Yoga Causes Weight Loss

Does Yoga Causes Weight Loss? The Ultimate connection

The benefits of Yoga are not limited to gravity-defying poses that make you look possessed. It has been suggested that practicing yoga helps improve self-esteem, mental focus and flexibility. It is especially known for reducing stress and increasing core strength.

It is suggested by many studies that Yoga Causes Weight Loss:

Within its ability to make you more fit – mentally – lies its ability to physically transform your body through burning calories. Consequently, boosting metabolism and making you slimmer and fitter. Yoga is an effective way to shed extra Kilos off your body and keeping it off. Though it is not a quick fix, it can be an excellent long term approach to losing extra weight.

Yoga helps in regulating hormones:

You must already be aware that metabolism is the process that creates energy and is regulated by the endocrine system. Yoga has a powerful stimulating effect on the endocrine organs which helps boost metabolism to burn more calories. The twisting and compressing postures of ‘Hatha’ Yoga massages endocrine organs which results in improved blood circulation.

These back bends, forward bends and other twisting poses, however, have different effects. For instance, if you gain weight due to hormonal imbalances, poses that affect the thyroid would be beneficial. This includes the Camel posture, shoulder stand and Rabbit posture, among others. If you want to reduce your waistline, then the Cat Vomit posture is what you should go for.

In addition to practising, involving it in a lifestyle can further boost the effects and create a holistic weight loss program. A yogic diet –includes simple food habits – consuming high fiber, whole grains and vegetables.

Keep in mind that yoga is not an activity but a process and it should be approached as such. There are no shortcuts in Yoga. While doing yoga, the practitioner must focus on slowly increasing their commitments to the practice to enjoy a gradual change. To obtain the best results try practicing yoga 6 times a week, with one day off per week to rest.

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