Warm Water Benefits : The Elixir of Healthy & Complete Life

Warm water benefits- The one stop solution

We usually begin our mornings with a cup of hot coffee or tea to warm our bodies after waking up. We bet you never knew these surprising warm water benefits. When we drink water, we prefer cold water. According to Ayurveda, it is all wrong. Frequently drinking warm water, particularly in the morning, can mend our bodies. It gives digestive power and lessens metabolic waste. Well, if your body likes water, it already likes 70% of you. 😉

Warm water benefits - Pour and drink


How warm water benefits you?


Warm water for weight reduction

Warm water benefits - weight loss


Are you trying to lose a few pounds? Warm water can help you in doing so. It improves your metabolism and breaks down the fat tissues lying under the skin. It gives better results if you consume it with lemon and honey. Therefore, you will dispose off some body weight. Warm water is a marvelous solution for weight reduction. Try out these few easy weight loss tips here for more on this.

Warm water may have a decisive advantage over cold water, since warm water stays in your stomach for a longer time. Cold water is absorbed quicker than warm water. Drinking some warm water could help you feel fuller than if you drank the same measure of cool water. This may be useful when you’re trying to avoid eating. If you see that drinking warm water keeps you full and stops you from devouring lot of calories, then this may be a decent method to lose weight for you. The best way to lose weight is, perhaps, walking back and forth….picking your glass of warm water and putting it back! Isn’t that the best of the warm water benefits?


Warm water benefits for digestion

Warm water benefits - better digestion


The shortage of water in your body can bring about constipation problems. Warm water tightens the intestines in our digestive system. As the stool collects inside your digestive tract, the defecation turns out to be slower. A glass of warm water intake each morning on an empty stomach is recommended. It breaks down the nutrients. It makes the particle movement through the digestive system smooth. Not all like warm water, but it has more advantages than regular cold water. Cold water lacks numerous essential minerals. This could turn out to be unfavorable for the digestive system during a meal.


Hey, I need some warm water!


Warm water for beautiful skin

Warm water benefits - better skin


Warm water is advantageous for your skin. Rather than relying on costly skin products and makeup, you can simply depend on this natural remedy and get a beautiful, glowing skin. You can prevent early ageing and have an amazing and glowing skin for a long time by drinking a glass of warm water every day. It flushes out the toxins from your body and repairs the skin cells that are affected by free radicals. Warm water consumption increases the elasticity of your skin. Subsequently, your damaged skin gets conditioned and wrinkle-free.

You can keep the body hydrated and warm by consuming water frequently especially for people with dry and flaky skin. Warm water enhances the blood flow all through your body & also gives a rosy complexion. You also can keep your skin free from skin inflammation, pimple and other skin issues. It cleanses your body and wipes out the toxins that cause infections.


Warm water for hair

Warm water benefits - Hair wash


Every hair strand is composed of 25% water. Thus, regular intake of warm water is essential to get solid and shiny hair tresses. Warm water is an incredible source of energy for your hair cells. It prevents hair fall and promotes the growth of your hair. It keeps your scalp hydrated and prevents dry scalp or dandruff. Drinking warm water is also useful for getting lustrous and strong hair. It invigorates the nerve endings present in your hair roots and activates them. This is advantageous for recovering the natural strength of your hair.


Warm water massage for relief from pain

Warm water benefits - Relief from pain


Warm water massage is one of ancient forms of treatment. This practice has stood the test of time. Warm water treatment works wonders for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including fibromyalgia, joint pain and low back pain. It makes the joints looser and decreases pain.


There are many reasons why warm water massage works. It lessens the joint compression and offers 360-degree support for sore appendages. It can reduce swelling and improve the blood circulation. Ensure you drink water before and after the massage to stay hydrated.


How to make the most out of warm water massage

Warm water benefits - Warm water massage


  • Go warm, not hot. Water temperatures somewhere around 92 and 100 degrees are recommended. If you have cardiovascular issues, be careful with water that is excessively hot as it might put pressure on the heart. Anything more than 104 degrees is viewed as risky for everybody.
  • Warm water stimulates circulation to stiff joints and muscles. To treat low back pain, hold a tennis ball between the your back and the base or back of the tub. Then lean on it and move it against the muscles.
  • Add salts for greater benefits. Warm water can be very useful in fighting joint pain and fibromyalgia. Case studies of patients with both conditions suggest that when they took warm water massages a few times each week, their pain reduced as much as 40 percent.


Warm water for menstrual cramps

Warm water benefits - Relief from menstrual pain


Warm water can help in reducing menstrual cramps. Along with it, women can add some carom seeds to it and and consume it during their periods. The warmth of the water has a soothing and calming effect on the muscles, which can cure the pain. 

Who knew warm water benefits will become a boon for all the ladies out there.
Wash the pain away!


Warm water for nasal and throat congestion

Warm water benefits - Am I a chemist


Drinking warm water is a brilliant solution for cold and sore throat. It disintegrates thick mucus and flushes it out of your respiratory tract. Additionally, warm water helps in clearing the nasal blockage.


Warm water with ginger, lemon and honey for weight loss

Warm water benefits - Honey lemon ginger addition


Lemon is a miraculous fruit for our body. It is a powerhouse of vital supplements and antioxidants that are important for re-establishing the health. It restores the physical system of our body. Furthermore, the advantages of lemon increase when it is added to warm water and honey. They are high in pectin fiber and low in calories which battles hunger pangs. The warm water, honey with lemon increases the alkalinity in the stomach. This helps in weight loss.
Honey is the best compliment for warm water. It improves immune system, helps detoxifying your body, is a great alternate for sugar, suppresses cough, good for Oral health.

Lemon, honey, ginger and warm water together can also improve your digestion since its chemical composition is similar to saliva. The digestive characteristics of lemon juice help in reducing the symptoms of acidity, indigestion, burping and bloating. For a healthy diet follow these 13 healthy tips and recipes.


Come on! Don’t be a hydrophobe! Make a morning glass of warm water part of your routine. Enjoy the energized feeling that you will experience throughout the day and see how much better you can feel.


Stay happy, stay Fitso!


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