What to Eat for Six-Pack Abs

What to Eat for Six-Pack Abs

Training for Six-Pack Abs on a fast track? Getting six-pack abs seem to be one of the hardest things to do. It is not as easy as someone might think. From a fair deal of bench squats to push-ups to running and what not – it requires you to do everything. Here’s an article on What to Eat for Six-Pack Abs.

Determination and hard work, for sure, help you to get desired results. But on the top of that you need a personalized, yet controlled diet plan. No wonder sculpting a decent set of abs requires tenacity. But to start with, this is what you should be filling your stomach with on a typical day.

Follow these 9 simple rules alongside your precisely calibrated workout routine and you should have no problem in getting a nice set of handsome looking abs in no time:


1. Say no to refined oils and processed foods.

2. Don’t stick to long and heavy meals. Try to eat 5-6 times a day, around every three hours to maintain body energy.

3) With every meal make sure you eat a portion of protein. This includes eggs, chicken, fish, soya beans etc.

4. Between meals snack on nuts, avocado and soy. Soy is particularly a great source of post-exercise protein which helps you recover from any muscle injury.

5. Eat starchy carbs in your breakfast. This includes food items like oatmeal and sprouted bread. Starting your day with such foods is a great way to boost your carbohydrate intake and maintain your body energy throughout the day.

6. For lunch a big size potato, some brown rice and quinoa make a perfect combination all together.


7. In the evening, try not to consume any meat or starchy carbohydrates and make sure you go to bed at least 2 hours after you consume your last meal.

8. It is also advised to consume post-work shakes or smoothies as they stabilize your hormonal system and blood sugar. Aim for around 50-60 carbs and around 30 grams of protein in it.

9. And yes, don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water throughout the day.


This byproduct of being healthy is yours to flaunt if you want it. We can help you out – your ambition is our mission!

#Stay Happy, Stay Fitso!


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