personality based workout

How To Work Out Based On Your Personality Type

Fitness has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it means taking a long walk. For some others, it means going to the gym and sweating it out. For some, it means a relaxing yoga session and for some others, it might be going for a jog.

Just like how we all have different personalities, fitness also has a different meaning to everyone out there.

  • For creative people

If you are a creative person, say a writer or a painter, there are chances that you like taking long walks. Most artistic people like to be left alone with their thoughts and a walk provides them with that. What else could be the perfect workout for you?

personailty based workout

Dancing! There is nothing more creative than dancing. The movements, the expressions, the music in the background, everything makes for a killer workout.

Don’t like Bollywood music? No problem. You can go for a Zumba class or a Salsa class.

  • For the “I will do it tomorrow” gang

Do you always feel like postponing your workouts?

personality based workout

The best way to kick-start a workout is to do it with a group of friends. The energy is bound to bounce off on you and make you want to do your best.

Another good idea is to invest in a personal trainer, who will not let you miss a single day of work-out.

  • For the ‘Dark Knights’

Are you one of those people who love the night more than the day?

personality based workout

A great idea would be to switch off the lights in your room and dance to some mad, mad music.

Another good idea would be to work-out during the night when everybody else in the house is sleeping! Now, how exciting would that be?

  • For the Busy bees

Are you too busy to work out? Have got no time to do anything at all?

personality based workout

There are some exercises which you can while sitting on your chair! In fact, you can perform a full body work-out while you are sitting on your chair.

Happy working out!

  • For the Show-offs

Do you like to show off your toned abs? Here is how to do it!

personality based workout

There is nothing better than going out to the gym and working out. Showing off is all about being with people and attracting all their attention towards you. A gym provides just that. It is the perfect place to work out and to show it off as well! The advantage is that, while showing off, you get to work on your body as well.

  • For the quiet nerds

Do not like socialising much? No problem!

personality based workout

There is nothing better than an early morning walk for all the nerds out there. People are much less in number and the environment is quiet and serene. You can hear the birds chirp and you can enjoy some fresh air.  You can take breaks in between your walks and read a book even. All you need to do is to find out a perfect place for your morning walk.