When Can You Begin Badminton Coaching for Your Child?

Badminton courts across India are full of badminton aspirants thanks to the success of ace Indian shuttlers such as PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal and Srikant Kidambi. There is most definitely a rise in the number of Indians looking forward to a bright future for their children on indoor badminton courts.

Usually, the breakthrough to play Badminton on international circuits come around the age of 17-18, however you should start your training early. Most of the badminton champs worldwide started their badminton coaching early. For example, Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal started her badminton training when she was just 8.

So, if you were wondering when is the right time to teach badminton to your child, here are the answers you were looking for. The age at which you start badminton coaching for your child should essentially depend on two things.

(Image Source: Young champ enchanted by the beauty of Badminton at Fitso’s Indoor Badminton Court in Gurgaon)

Country-Based Age Restrictions

Different countries have different age restrictions on kids who want to take up badminton. Denmark and Netherlands for example, used to only allow kids over the age of 10 to train in badminton, though this has now been lowered to 8. China, on the other hand, allows kids as young as 5 and 6 years of age to take up badminton coaching. In India, though there is no such legal restriction, it is a generally accepted norm to let in kids around the ages of 6 and 7. 

Since badminton is a rigorous and physically exhausting sport even when it is not competitive, it is best to take your own judgement call regarding when you enrol your child for his or her badminton classes, even if they have crossed the legal age to do so.

Child’s Interest Level & Excitement

It is not just the age of your child that should feature in your big decision to enroll him or her for badminton classes. You should also take into account things such as your child’s general interest in sports, your child’s excitement to take it up and your child’s aptitude and attitude towards competitiveness.

Make no mistake, even if you casually look up for badminton near me and take your child for just a few rounds per fortnight, do not make the mistake of assuming it to be all fun and games. No matter what your intentions were, once your child is on the badminton courts, it doesn’t matter how young he or she is, and it definitely does not matter if he is a novice or has been previously trained, it is all very competitive. 

Do not make the rookie mistake of pushing your child into something he or she detests. That is the most sure-fire way of killing whatever little hope there was of the child actually taking up this wonderful sport. 

Ensure that you maintain your child’s excitement and interest level. Make badminton a fun sport for him or her. Let your child make like-minded friends on the court. And most importantly, ensure that you get on playing badminton too, since children in most cases, learn from their parents and look forward to impressing them.

Try these little things, and who knows, you might have the next badminton star in your house!


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Content Credits: Sayali Bedekar Patil