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Redefining Feminism: Bani J Workout and Fitness Mantras

She is bold, outspoken, fearless, she is anything that being tough can describe, Gurbani Judge aka Bani J might not have won this big boss season, but certainly has won many hearts all over. For those who don’t know, she has also been a runner-up in MTV reality show, Roadies season 4 and since then has been working with MTV as a noted VJ Bani J. Moreover, VJ Bani body building has made her getting roles in upcoming movies.

Breaking all stereotypes, this fearless woman has redefined feminism, a story that even her tattoos tell. Born and brought up in a Punjabi family, training for fitness is something she can’t live without. Having been body shamed many times for having a manly body, yet she has always carried a ‘I-dont-give-a-damn’ attitude and that too with amazing grace.

 “I never entered the gym because of what people said I should/ ought to/ must look like. I went in there to get strong, to be active, to be healthy, to sweat, to feel better, and more ME.”

vj bani body building

In Bani’s words, fitness is not just physical, it’s so much more a mental aspect because to get to where you want to go, you have to look within and really be true to yourself. With that sculpted body that can make anyone go envious, she is an inspiration to many.

Bani J Diet Plan

Here’s some insight on Bani’s Diet:

  • Healthy Breakfast:

Being the most important meal of the day, Bani makes sure to have a healthy breakfast. It usually consists of oats with some fruits like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries and protein shake.

vj bani body building

  • Six meals a Day:

Bani J strictly eats six meals a day to keep her energetic all day. During her meals, she eats lots of green veggies like broccoli, beans, asparagus, zucchini etc. She avoids white rice and bread to keep her away from unhealthy carbs.

  • Cheat Meals:

Well, who doesn’t have cravings? Bani J also confesses, “If I really want to party then I eat salmon or maybe I’ll allow myself a piece of cake, Chinese food or even a small pizza once a week,” she elucidates, “but then if I’ve been preparing for some shoot for a month I’m extra particular about my diet and training.”

Bani J discusses further it, in her fitness mantras, but before that let’s have a look at some of VJ Bani body building workout tips.

vj bani j abs body building

Bani J Workout Tips

Contrary to ordinary belief that weightlifting is not for women, VJ Bani body building swears by the importance of weight lifting for a woman. Bani put out a post on her Instagram account where she talked about women’s inhibition to lift weights and people advising her against it, lest she looks manly.

  • According to Bani, the biggest mistake women do is, doing only cardio in the gym. Running on the treadmill for half an hour continuously can affect the knees adversely.
  • To build strength, Ace foundation exercises like lunges and squats are an important part of Bani’s workout routine. You can’t go to the gym and do any weight related activities. Apart from this Bani also advises to educate oneself on training styles, diet and other requisites first, before going ahead with anything.

vj bani abs body building

  • While doing strength exercises, Form is really important. Consult an expert on your form while doing the exercises. If possible, it’s beneficial to get some professional training.
  • Patience and a positive outlook matter a lot while building strength, says Bani, as results are never immediate. Be true to yourself and about your body as well when you hit the gym.
  • Motivation to remain fit and work towards your body is a must, and getting motivated is not that tough. The moment you start working out, it will no longer be a task.

vj bani body building

Fitness Mantras:

No doubt, Bani J makes heads turn wherever she is. Not being someone to mince words, when she really has something to say, nothing can stop her from speaking her mind. In this section, we will discuss her 5 point fitness mantra.

  • Hydration: Bani makes sure to stay hydrated all the time. She drinks water with a lot of BCAAs(Branched chain amino acids) in it for fitness. BCAAs help regulate protein metabolism by promoting muscle protein synthesis
  • Coffee: Bani is a coffee lover and gives herself that caffeine rush before her workouts and restricts herself to two cups a day.
  • Protein: Like lot other fitness freaks, protein is an important part of Bani’s fitness routine also. Her proteins come from eggs, chicken and fish.
  • Carbohydrates: Bani does not believe in following a no carb diet for fitness. She gets her dose of healthy carbs from sweet potatoes, brown rice and oats.
  • Health Expert: Lastly, she advises everyone to figure out what quantity of each food group your body needs depending upon your body type and fitness goal.

Now, that’s how you inspire so many! If you look at her from what she was, the hard work she has put in is clearly visible.

vj bani body building

“I don’t go around telling people they should eat healthier or lift or try to lose weight, you do you. I’ll do me. I recognise the quest – but you need to recognise whether the desire really is there in you or not, because, if your hearts not in it, no matter how much you try – you’ll never get there.”

Well, like Bani J has emphasised the importance of consulting a fitness expert before going ahead with a particular diet or workout plan, we, at FITSO help you with just that and much more! Stay Happy, Stay Fitso!