15 Food Combinations to Burn Fat Faster

Losing weight is probably one of the most trending targets all over the world and while there are many ways to lose weight, crash diets, meal supplements, water therapy, heat therapy, ice therapy and many others.

At Fitso, we believe in losing weight the conventional and healthy way, to help you sustain the lost weight and not deprive you of the pleasure of eating what you relish. Weight loss can be planned and you do not have to keep counting calories if you eat your favourite food in right combinations. Eating the food in the right way helps you detoxify your body, improve your digestion, improve your skin and hair, and weight loss is just an automatic by-product that you get along with all these benefits, making you look great and feel energetic all the time.

You do not require to quit eating foods you relish, but we want you to eat the correct combination to allow the food pass through your body without filling you with extra calories. We want you to eat food that will detoxify your body, burn and remove fat along with improving your digestion.

Do you know how many times, combining even the healthy food in a wrong way leads to bloating and indigestion, and interferes with the absorption of nutrients?

Wrong combination had an adverse effect on the blood sugar levels as well, and make you crave rather than making you feel full. Here we bring to you some food combinations that work as a potential fat burner.

#Food Combination to Burn Fat

1. Lean Meat with Green Veggies

green and lean meat: food combination for weight loss

One of the best food combos for weight loss is greens and lean meat. Greens are an excellent source of fiber. They promote digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels.  Greens are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A, and also minerals such as iron, copper, zinc, and magnesium. Lean meat is a source of low-fat protein, which makes you feel full for a longer duration. When you have these two in a combination, you get all the nutrients, you feel full, and since there is not much direct energy from proteins, your body burns its own energy by burning fat for the digestion of proteins.

A  few great ways to consume this combination are :

  • Grilled chicken with green salad
  • Salmon with beans and asparagus (5 ½ ounces of lean meat with one ¼ cup of cooked green or beans for one serving)

2. Banana Shake with Spinach

Spinach and banana: food combination for weight loss

When bananas are slightly green, they are rich in resistant starch that boosts the satiety and body has to work hard to digest them. Fat oxidation is thus promoted, and thus it helps reduce fat. Spinach, a low-calorie vegetable rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, boosts satiety.  An easy way to combine them together is to blend a small banana and two handfuls of spinach with almond milk and drink right in the morning.

3. Pistachios with Almonds

almonds: food combination for weight loss

Now that is a yummy idea, especially in winters! Almonds are rich in L-arginine that has the potential to burn carbohydrates and fat during workouts. So if you want to double the benefit of exercise, make sure you reap the benefits of almond by combining it with pistachios to boost your workout result. It is the simplest to consume, just munch a handful of pistachios and almond as your pre-workout meal or evening snack.

4. Apple and Watermelon Smoothie

Apple with watermelon: food combination for weight loss

A summer delight! Nothing can be better on a hot summer day, than combining two fresh fruits rich in antioxidants. They get digested faster and signals the body to burn carbs and release instant energy. Have this combination as a pre-workout meal. Apple is rich in fiber and watermelon has high water content making you feel full and hydrated at the same time. Watermelon lowers the accumulation of fat and improves lipid profile. The easiest way to have them together is to make a fruit salad of 3-4 slices of watermelon and a medium sized apple. You may also add some red grapes if you like.

5. Beans with Corns

Beans and corns: food combination for weight loss

Corn is rich in resistant starch that resists the process of digestion, and the body is not able to absorb much of its glucose, while it takes more time to digest, and green beans are rich in dietary fiber, and minerals. Combining them together makes you feel satiated and helps you absorb the minerals properly during their longer stay in the system. To consume them together, the best way is to steam half a bowl of corn, steam an equal quantity of cut beans and season it with cilantro, lemon, salt and pepper.

6.Eggs with Bell Peppers

One of the fat-fighting duos that will help you fit back into your old skinny jeans is bell pepper and egg. Choline is a nutrient that is present in egg which boosts metabolism. Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. Both the nutrients are known to fight off Cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for accumulation of fat. How do you combine them together? Fry fine cut bell pepper in pan with half a teaspoon of olive oil. Add two eggs to it and scramble. Eat your way to be slim.

7. Tuna with Ginger

Ginger and tuna: food combination for weight loss

A combination known to work direct on your waist is tuna and ginger.  Ginger has the property to accelerate the turnaround time of the stomach helps combat bloating. Also, ginger is known to block enzymes and genes that cause inflammation. Tuna is rich in Docosahexaenoic acid, a type of omega3 fatty acid, known to resist the chemical produced by stress, which is responsible for storage of flab in abdominal area. The combination regulates the fat metabolism and inhibits the growth of belly fat cells. To consume this combination, spice up one small serving of Tuna, with a teaspoon of crushed ginger while cooking.

8. Coffee and Sprinkled Cinnamon

Coffee sprinkled with cinnamon: food combination for weight loss

If you are a coffee lover, we have an idea that will make your coffee help you lose weight. The tip is to sprinkle your coffee with cinnamon powder, and it can help you lose up to sixteen pounds in just two weeks. Cinnamon is calorie free and adds flavor to your coffee. The antioxidants present in cinnamon minimize the belly fat accumulation. Caffeine, as we know, suppresses hunger. So have your coffee with cinnamon if your aim for weight loss. Sprinkle half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a cup of coffee and enjoy losing weight.

9. Dark Chocolate and Apple

dark chocolate with apple: food combination for weight loss

Surprising but true. Dark chocolate, when eaten in the right combination, will check your waistline. If chocolate is your weakness, and you are looking forward to some weight loss, you need not restrict its consumption but just combine it with apple. Antioxidants present in cocoa prevent weight gain. The probiotics present in our stomach ferments dark chocolate into anti-inflammatory compounds that keep heart healthy. Adding an apple speeds up the process of fermentation. Eat a medium-sized apple with 30-60 grams of dark chocolate as your mid-meal snack. One important point here: Refrain from eating normal sugar laden dark chocolates, beneficial dark chocolates are those which have over 80% of cocoa, and they do not taste that sweet.

10. Yogurt and Nuts/Seeds

Yogurt with nuts or seeds: food combination for weight loss

Yogurt with nuts or seeds (flax seeds or sesame seeds) is a perfect combination of protein and good fat. This combo regulates your blood sugar level, boosts metabolism and also provides the essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids. Add a handful of nuts and seeds to a bowl of yogurt and have it while it is crunchy.

11. Lemon Peel and Water

lemon peel with water: food combination for weight loss

Lemons are rich in citric acid and vitamin C. Lemon juice with water without added sugar is one of the best beverages for weight loss.  In fact, we suggest you to add lemon peels to the water. Skins of citrus fruits add d-limonene to water which is an antioxidant and helps the body to get rid of the toxins and extra fat. To consume this, cut the lemon in roundels, and put them in a jug of water to create an infusion. Have this lemon infused water every day whenever you feel thirsty.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar and Cucumber

Apple cider vinegar and cucumber: food combination for weight loss

95 Percent of cucumber is water. It is low in calories and keeps you hydrated. Apple cider vinegar promotes the release of proteins that breaks fats. Studies have shown that ACV effectively reduces visceral fat, waist circumference, and improves metabolism. The easy way to consume this combination is to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to sliced cucumber and eat your cucumber salad.

13. Potatoes and Black Pepper

Potatoes have been unfairly blacklisted. Potatoes are hunger gamers and they can even help you lose weight if eaten along with the skin. Potato is filling, it is rich in potassium. Bake a potato with little olive oil and garnish it with black pepper. Black pepper interferes with the growth of new fat cells. Combination of black pepper and potato will trim your waist and cut down the level of cholesterol.

14. Green and Healthy Fat

Green and healthy fat: food combination for weight loss

The combination of low calorie, high volume greens like spinach or celery and healthy fat like olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil is a fabulous food combination. The nutrients present in greens are better absorbed in the presence of fats. All these oils are monounsaturated fats containing omega-3 fatty acids, which act as an enzyme to burn more fat.  Cook 2 handfuls of greens with a half teaspoon olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil, season with your favourite spices and enjoy the delicacy.

15. Sweet Potato and Curd

Sweet potato and curd: food combination for weight loss

Curd is rich in protein, low in calories and renders a feeling of fullness.  Sweet potato is a slowly digestible complex carbohydrate that keeps you energized for a long time and makes you feel full. Sweet potato is also rich in carotenoids and antioxidants that stabilize the blood sugar level. It lowers insulin resistance preventing more calories being converted into fats. To consume this combination, bake two medium-sized sweet potatoes, grate it and mix it with yoghurt, season it with salt and pepper and have it.

This article is not meant to stress you with the food combinations. But if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner keep the correct food pairing in your mind and try to include a few of them in your everyday diet. Do not complicate and just follow the general guidelines. Soon the food combos will become your habit promoting digestion and weight loss. Hope you will enjoy eating these food combinations, along with the benefits they bring.

Always remember: Transformation doesn’t happen in a day. But where there is a will there is a way!!