Yoga Guide For Beginners

Yoga Guide For Beginners : How to Start Yoga

Yoga is a beginner friendly exercise that helps you achieve a sharp mind, positive attitude and a calm demeanor. It is not just about getting a flexible body but is much more than that. It helps you explore and understand the many layers of your physical and mental body.

Here a Yoga Guide For Beginners with 8 tips to get you started:

  1. Yoga is not only about touching your toes and being super flexible; it is about gaining core strength and detoxifying your body.

2. Don’t get confused between what kind of Yoga class to join. Sure there are different styles of Yoga which generally confuses beginners, but eventually all kinds of yoga lead to one goal – help you gain inner core strength.

3. Yoga is not as easy as it looks. It takes years to learn and perfect your postures.
4. Yoga isn’t anything like aerobics. It requires a perfect harmony between your body movement and your breath patterns.

5. Unlike other fitness activities, when it comes to Yoga, resting is as much a part of the practice as everything else. In yoga there are no short-cuts.

6. To get the best results out of your yoga practices, it is important that you also follow “Pranayama” and Meditation too, as they help your mind become calm.

7. Be prepared to discover parts of yourself you don’t know you had both physically and mentally, because yoga is all about self study and discovering things about yourself.


8. Relaxing postures like “Savasana” and “Tadasana” are more than important. It is necessary to repeat relaxing postures after every other posture because they help in relaxing your nervous system and rejuvenating them.


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