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Best Weight Loss Workout : The one that never fails

If you are looking for a workout that never fails to get rid of that extra pounds, you are at right place at right time. Here’s list of Best Weight Loss workouts that almost never have failed.

If your want a permanent solution for fat loss, you need to burn enough calories – daily – to make a significant impact. For weight loss purpose it is important to work out for a minimum 4 days in a week. Try to divide your workouts into two sessions: morning and evening. In the morning do some cardio and work on your abs and in evening focus on some light weight, you can add running as well in morning or evening or both. This will help you to lose weight in minimum time.

During the evening session of weightlifting I advise practitioners to start with easy weights but with more laps, so that you have full control on your movements. Increase the weight and decrease the laps as per your comfort, do not push yourself very hard.

There are some easy to do home-workout techniques for those who can’t afford to go to gym for one reason or the other:

  1. Shoulder push-ups
  2. Chest 3 types push-ups
  3. Triceps push-ups
  4. Squats
  5. Cross squats
  6. Jumping
  7. Stairs
  8. Chin-ups
  9. Leg rays

I generally tell people who workouts are all about ensuring the right movement of the muscles. It is more advisable and recommended to do light weight workouts with right movements than to do heavy weight workout with wrong movements. In addition to this take proper diet in proper time and take proper rest. These exercises will help you to maintain your fitness but your diet also plays an equally significant role.

best weight loss workout

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