Worst ways to lose weight

Want to Lose Weight Fast, Here Are 10 Worst Ways

Where the patience is gone ! Worst ways to lose diet are in! Yes you read it right people don’t have to wait for a long they want a quick result, which results in unhealthy and worst way to lose weight become part of their daily life which they thought the effective weapon for achieving their goal of weight loss and what’s the out outcome of this  “Depression, muscle Weakness, slow down of metabolism and weak stamina”.

Well! We all sometimes in life used this worst way of weight loss and expect for some miracle isn’t?

Here we show you some worst way to lose weight, let’s get start by one by one:

1. Skipping meals

Skipping meal is Worst Ways to Lose Weight 

Noted down one thing there is no girl in the  world who run out the door without doing the meal and you know what the reason behind , a result desired of loose a weight within a couple of time but is this really effective way ?the answers is NO.

Bypassing your meal or ditch out on dinner becomes you a primal hunger in later time results your honorable intention of losing weight is fly out of the window. Not only this worst way to lose weight becomes you physically less sturdy.

2. Smoking:

smoking is one of the Worst Ways to Lose Weight 

Yes, it true whenever you’re a carving for food just takes a drag on a cigarette and your hunger will disappear in the smoke…

Beware!! This is not right way to deal with lose weight as its dangerous sign of trouble in your health life. As Nicotine enter into your body through Dashing smoking pipe and affect your brain hormones that causes increase in your metabolic rate which consequently kill your hunger as well your sense of taste and smell.

3. Drugs and dieting pills:

drugs and dieting pills are again worst Ways to Lose Weight

 No wonder! This is one of the familiar and worst ways to lose weight  even we know the fact that there are no magic pills in the worlds which will make you skinny in couple days. There are dozens of medicine available in the market which promise to make shades a pound but all come with a horrible outcome as in long run they can severely damage your heart and brain function.

4 Tapeworm diet:

Tapeworm diet is again worst Ways to Lose Weight 

Let’s face the truth that People can do anything for losing a weight even at the cost of their own health and sometimes their life as well and no doubt people’s interest are growing in this tapeworm diet, Brave soul eat the tapeworm cyst pills and this tapeworm would grow into the intestine and eat all the food until your goal of weight loss is achieved.

We warn you!! This tapeworm invites lots of health hazard in your life like diarrhea, vomiting headaches as well as creates a lifelong complication your life.

5. Calorie deficit diet:

Calorie Deficit Diet is again worst Ways to Lose Weight 

Well, it’s true! That remains in a calorie deficit for a long time result in surprisingly weight loss but with the cost of your own health as severe restriction of calories for a long time slow down your metabolism which creates a frustration, stress, and hormonal disturbance.

It’s right that our body needs a healthy fat which helps in burn the unhealthy fat and by following the zero sugar diet trend peoples are taking harmful diet drinks which actually cause a weight gain like we say a DIET SODA which contains an artificial sweetener which increases the weight.

6. Fasting :Fasting is again worst Ways to Lose Weight 

Fasting for weight loss is the hottest trends nowadays but a question is it’s really safe? Thinking about the fasting to lose a weight is totally a myth people believe that intimate fasting for many days will help in reducing extra pound but in nutshell no empty stomach gives you a hundred percent result as fasting process slow down your metabolism and you feel lean and energy less all the time and when your fasting over you eat more calories diet immediately which would surely your weight again..

7. Over-exercising:

over-exercising is again worst Ways to Lose Weight

Now here we will point out one of the worst factors in your stipend weight loss attempt which we called an OVER EXERCISING. Yes, it is while an on one hand healthy workout help you a better control in your weight on another hand too much exercise can cause a weight gain.

Your body is already in the stage of undernourished and over exercising makes the situation more worst which causes insomnia, depression, extreme muscular pain, weak immunity system, exhaustion which is alarming sign that you are doing over exercising.

8. Laxative Diet:

laxative diet is again worst Ways to Lose Weight

Admit it! People always doing some crazy thing in order to lose weight. They want a hassle free solution to quickly reduce the pounds of weights for this they are taking the laxative diet part of their life.

Before we discussed further let’s tell you what is that term?? laxative are the product which increases your bowel movement and empties your stomach which helps in losing weight but it is one of the worst ways to lose weight as excessive use of this may increase a risk of not having a proper bowel movement which weakens your digestive system.

9. K-E Diet:

ke-diet are again worst is again on of the worst Ways to Lose Weight 

Let’s talk about some extreme level! For lose weight and we are sure this one of the disgusting ways to lose weight. K-E diet stands for ketogenic enteral nutrition diet yes a feeding tube inserted into the nose of dieters which reach to the stomach through which liquid substances going constantly and burn your body fat at faster rate due to lack of carbohydrate and low calories but it will give some dangerous output like constipation, kidney stones, headache, weaker immune system.

10. Fad diet:

are again worst Ways to Lose Weight

Let’s discuss a fad diet which is also one of the worst ways to lose weight. Research prove that not eating a balanced diet will not help in weight lose goal by eating fad diet for longer time increasing the risk of nutritional deficiency as because fad reduce the intake of some nutrition food or cut some key food which is essential for your body which results in severe health hazards like weakness fatigue, dehydration, deficiency of mineral and vitamins.

“Now what you think about this worst way to lose weight? Do have  anything else which should be added to the list? Don’t wait, just share your thought with us”