Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips: Easiest Way to Lose Weight

You know that you should eat lots of green veggies, exercise, stay fit to lose enough weight to get into the shape you have always wanted. However, the stark reality is that there lies a vast difference between knowing something and actually doing it. Our global team of highly skilled and experienced nutritionists outline the easiest Weight Loss Tips which would help you lose at least 4kg every month, but only if you are ready to follow. It’s guaranteed! Seems like you’re already inspired! ? You can do it!

Here you go buddy:

  1. Fix your meal times.

    Consistency and discipline is the key to weight loss. By being punctual with your mealtimes, you can prevent your body from entering into the starvation mode. This will prevent the accumulation of unhealthy fats.

  2. Begin with a salad.

    The lighter, the better. You’re less likely to overindulge if your tummy is filled with those delicious veggies right at the beginning. Life is better and healthier with yummilicious greens in your plate.

  3. Replace the junkies with nutritious snacks.

    Remove all unhealthy options and stock up your kitchen with healthy snacks like nuts, roasted soy, fruits, etc. These would go a long way in helping you with your weight loss regimen.

  4. Completely eliminate those sweet little sugar marshmallows.

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    Whoever said that sugar is the culprit, was absolutely right. Replace it with honey or maple syrup when you brew your coffee. Fruits would definitely be the best (and the healthiest) option to satiate your sugar craving.

  5. Make green tea a habit.

    Loaded with antioxidants, green tea is also known for improving brain function, enhanced physical performance and guess what! It also helps in fat loss! Now, isn’t that awesome?

  6. Eat smaller portions at home and outdoors.

    The brain takes approximately 20 minutes to process and send out signals indicating that you are full. Hence, slowly eating small portions of food, definitely helps in eating less and thus the calorie consumption becomes lower.

  7. Don’t shop for groceries while you’re hungry.

    This is the axiom for sane, rational grocery shopping. Shopping while you’re hungry may lead you to buy more unnecessary food and make the least healthy choice. It’s much better to have a meal prior to your shopping spree rather than regretting your purchases later on.

  8. Say yes to cardio.

    Cardio rules the roost when it comes to burning more calories. It not only serves to be extremely effective as a weight loss technique, but also increases the exercise tolerance.

  9. Get a fitness buddy.

    You do need somebody to keep a tab on you as well as to motivate you when being on track gets tough. You can join FITSO’s fitness community and find a partner or a group of like minded people who will help you on your journey to being fit!

  10. Appreciate your progress.

    Treat yourself with that rejuvenating protein spa or get yourself a new pair of jeans to acknowledge the progress you’ve made in terms of feeling more energetic and indefatigable. These little goodies would further motivate you to get fitter.

    Follow the aforementioned steps and enjoy the difference! 😀



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