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What to eat to lose weight? Here’s what the best Dietitian Says

So you want to find out what to eat to lose weight? For a moment, pause to think that how your grandparents lived their life. They were brimming with good health. You must have heard “Early to bed & early to rise can make you healthy and wise!”

Weight loss is something which you can start today. Start today to modify your meals.


You fight several battles daily; many of these battles are fought between habitual taste patterns and healthy food. The battle between chocolate and fruit, between poori-aalu and cornflakes-milk, between cola drink and fresh juice.

1. Start taking mid- meals like apple, papaya, coconut water, salted lassi.
2. In place of having cola start taking lemon water.
3. Modify your meals, start taking lite dinners.
4. Go for a morning walk.
5. When you go out for dinner make a smart choice have all grilled food.
6. If you are a chicken lover go for grilled chicken, lemon chicken.
7. Post dinner have a glass of milk.
8. Control a sweet tooth; brush your teeth after dinner.
What to eat to lose weight?


– By just changing your pattern of eating, you can lose weight.
– Just think of your body as a good host, and excess fat as a bad guest.
– Before reaching for a snack, have a glass of water.
– Eat every two hours

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