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Zarine Khan Weight Loss Journey from Flab to Fab

When Zarine Khan decided to enter Bollywood, her excess weight was not only criticised by the audience, but also amongst the people in the film industry. When her first movie “Veer” was released, she was criticised by the critics due to her weight issues, but she amazed everyone in her item song “Character Dheela” from movie “Ready”.  She started her journey from being almost 100 kilos to being 57 kilos at present. Zarine Khan weight loss journey of reducing 43 kilos amazed everyone and is the hot topic of discussion amongst all. Here are her weight loss journey and her workout plan that you can look forward to:

Workout plan of Zarine Khan

A right amount of healthy diet and exercise makes the perfect combination for weight loss. She believed in following the same and ended up getting the stunning figure. Zarine Khan Gym Workout routine includes the following exercises:

  1. Swimming
  2. Spinning
  3. Jogging
  4. Pilates
  5. Cardio Exercises
  6. Weight training

zarine khan gym workout

Zarine made a debut with Salman Khan, one of the fit actors of Bollywood, has promised herself to start her day by performing Pilates at least an hour. She also swims or jogs once a day to make sure that her metabolic rate is improved. She engages herself in weight training for three times a week as guided by her instructor. The difficult part was to keep distance from sweet dishes but she stopped consuming sweet dishes and fried foods to stick to her goals for weight loss strictly. Performing Pilates seem quite challenging to her, but with practising continuously, she has started to enjoy them. Watch the video about Zarine Khan Workout assisted by her trainer.

Video Credits: MTunes HD | Inch By Inch

Zarine changes her cardio frequently exercises as she gets bored with the same ones often. The secret behind Zarine Khan Weight Loss is Yoga. She says that Yoga makes her feel light as a feather and flexible like a spring. She agrees with the fact that yoga has completely helped her to change the shape of the body and maintain the perfect silhouette. Her muscles are toned, and it has transformed her body completely.

Diet plan of Zarine Khan

Apart from Zarine Khan Gym Workout plan, she strongly believes that starving and not having a proper intake of food doesn’t lead to weight loss. One should consume everything, but in a proper and moderate amount, she says. She claims that she loves eating and hates dieting. However, she makes sure to take a diet full of proteins that include consuming loads of fruits, vegetables and juices with ample amount of water. Her energetic and healthy meals include the following:

  • After waking up: Zarine makes sure to drink at least a litre of water on her empty stomach to remove the toxins and impurities from her body.
  • Breakfast: She consumes two egg whites with brown bread toast and later a bowl of fruits and sprouts.
  • Mid time snacks: Her mid-morning time snacks include different vegetable soups daily.
  • Lunch: Zarine eats brown rice with stir fried vegetables and boneless grilled chicken.
  • Afternoon snacks: Her afternoon snacks include coconut water.
  • Dinner: She consumes a bowl full of salad, brown rice along with boiled vegetables and grilled chicken.

zarine khan weight loss diet

Zarine eats at an interval of every two hours and prefers to consume smaller meals instead of larger portions. By eating this way, the metabolism of her body gets boosted, and thereby she can burn more calories and fats. She also makes sure not to consume any calorie-rich beverages and replaces all of them with coconut water. Coconut water not only has many health benefits but also does not contain any calories.

Some amazing Tips from Zarine Khan on weight loss: 

  1. Say no to Junk and Fried Food
  2. Add High Fibre and High Protein food
  3. Whenever you feel low, take inspiration from Zarine Khan Weight Loss journey
  4. Commitment towards your goal is the secret key for success
  5. Spend at least one hour at the gym

Zarine always had a plan to become a doctor since her childhood. With an aim to become a Doctor, she never thought about how she looked and how was her figure. She was just like a normal girl who loved eating all kinds of junk and calorie rich foods. This was the main reason behind her gaining weight as a teen.

zarine khan weight loss

However, she couldn’t fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor and therefore thought of modelling. Her new ambition was her inspiration to lose that extra fat from her body. Ever since she decided to go for acting, she didn’t leave any stone unturned to achieve her milestone to get that perfectly shaped body.

Zarine Khan achieved an almost unrealistic target of 57 kilos from 100 kilos which is a dream to most of the ladies out there. She shocked all her critics by her incredible weight loss and stunningly shaped body. Along with proper exercise and diet, she managed to lose 43 kgs of weight in less than one year, which inspires so many women out there who desire to achieve the same.

post zarine khan weight loss

It was purely Zarine’s hard work, efforts and dedication that made her achieve her targets within a span of months, which is otherwise quite difficult to achieve. It is however interesting to know Zarine Khan weight loss journey that didn’t stop at 57kgs. She has lost about another 10 kilos for her next movie “Death of Amar” to perform some stunts. She is one of those ladies from Bollywood who has been a great inspiration and motivation to all of us with her incredible weight loss journey.