Why Gym is not working

Why Gym is not working: How to lose weight by Gymming

Have you been hitting the gym daily? Wondering why gym is not working? Wondering why working out for more than one hour everyday is not creating even a 100 gm weight loss?

Let’s try to figure out the answer for ‘Why gym is not working?’ by checking out the reasons below:

  1. You are not Eating Enough:

    We have a strong myth “less food more weight loss” but it is a scientifically proven fact that if we eat too little, our body will try to protect itself by slowing down its metabolism, our body tries to conserve if we eat less. Starvation does not make us thin. It makes us stocky, sick, and sad. Eating less does not create the need to burn body fat. Instead it creates the need for the body to slow down the burning process. Contrary to popular belief, the body hangs on to body fat. Don’t under eat – EVER!!

  1. You Skimp On Protein Intake:

    Do you know in several studies it was concluded that “More proteins = More Weight Loss”. If you are not taking enough of protein in your diet, it reduces your metabolic rate, which decreases the rate of weight loss. “Your body expends more energy to metabolize protein than carbs or fat”. So higher-protein diets make you burn more calories. Your main meals should contain good quality sources of protein.

  2. Weighing yourself on very frequent intervals:

    Avoid weighing yourself too frequently or you may find yourself feeling a bit despondent. Weighing on very frequent intervals increases your level of stress. In several studies it was found that “The stress hormone Cortisol slows down the metabolism”. Even worse excessive stress causes fat to be stored in the abdominal area, where weight loss is the hardest. This could be one of the reasons why gym is not working for you.

  3. You are doing the same workout:

    Get plenty of exercise. If necessary, increase the length & intensity of your work out. Vary the types of exercise you incorporate into your workouts. You might not realize this, but your body will adapt to any type of exercise. The first time you go run a mile, it is probably going to be rough. But by the 40th time you run a mile, it’s a lot easier, right? As you get used to a type of exercise, it becomes less challenging and, as a result, less effective. That’s why it’s so important to mix it up.

  4. You Sit at a Desk All Day:

    After doing workout of more than 1 hour almost everyday, do you think that there will be no need to gauge your daily activities? Research finds that dedicated workouts simply can’t compensate for being sedentary the rest of the time. Sitting for just a few hours causes your body to stop making a fat-inhibiting enzyme called lipase. Getting up and walking for just two minutes during each of your working hour burns an additional 59 calories a day – no, we aren’t making it up. Researches say so.


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