what to eat before running

What To Eat Before Running

To provide sufficient fuel, food should be predominantly high in Carbs and should not be too heavy. Carbs are stored in your muscles and liver as glycogen – in the form of energy – that your body can access most easily. Glycogen is the fuel for runners. When you run out of it, you feel fatigued. The trick for Carbo loading is determining when to start and what to add to your diet.

1. Watch the time
Eat a meal not less than an hour before the race and smaller snacks about15-30 minutes before the gun goes off.

2. Right ratio between Carbohydrates and Proteins
Carbs are an energy source and Protein helps in repairing muscles. Effective ratio is 3:1

3. Keep both simple and complex Carbs
Simply found in fruits like Apple, Banana, Dates which release instant energy.
Other sources include Bread, Oats, Potatoes, Rice which are complex and aren’t divested or absorbed as quickly as simple Carbs.

4. Balance out fats
Most energy dense nutrients but takes longer for the body to break down into energy source.

5. Electrolyte load
During workouts your body lose high amount of Sodium and Potassium through sweating. For pre-loading of electrolytes, salty foods are required and coconut water is another great option.

Some Pre-snacks for Runners
Whole wheat Bread, Oatmeal, Sweet potato, Peanut butter, Hummus, Quinoa, Dates, Raisin, Banana, Jelly