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Yuvraj Singh Fitness Regime and Motivation to Comeback

Yuvraj Singh is a notable person amongst the Indian cricketers. He is known for his exceptional fielding skills and dynamic batting style. Yuvraj is often remembered as the batsman who had hit 6 sixes in a row when bowled by Stuart Broad, in the World T20 held in 2007.

You might think that a cricketer like him would get enough exercise during his field drilling, batting and bowling practice sessions in the nets. But what Yuvraj Singh does will shock you. Even after spending four hours practising his skills, he follows an extensive workout routine. He believes that fitness is important in the life of any sportsman. In fact, a strict fitness routine has helped him come back to the pavilion after battling with cancer. He said that after months of struggle and chemotherapy, it had helped him regain his lung capacity which makes him feel more confident now.

yuvraj singh fitness

What does Yuvraj Singh’s fitness routine look like?

Here are some of the exercises that Yuvraj Singh does as a part of his fitness regime.

Mobility Exercises: The mobility exercises improve your body movements, which are very necessary for a cricketer. These exercises give the best results when carried out as a part of warm up exercises. These increase the flexibility of muscles, hence reduce the risks of injury.

Foam Rolling: This exercise helps you relax your muscles. It works like a self-massage. All the distinguished athletes and star sportspersons all over the world prefer this exercise. To do this, all you need are a foam roller and a Theracane (also known as the lacrosse ball). You may even use your hands if you do not have the equipment, but with the equipment, the job becomes easier.

yuvraj singh fitness

Bench Pulls: This exercise is loved by Yuvi as it improves the strength of his back. One has to be extra careful with keeping the back straight while doing this. Handling the equipment properly is also important to get the desired results.

Pull-ups and Push-ups: These exercises help in giving a good shape to your shoulders and increase the strength of your muscles. These exercises are what helped Yuvi hit those excellent shots as a batsman and perform exceedingly well as a fielder.

yuvraj singh fitness

Running: Yuvraj Singh says that running keeps his legs in shape and boosts his stamina levels as well. He simultaneously does squats and lunges, which help him shape his body for good fielding. These simple exercises do not need any equipment and they can be done at any given point of time.

Skill Practice: In this session, Yuvraj Singh bowls for an hour, practices batting for two hours and fielding for a minimum of 30 minutes. This will help in the all-round development of a cricketer.

yuvraj singh fitness

Bench Presses: This exercise tones all your upper body muscles and helps you enhance your stamina and strength. It improves the performance of sportspersons like Yuvraj on the field. Also, it intensifies the density of the bones and prevents them from breaking.

Cable Rows (Dumbbell rows): This exercise also helps in having a strong back. Yuvraj Singh is very particular about exercising his back considering the fact that he would not have the strength to play for hours together at a stretch otherwise. Adding these exercises to your routine would help you in improving your muscle strength.

Hip Lifts: This is yet another back exercise, but it majorly targets the lower back. It also helps in the reduction of belly fat. After doing this exercise regularly, you’d be able to move your body with ease.


What is the Yuvraj Singh Diet like?

Yuvraj Singh believes that a good diet is as important as a good exercise routine. Chicken, Kadhi Chawal and Mattar Paneer are some of Yuvi’s favourite foods. He has three meals a day and he is very picky about his diet.

He has cereals, milk, eggs and fibrous fruits for breakfast. His lunch and dinner are a balanced blend of proteins and carbohydrates.

Although Yuvraj Singh’s routine is quite diverse, he has disclosed on many occasions that running is favourite. So, if you are overwhelmed with the list of exercises he performs each day, start with running. You can use a treadmill for the same.

yuvraj singh fitness exercise

Apart from exercises and a good diet, following certain fitness tips will make your journey all the more smooth.

  • Exercise every day: Do some kind of exercise daily that increases your heart rate. It can be as simple as taking a brisk walk to buy things or doing household chores.
  • Include more vegetables in your diet: Fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy and invigorated throughout the day. Prefer organic fruits and vegetables to hybrid or other store bought canned ones.
  • Weight training: As you age, your muscles become weak. Weight training helps in the improvement of muscle strength and makes you look young.
  • Body Stretching: Stretch your body before your warm ups and after exercises, this will make your body limber, flexible and loose.
  • Hydrate: Drink 6-8 glasses every day to keep your body hydrated. Since 70% of our body’s content is water, hydration is essential to keep it functional. It is all the better if you can have warm water, which has many benefits associated with it.

yuvraj singh fitness secrets of success

We all have had days when we lose the motivation to workout and stay fit. These tips and snippets from our very own Yuvi, who fought with cancer and came back a champion, will give you the fitness motivation when you need it the most.