Varun Dhawan Workout & Diet Secrets for His Immaculate Physique

Varun Dhawan had taken the film industry by storm since his debut in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year. There seems to be no stopping him from giving one hit after another. Being fit is no longer a luxury or differentiation factor for an actor in Bollywood, especially for ones in commercial movies. It has become the norm for Bollywood superstars to have age-defying physiques and this has set the bar high for new entrants. One of the major reasons for his enormous popularity amongst the youth is his looks and more importantly, his immaculate physique.

varun dhawan six pack abs

His crafted to perfection physique has been the talking point of many a gossip columns and news items. There is no denying that Varun Dhawan is a fitness freak and he hits the gyms several times a day. Even not letting gruelling shooting schedules get in the way of his workout. Let’s try to break down the secret ingredients to the ‘Varun Dhawan workout’ regime.

  1. Passion for Fitness

Varun Dhawan was an athlete during his school days and his passion for fitness grew in him from that early age. He told in a Filmfare interview that he swims regularly and also plays cricket and squash to improve his agility. He gives importance to sports as essential to his mental fitness, not to mention his six-pack abs.

  1. Always do warm-ups

varun dhawan warm up

Anyone who does any form of exercise knows the first rule is to always start with some warm-up exercises. It can be an exercise like jogging, jumping, running or stretching. A warm-up prevents injuries from happening and an example of this is Varun Dhawan’s hip bone injury during the shooting of Mein Tera Hero, which he attributes to not having done any warm-up exercise. Did you know that for Mein Tera Hero, he had trained in Viper Martial arts? His set of warm-up exercises consists of a mix of several exercises.

  1. The Varun Dhawan Workout

Let’s try to analyze the Varun Dhawan workout. His trainer Prashant Shawant, also happens to be the trainer of Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgan. Varun Dhawan’s workout consists of 90-minutes a day, 5-days a week schedule. It’s a mix and match of various routines ranging from weightlifting and heavy cardio to martial arts. His weights do not cross 25-30kgs. Changing the routine is important in order to avoid having things get too monotonous.

Let’s look at the result of Varun Dhawan’s workout routines

Vital stats:

  • Chest: 44 inches or 107 cm
  • Biceps: 15.5 inches or 39 cm
  • Waist: 33 inches or 76 cm
  1. The Body is the priority

Varun Dhawan fitness

One must listen to their body and not overdo things to achieve perfection. The six-pack Varun Dhawan abs were not the result of overnight magic but slow and tedious hard work over months. It’s a safe choice to adhere to the limits of our body and also follow safety measures like safety belts while exercising. For Varun Dhawan, ice and body massage are the therapy to his sore muscles are hitting the gym.

  1. Diet is everything

varun dhawan diet

This is the secret to every fitness regime. No matter how much time and hard work one puts into the gym, there cannot be a success without having a proper balance diet to supplement it. Varun Dhawan has a no-compromise policy on his diet. He stays away from food that is high in sugar, salt and oil contents. No-carbs at night or even, if he does its one with low glycemic index ones. Never overeat and always have small meals. It’s very important to stay hydrated so he drinks 5-6 liters of water daily. Eating healthy and organic food is the way to go for him.

Here’s his daily diet, in case you want to follow it:

  • Breakfast: Omelette, whole wheat sandwich, and oat chilla
  • Lunch: Brown rice, three chapatis, broccoli and baked chicken
  • Snacks: Lotus seeds, papaya, banana or protein smoothie
  • Dinner: Light quantity with plenty of mixed greens and grilled fish
  1. Stay positive

varun dhawan workout and diet

No matter how motivated we are, it’s a tough task to maintain consistency and have persistence. It’s a tough task to stay self-motivated so here’s where his trainer pitches in. According to Varun Dhawan, his trainer Prashant Sawant applies reverse psychology to make sure Varun Dhawan stays motivated and keep his mental energy levels up.

  1. Dance Like Dhawan

varun dhawan dance step

Varun Dhawan is an ardent dancer and spends quite a lot of his time perfecting his dance moves. Dancing is the perfect aerobics, not only helping in burning calories but also making one supply. Dancing is not just a time-pass for Varun Dhawan as he has taken seriously to it and launched a dance DVD along with Remo D’souza outlining various dance moves and their impacts on the thirteen major muscle groups.

Sounds a bit technical, doesn’t it?

It is a good thing to be passionate about achieving perfection in your physique but it has to be done the right way or you will end up doing more harm than good to your own body. Varun Dhawan advises his friends not to fall after the craze for bulking up your body but to make it limber. Varun Dhawan is a huge fan of Silvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger but you can compare their physiques to see who has the more limber body.

According to Varun Dhawan, fitness is not just muscles but a state of the body.

There’s both a physical and mental component to fitness. A fit body should be healthy, be able to do day-to-day activities with ease and should have flexibility. Building only muscles will make the body rigid.

Being an actor Varun Dhawan, he has to change the appearance of his body now and then but no one can ignore those six-pack Varun Dhawan abs. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to maintain such a physique 365 day a year.