and techniques are solely at your discretion

Complaint Redressal and Email policy

The recommendations, ideas, and techniques expressed and described in FITSO classes, as well as in books and videos endorsed by FITSO cannot be regarded as a substitute for the advice of qualified medical practitioners. Any uses to which the recommendations, ideas, and techniques are solely at your discretion


The recommendations, ideas, and techniques expressed and described in FITSO classes, as well as in books and videos endorsed by FITSO cannot be regarded as a substitute for the advice of qualified medical practitioners. Any uses to which the recommendations, ideas, and techniques are solely at your discretion