Follow These Nutrition Tips for 200% Better Results with Yoga

Many people make the mistake of just following yoga without giving any importance to diet. That’s a big mistake. For any fitness activity diet contributes 70% in success, and it’s even more important for yoga. You can’t find the inner peace while chewing those fat overloaded, calorie bombs.

Yoga and diet plan are the perfect combination of losing kilos in a couple of months. We know you’re wondering how this possible but it’s true as many people have been tried this and they have been surprised by the awesome results.

Follow these simple tips to witness awesome results.

Go for Nuts

how to prevent peanut allergies in childrenStart your habit for eating super healthy and yummy nuts which not gives you a protein but fiber as well. The best part of these nuts is that they are digested very slowly and full your tummy for a longer time which helps in reduce your craving for food. It’s also helping in regulate and steady your blood pressure.

Drink more water

You have probably heard this many times drinking water help in reducing weight, yes you are on right track, and water is such an inexpensive drink which makes you healthier and thinner. Water helps in boost your metabolism and cleanses your all waste. So what should you do, you just drink eight- eight ounce of water every day and encourage your weight loss.

Add green juice to your diet

karela juice benefits

 No! we are not talking about the “fresh” orange juice, we are talking about the juice which is directly extracted from your mixer. Yes, it’s a “Green juice” which is a great weapon in the fight against the battle to lose weight as it goes directly into your bloodstream. Drinking one glass of bottle gourd juice every morning works miracle in your body. You can also try some other green juice such that of cucumber, parsley, bitter gourd and blah blah…. for a better result.

Used herbs and spices in cooking

Popular food myths - Indian spices

Have you bored of eating a balanced diet? Just add this little “tadka” of ginger and cayenne pepper in your cooking which not only gives spicy flavor to your tongue but also help in reducing extra pounds. Cayenne pepper is the highly recommended detox diet which burns your calories and speed up your metabolism on another hand ginger is an effective source of fat burn and curb your appetite.

Eat Dark chocolate

dark choclate

Great news !for sweets lovers if you have a carving of sugary stuff just take an ounce of dark chocolate which stop your craving and helps in digestion and regulate your insulin level.

A piece of dark chocolate reduces your stress and cortisol level and prevents you from overeating. So go for dark chocolate!

Never skip breakfast

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One of the biggest mistakes that everyone does is they skip the breakfast which is one of the main reason for increase the kilos of weight, As when you skip the breakfast  you will become more and more hunger later which results in you eat more and more. So be the breakfast as a “hero of the mealand eat tummy full healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning.

Oats a healthy addition to a diet

No wonder! Oats are one of the most healthy diet staples for weight loss as it contains healthy carb and fiber which keeps you full for a longer time. One of the main benefits of eating oats is its adaptive nature, you can add easily any topping and flavors to it and make a delicious tasty bowl every time and also not get bored with regular diet. It’s advisable that you can always use plain oats with a topping of fruits and a mixer of banana puree and unsweetened almond milk.

Focus on a healthy fruit choice: 

Well said! Your diet depicts your weight! If you choose a healthy diet you can easily control  your weight, so instead of eating all the fruit just go for a high fiber rich fruit like papaya, pomegranate, and apple which will surely shrink your waist size. This highly fiber-rich fruit full you for a long period and slows down the process of emptying your stomach.

Go with nature:

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Our nature gives us so many things which help us to stay healthy, out of which green tea is the very beneficial for weight loss, and even studies prove so. Green Tea contains some fat burning hormones which splits your fat and causes weight loss.

Another natural way to lose fat is to go with a season. For example, in hot summer you take lower fat diet with lots of vegetables and in cold climate, and you include more warm and cooked food with lots healthy fats.

Out of sight, out of mind

No doubt! that, we all people have a not a strong will power so when it comes to healthy lifestyle not to rely on willpower alone ,one of the most important thing which one can do is to clear out your freezer, pantry of unhealthy items and replace with a nutritious food and whenever you have an urge for eating something you just go and pick up this healthy item which surely helps in achieve your weight loss goals.

“Try these healthy tricks and achieve your weight loss goal”