Everything you need to know about “VEER” of Indian Swimming arena: Virdhawal Khade

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Virdhawal Khade

One of the finest & Fastest Indian Swimmer: Virdhawal Khade, who recently participated in Asian Games 2018: Jakarta and just missed his bronze medal by 0.01 second.

Virdhawal Khade is a famous young Indian swimmer champion born on 29th August 1991 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Like various other beautiful things in this world that begin to evolve from an early stage, Virdhawal began to groom his career from a young age. Let’s have a look over his journey; how it started, when it started, who helped him and what he achieved?

Khade’s background

Virdhawal was born to proud parents who played a crucial role in enhancing the motivation and encouragement to Virdhawal Khade. His world begins and ends in the swimming pool.

He first dived at the young age of 4. His vacation camp in Kolhapur had conducted the swimming training. Parents generally don’t allow kids to step into the water at such a young age owing to fear of drowning.

However, Virdhawal’s parents were not actually one of them. They also ensured that all swimming safety precautions and various types of equipment were provided to him so that little Virdhawal would learn and enjoy swimming.

Journey as a Swimmer

Virdhawal’s passion for swimming knows no bound. His parents were allowed to attend all the training sessions for swimming. Not just this, they also elevated his confidence which helped Virdhawal to enhance his participation in various swimming tournaments.

This continuous practising and motivational support have helped him in his swimming journey that encompasses various swimming tournaments right from the young age of 9 in his hometown Kolhapur.

With endless determination every year, he got the recognition at the young age of 15 which was a massive turning point in his life and career.

Let’s have a look into the champion’s success bag:

Fastest Indian Swimmer: Virdhawal Khade

  • His achievement has been a pride not just for him but also for his entire family and nation.
  • Owing to innumerable achievements in various tournaments, Virdhawal is today the youngest faster swimmer in the world.
  • Virdhawal is also the national record holder in 50 m butterfly and 50 m, 100 m, 200 m and 400 m freestyle. It was in the year 2006 when Virdhawal won six Gold medals and also broke five Games record at the 33rd National Games in Guwahati.
  • Khade also won six Gold medals along with breaking three game records at the South Asian Games.
  • He is the youngest Indian swimmer to qualify at the Olympics level and has created new National records in four events out of five. He also participated in the 100, 200 and 400m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly.

Few out of his many noteworthy time record breakers are as follows:

100m Freestyle where his national time record was 50.66sec and he won Gold.

50m Butterfly where his national time record was 24.91sec and he won Gold.

Virdhawal Khade is the youngest swimmer at the age of 15yrs who has qualified for the Beijing Olympic Games and further went on to achieve the zenith by also winning three gold medals (with new records) – 50, 100m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly along with two silver medals – 200 and 400m Freestyle.

This occurred at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at the 51st MILO/PRAM Malaysia Invitation Open from 1-4th May 2008.

Virdhawal went on to become the first Indian swimmer to swim faster than the Olympic Qualifying time in three events the 50, 100 and 200m Freestyle wherein he was competing in the latest Speedo LZR Racer full-body swimsuit.

This was an absolutely thrilling achievement for him and also his family.

Amongst the discrimination and biasedness for preferred sports, it has been heartbreaking for talented swimmers due to the lack of recognition, appreciation support by India.

This has been completely demoralising for the various other swimming aspirants. Fortunately, Virdhawal was one of the luckiest children as his family and parents are his backbones at all times.

Virdhawal has been given the nickname “Veer” which has reflected his attitude of never say die. His nickname, Veer means a brave warrior in Marathi and he has received that name after conquering outstanding titles and also awards for his relentless efforts and dedication.

In spite of other challenges, facts and concerns, Virdhawal has today emerged as a talent and is transforming the face of the swimming world nationally and internationally.

Virdhawal Khade

The lack of support and encouragement to the Indian swimmers is disheartening but champions have used the weakness as the strength and conquered their goals irrespective of the difficulties.

He has continuously stepped towards evolving milestones of success. Virdhawal has believed that nothing came his way as the obstructions were completely eliminated by his entire family.

He appreciates his parent’s efforts to fuel his swimming skills and recognise his talent that is showcased in the world today. Virdhawal has tasted innumerable success milestones which have, in turn, helped him to achieve worldwide success and popularity

He has successfully ignored all obstructions and overcame it like a true champion and is a leading role model that set innumerable benchmarks of success carving a path of success for the future torchbearers.

He is indeed the best inspiration for parents as well as young swimmers who truly believe that swimming is the most important sport in India and does not offer sparkling opportunities.