women running + nutrition offer

#FitWomanFitFamily (Running + Nutrition) Offer for Women

Running is one of the best and simple exercises that offer a slew of benefits. From aesthetics advantages to mental perks, there are many obvious reasons that running is a killer workout. For women, it addresses the common fitness goals to specific health concerns. It keeps you fit and healthy, strengthens the bones and muscles, keeps the stress at bay and many more. Knowledge is power, as so employ the same in your running pursuit. Why should you start running? If this is your question, think about why shouldn’t you? Lace up your shoes and hit the roads now.

 Fitso’s Exclusive Offer for Women

Fitso is offering an exclusive fitness program #FitWomanFitFamily designed for women. It is a combination of Women Running plus Nutrition program to help women achieve their fitness goals. We have special offer package at Rs. 3999 for six months.

The package is available both online and offline. We have our offline support i.e direct support and training in Delhi NCR and Bangalore offices. Our online services are operative all over the country.

Features of This Offer

women running + nutrition offer

Signup here for the program: https://goo.gl/4AVJ1D

If you are ready to transform you for better, but struggle where to begin, we are here. We are here to assist you how to start your running schedule, and the nutrition requirements to enhance the performance.

  • Adapt your body to training in running, with continued improvement in your performance
  • Choose the right choice of nutritious food to meet your energy and health needs.
  • Enhanced performance with nutritional predication customized for individual
  • Comprehensive nutritional analysis and workable recommendations to schedule your run
  • Guidance and support in choosing food

Better late than never. There is no bad time to kick start your fitness regime with us.

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