Common Weight Loss Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

Losing weight is anyways not a piece of cake. It’s too much of hard work, in all the possible forms, vested on a body that mobilises the mass of coalescent fats in your belly to get flounced out from your body.

You embrace all the lifestyle changes to slip into a right shape, but the unpronounced effect of your transfigured lifestyle on your body dwindle yours’ zeal in the race for a fit body. Have you ever meditated on why does it happen? There is a certain number of defects that you are vulnerable to while re-manufacturing your body.

  1. To get an overfill of proteins

weight loss misatakes

Protein-enriched diet while working out is quintessential for any dieter but no fitness-bible implies to laden your daily meals with proteins. Some of them bear this wrong notion of running on a high protein diet, if into weight loss program. But, excessive protein resembles fat and leaves a reverse effect on your body as it deforms your body shape.

  1. To rely on a voluminous glass of juice for breakfast

weight loss misatakes

When on diet, dieters tend to believe less in the art of chewing much. In fact, the breakfast which ought to be king-sized reduce down to as deprived as a glass of fruit juice. To those who find juice a healthy substitute for a breakfast plate, let yourself know that a glass of juice is abundantly rich in sugar which triggers insulin secretion, which in turn intensifies your cravings more. Consequently, you end up eating more throughout the day.

  1. To doze off on bed often

weight loss misatakes

You may not know but the number of hours of sleep does regulate your hunger hormones. Most of the people, after a heavy workout, do tend to lie in bed and doze off. Some love being on the bed with eyes shut despite being awake. Such habits urge you to eat more.

  1. To prefer low-fat food

weight loss misatakes

Your strict negation towards fatty food actually doesn’t help. For you start opting for low-fat food which is really low on fat but high on sugar. Cutting down on fat ultimately drives you to binge on extra sugar. Does such practice help? Sleepover it!

  1. To be un-perfectionist towards the food labels

weight loss misatakes

When it comes to consumer products, there is no denial of the fact that ‘Jo dikhta hai who bikta hai’. But, being fitness freaks, you need to escape the advertising trap. That what is claimed on the front-view of any packaging doesn’t necessarily vouches for its nutrition. You need to keep a tab on every single ingredient mentioned on the back side.

  1. To not eat adequate fiber

weight loss misatakes

A low-fiber meal can dampen your hard work towards the weight loss. Fibre intake quietens your cravings as fibrous food helps to form up a gel in your digestive tract and keeps the water retained. This signals your brain a feeling of being full and hence, you eat less. Missing out on fibre is a significant overlooking.

  1. To find exercises the magic-wand

weight loss misatakes

Exercise is a key to fitness but definitely doesn’t vest you with the power to eat whatever you want. One simply can’t overfill their body and mitigate its effect with the help of rigorous exercises. Compromising on nutritious food and amending with exercises is a disastrous practice to engage in.

  1. To not regulate the supply of nutritious food

weight loss misatakes

One does fall in the idea of being fit so much that one starts practising everything in excess. Body-friendly food too develops hostility towards your body when supplied in more-than-required quantity. A handful of nuts will never cater to your fitness if you cram your plate with it.

  1. To expect a movement on weighing scale

weight loss misatakes

Most of the people start cribbing about the unchanging weight of their body. Sometimes, efforts-on weighing machine, do not manifest as a changed digit. There’s nothing to break down and give up on the idea of losing weight. Working out does expel out fat from the body, whether or not the machine reflects so. Human body has several biological factors contributing to its weight. Like, your body has water retention capacity which too contributes to your weight. Driving motive should be to get rid of fat and be in shape.

  1. To not modify your workout plans

weight loss misatakes FITT principal

To involve in same exercises over and over can’t produce a tremendous effect. Desirable results would start showing up, once you follow the principle of FITT. That is, vary the frequency, intensity, type and time of whatever you do.

  1. To ignore weight training

weight loss misatakes

Treadmill alone doesn’t work for the ones aspiring to lose weight. Cardio exercises can keep your heart hale and hearty but not convert you into the one you desire to look in the mirror. One is bound to participate in weight training activities to witness unwanted pounds disappearing.DOin