Top 10 Most Difficult Yoga Asanas You Should Try!

Yoga has always been one of the most sought after forms of exercise. This exercise form originated from India ages back and has been adopted all over the world. Yoga Asanas For Beginners are simple but as you move ahead some asanas become tough but very effective. So, in this blog let’s learn about the various advanced and tough yoga asanas that one can master for a wonderful lifestyle of fitness.

1. Eka Hasta Vrksasana – One Handed Tree Pose


Mastering this form of asana is tough and takes time for perfection. However, it is absolutely worth the efforts. This is the perfect standing posture yoga asana that helps you gain flexibility. It stretches your waists and opens your lungs too. You can strengthen your entire body and tone your legs with this exercise. In this asana yogis balance the entire weight of their body on one hand upside down. Thus, the name – One handed Tree pose. Inhale and repeat on the opposite side.


Pro Tip – Beginners can place their heel and back of the torso against the wall for balance.

2.Sirsa Padasana – Head To Foot Pose

This position seems easy at first but is difficult as it involves the art of mastering balance and stretching your body extremely for your torso, leg and feet to touch your forehead. It helps you to achieve clarity, focus and balance. It makes you balance and stretch your muscles. Breathe and stay steady in this form of exercise for acquiring the perfect agility.


Pro Tip – You can do this exercise with support in case you feel unsteady in this pose.


3. Warrior (Virabhadrasana )

Warrior pose is known to build stamina as well as strength specifically in the lower body area and core. It is not necessarily difficult to achieve but it is tough to master. The directions could seem difficult to achieve at the start but the trick is to be patient with yourself. Stand in Tadasana (standing still like a mountain) and exhale as you jump lightly while keeping your feet apart. Raise your arms parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor. Turn your left foot at least 45 – 60 degrees to the right and right foot about 90 degrees to the right. Make sure you align your right heel with the left heel. Exhale and turn the torso to the right. Keep your left feet firmly placed on the floor and as you exhale bend your right knee on the top of your right ankle such that the shin is perpendicular. Inhale and stretch your arms up keeping your knee straight. Exhale as you put your feet forward. Breathe and repeat the same steps on the other side.

Pro tip – Do not bend pelvis forward, rather elongate your pelvic area towards your navel.

4. Pungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock

This yoga asana is good for digestion and tests your mental strength as you balance your entire body in a semi-lateral position on one hand. It strengthens your wrist, shoulder and arms. Yoga Asanas For Beginners are simple but this pose is difficult as it requires you to balance on one arm.

 5. Sayanasana – Scorpion Pose Variation

This is a very tough Yoga asana that requires years of practice. In this particular yoga asana, one needs to stand on their elbows and manage to pull their feet up to their head. It requires massive agility and strength.

6. Kala Bhairavasana – Destroyer Of The Universe Pose

In the first glance, this yoga pose might seem easy but it is absolutely not. It requires you to place your one leg behind the head. For this your hips and legs need to be highly flexibile. All this is done while balancing your body on one arm like Shiva as the name of the asana suggests. Tenacity and athletic body is the need of this difficult Yoga asana.


7. Taraksvasana – Handstand Scorpion

This is a modified version of the regular scorpion pose. Rest your body on the forearms but stretch your legs like the demon tarka that was slayed by the war god such that your legs touch your head.

8. Yoganidrasana – Yoga Sleep Pose

This is a very difficult asana as it requires you to rest on your back but fold yourself into a tight knot or sleep like a turtle. It stretches your muscles and gives it increased blood flow.


9. Gandha Bherundasana – Formidable Face Pose

One of the most difficult Yoga asanas as it is intense and requires high flexibility of the spine. It is tough as you lay on your tummy trying to stretch your legs above your head to frame your face.


10. Savasana (Corpse Pose)

This is the final relaxation pose as you lie on your back with your arms beside your body. Though relaxing might seem easy, the corpse pose needs you to be still which is difficult o master for the  human mind.

Yoga builds strength, agility, focus, balance and gives long term holistic health benefits (physical and mental). Transform your body and lifestyle with these tough yet impactful yoga asanas. It is important to remember that these yoga asanas are highly advanced and cannot be acquired in a day of two unlike Yoga Asanas For Beginners. They need patience, practice and supervision from a trained expert to master it.