Yoga Poses for Runners

Yoga Poses for Runners

Yoga is a perfect solution to all your running needs. Not only does it keep you fit from tip to toe, but also trains your mind and increases your body’s endurance. It trains you not to turn nasty or hopeless halfway through a race. Its mind tricks keep you positive and present all the way through to the finish line. This article is about Yoga Poses for Runners.

Yoga helps boost your body’s potential weak spots such as the core, the feet and the ankle muscles which absorb shock every time you run. This is particularly crucial if you practice running on roads. For trail runners, on the other hand, it is important to master their balancing postures.

No wonder, yoga can significantly help runners with their strength as well as flexibility. But which of its many types are best to keep your body in perfect shape is perhaps the question. Here are six of the most beneficial yoga poses for runners:

Dolphin Pose

This helps you strengthen your shoulders and stretch your hamstrings and calf muscles. In order to do this, align your wrist under yours shoulders and knees under your hips. Now gently straighten your legs and raise your hips into an inverted V while touching the ground with your elbows. Stay there for half a minute or so to start with and gently come back


Camel Pose

This pose stretches the entire front of your body, particularly the abdomen area. To do this, kneel on the floor. Make sure your knees and your foot are equally wide apart. Now place your palm on your hips and slowly tilt the thighs backwards individually as you try to make your hand and toe touch. If you can’t touch your heels with both the hands together as shown in the picture, do it with each hand individually to get into the habit slowly. Use extra padding if your knees are sensitive.


Warrior Pose

This strengthens your legs, ankles and back. Step with your right foot forward, lower your left knee while keeping the right one in place. Now lift your torso upright and stretch your entire body and your hands towards the sky. Once you return to the normal posture, repeat this with your other leg.


Tree pose

This helps you to straighten your thighs, calves and spine. In order to do this, stand straight keeping your head and spine erect. Now keeping your right leg strong, begin to slowly lift your left toes off the ground and place the left foot over the right thigh, while keeping your left knee at 90 degrees. Now raise both the hands straight up and maintain the posture. The Tree pose requires lots of flexibility in the hip, so make sure your pants allow good movement in all the directions. Avoid pants that are too tight or too loose.


Butterfly Pose

This pose is ideal to stretch the hamstrings and calves. To do this, first sit straight on your mat. Now, bring the soles of your feet together. Interlace your fingers around the toes and roll the shoulders back.


Cow Face Pose

This stretches the ankles, hips, shoulders and thighs. From a seated position bring your left foot back by your right hip. Now sack the right knee on top of your left and keep your spine erect. Grab your feet with your hands and lean slightly forward. You can place your hands on the floor or can also take them behind your back, interlocked.


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