Hugh Jackman Diet

The Wolverine Diet – Strictly for Adult

If you’e gonna spend the best part of two decades playing a Marvel superhero then spending three-quarters of your life in the gym is essential.

That, and keeping to a strict diet regime.

Hugh Jackman Diet

Jackman whose latest release, Logan, was his last stint as Marvel Comic’s Wolverine, recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Besides other things, the actor revealed how the diet he’d followed for the eight Wolverine movies over 17 years, has finally met its conclusion.

Intermittent Fasting –  It’s tough, but it works

Jackman followed 16:8 intermittent fasting for 17 years. In this, an individual has to starve for 16 hours and then survive on a diet of boiled chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Dehydration Regime – Try at your own risk

Hugh Jackman Diet

Jackman revealed to Stephen Colbert that he upped his water intake to around 12 liter per day leading up to filming, only to cut out all drinking 36 hours before cameras would roll, on which he’d appear topless.

This helped him lose around 10 pounds of water weight.

PS: It take around 100 hours, depending on temperature, to diet from dehydration.

“But the non-consumption of liquids is a very clever bodybuilders’ trick for giving one sunken cheeks and sunken eyes and, boy, did it work. Maybe just a little too well…” added Jackman on the show.

Hugh Jackman Diet