Yoga Poses: Yoga For Weight Loss

12 Super Effective And Easy To Perform Yoga Poses

Yoga for weight loss, digestion and memory loss

Our day to day hectic schedule brings lots of health hazards for us. For all your health problem yoga is an answer and all round fitness expert. Yoga connects and unites mind body soul and breathe by providing relaxation apart from bodily pickings.

As cited by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar “ Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life – in terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you feel and look. So to be completely fit you need to be mentally and emotionally poised not just physically hale. This is where yoga provides postures and meditation as a complete fitness package.

However, the process of yoga is slow-pace but it has perpetual healthy benefits curing minor and major human illness. It involves patience and low-intensity movement as compared to sweaty body workouts. A regular practitioner of yoga has an ailment free body and stress-free mind. So below are compiled some yoga poses for a definite health worries solution.


Mountain Pose Yoga: Yoga for Health Ailments
Mountain Yoga Pose


This pose enhances posture and increases height. It tone up abs and butts and strengthens thighs knees and ankles.

How to do

  • Stand tall and join your feet by keep a slight distant between.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed with arms resting at respective sides.
  • Breathe in and raise your arms up above your head.
  • Put your arms straight and both palms facing each other.
  • Stretch yourself upwards with your fingertips towards the sky.
  • Now exhale by bringing down your both arms slowly to the both sides of body.
  • Keep doing the whole pose easily and calmly. Don’t do with force as you will hurt your muscles.




This pose is an effective weight loss practice. It strengthens the shoulders and tones thighs and abs.It keeps blood pressure under control. It alleviates digestive ailments by improving  digestion system.

How to do

  • Lay your body and feet lat on the floor. Keep your hands near your sole by touching them or under your head for extra flexibility of pushing body upwards.
  • Exhale and push your body upwards with your feet.
  • Lift your body by keeping neck and head flat on the ground and remaining body in the air.
  • To make it easy you can use your hands to give support by pushing down.
  • You can even hold your raised lower back with your fingers to provide the added stretch.




It strengthens the hamstrings , thighs legs and ankles as the body weight is shifted on the thighs with the forward push and stress. This pose also helps in increasing the stamina.

How to do

  • Position standing with your feet closed at each other and both hands resting on the sides.
  • Now move your right leg to the side and bend the right knee stretching forcefully to the forward movement.
  • Make your left leg stretched straight.
  • Exhale and shift your hands up in a straight line positioned with your shoulders.
  • Inhale and pull back your right knee by straightening to the original position.
  • Repeat the same steps for left leg.




It has same virtues like that of Warrior Pose I.

How to do

  • Do the same steps like in Warrior Pose I with small changes.
  • In this pose instead of extending your right leg to the side, move your right leg forward and stretch your left leg backwards.
  • Slowly fold your right knee and turn your lower middle body section facing your bend knee.
  • Position your left foot sideways to give yourself the extra support.
  • Now exhale and lift your body upwards by keeping your arms straight like in Warrior Pose I
  • Push your arms upwards and slightly twist your lower middle body section backwards forming a curve.
  • Stay in this posture for few seconds and come back into starting position by straightening your right knee slowly by support of your hands.
  • Repeat the same process with left leg.
  • Do this pose slightly and calmly to avoid muscle injury.


Cobra pose_Yoga for weight loss


This pose helps in toning abs by strengthening chest, shoulders and back portion. During this pose deep breaths are taken which results in high blood circulation in the whole body. The high blood circulation helps to reduce fat.

This pose provides flexibility to the middle section of the body by improving appetite. It refines the internal  organs by improving circulation to digestive system.

How to do

  • Lie flat on your stomach and keep your feet lying flat touching each other.
  • Place your hands below your shoulders and elbow close to the middle lower body.
  • Now inhale and push up your middle lower body  off the floor with your arms and hands.
  • Curve your back how much you can, lean your head by facing upwards.
  • Stick to this posture for one minute and come back to the original position.




This pose enables burning of calories as well as toning of arms and legs.  During this pose the abdominal pose is stretched which helps in burning of fats. Continuous practice of this pose provides fat belly and enhances flexibility of the back.  This pose is beneficial in relieving stress and fatigue.

How to do

  • Lie on your belly and lift the feet up slowly.
  • Distant the feet and hip around a width apart. Keep the arms resting at respective sides.
  • Bend your needs and position your feet facing towards your butts.
  • Now elevate your chest from the floor and hold your ankles with your hands.
  • Your body will form into a curve appearing like a bow.
  • Hold your body in this posture for few second or more by facing straight.
  • Keep breathing normally and come back to the starting position.

Chair Pose

Chair Pose - Yoga for weight loss
Chair Pose


Chair pose is the easiest yoga forms of losing weight.  It tones the lower back and buttocks.  It provides strength firmness and flexibility to the muscles.

How to do

  • Stand on your feet by joining them.
  • Put your hand folded in front of you in a Namaste position.
  • Lift your hands up above your head in the same Namaste position.
  • Now slowly bend your knees by positioning thighs analog to the ground.
  • Lastly twist your lower middle section of body a bit forward.
  • Keep in this posture for few seconds or more and come to your original position.
  • Repeat this pose as much as you can depending upon your resistance.


Tree Pose - Yoga For Weight Loss
Tree Pose


This pose helps in increasing concentration. It enhances relaxation and calm down mental stress.

How to do

  • Stand straight on the floor and balance yourself by shifting your weight to left leg.
  • Stretch your hands up above your head by joining them in Namaste position.
  • Lean your left leg by bending from the knee.
  • Place your left feet on the inner side of your right thigh.
  • Close your eyes relax and concentrate.


Easy Pose Yoga: Yoga For weight Loss
Easy Pose


This pose soothes the mind body and soul by energizing memory power.

How to do

  • Sit straight by your legs crossed.
  • Lift your left sole on the inner edge of your right thigh.
  • Put your palms on your knees and close your eyes. Relax and concentrate.
  • Do the same process by positioning with right sole.


Forward Bending Pose: Yoga For Weight Loss
Forward Bending Pose


This pose sharpens the memory skills substantially.

How to do

  • Stand tall on the floor and lift your hands up close to ears.
  • Tilt your body by bending downwards and slowly position your palms to the toes.
  • In this posture touch your toes with your fingers and stay in this manner for few seconds or more.


Lotus Pose: Yoga for weight loss
Lotus Pose


This posture keeps your mind serene enabling sharpening of memory.

How to do

  • Sit on the floor and fold your legs crossed. Keep your back and shoulders straight.
  • Put your hands on the top of your knees.
  • Close your eyes and relax. Slowly inhale and exhale your breathe.


Thunderbolt Pose: Yoga for Weight Loss
Thunderbolt Pose


This pose improves digestion by removing ulcers acidity and constipation. Relieves anxiety and stress.

How to do

  • Bring down to your knees and fold your knees on the floor.
  • Position your feet and ankles touching the Likewise your butts should touch your soles.
  • Now put your both palms on the knees and straightened your back.
  • Keep facing straight, close your eyes and relax.

Wishing You A Successful Yoga Journey!