Get to Know The Coaches of Delhi-NCR’s Best Swimming Academy

Who do you rely on when you need to learn to swim? Who helps you out when you struggle in the pool? Yes! The swimming coaches. Let us take this moment to thank them.

Our coaches at Fitso are highly qualified people who are as much passionate about teaching swimming as they are dedicated to it. The long list of our qualified people starts with our Vice president, Mrs.Vijayashree Pahal, a trainer and activity provider.


best swimming coaches


For the uninitiated, STA (swimming teachers’ association) which was founded in the UK in 1932, is a swimming coaching and life-saving institute which offers high-quality training in swimming and related vertices like first aid and leisure management.

A batch of our coaches who recently completed the STA Level 2 swimming teaching qualification are Surya Dagar, Surya Sharma, Rajat, Mohit, Kamiya, Sarvesh, Arun, Lokesh, Bhoora, Shadab, Anil and Ashvani.

Recently  Kashvi and Surya Dagar 2 of our coaches represented in 64th national games. That’s not all, Fitso is planning to achieve multiple gold medals in the 2024 Olympics.

Six Fitso Squad Leads (NIS Coaches) were selected as Technical Officials for The 64th National School Games 2018, held in Delhi.

Our mission is to train 1000+ swimming enthusiasts into Experienced and Professional Coaches.

best swimming coaches


That’s not all, 26 of our coaches have been trained and certified by an organization called Rashtriya Life-saving society (RLSS). The certification is given out at the Fitso Faridabad facility jointly by Fitso and Aquatics India.

best swimming coaches