Vaani Kapoor Diet, Workout & Beauty Regimen- “Less-is-More”

She is just two films old and has won hearts all over. Be it her weight loss, her debut film with YRF and then signing a three film deal with them, she has been in the limelight and you surely can’t ignore this young lady. A svelte body, mesmerising looks with that effervescent personality is a combination that she carries effortlessly. Born and brought up in Delhi in a conservative family, she has achieved recognition through hard work and determination.

With a fetish for puppies and a degree in tourism studies, it’s amazing to know how she got into Bollywood, to which she explains that she got her first Bollywood offer while she was into modelling and had to go through various on-the-spot impromptu tests. This helped her build confidence in herself.

While speaking to a leading magazine Vaani Kapoor confessed that she weighed around 75 kgs and had braces on, before she stepped into modelling. Now, can you believe that? So how did she manage to lose those extra kilos? Read here the secrets of Vaani Kapoor diet and workout routine.

Vaani Kapoor Diet Mantras

Coming from a Punjabi family, Vanni Kapoor says she is a complete foodie and doesn’t believe in dieting at all. Let’s take a look at her diet beliefs:

  • Vaani Kapoor likes tasting all kinds of food but despite being a foodie, she firmly believes in eating healthy, in moderation and in smaller amounts.
  • Vaani Kapoor diet mostly includes foods high in protein, complex carbs and fruits and veggies for their antioxidants.
  • She makes sure to have healthy juices to detoxify her body and water to keep her skin glowing and hydrated

Vaani Kapoor Workout Mantras

With that slender figure, it’s surprising to learn that Vaani Kapoor is not a fitness freak like other Bollywood divas. She believes in keeping things simple. Here’s some insight on her workout routine:

  • Vaani Kapoor sweats it out four times a week and includes cardio and weight training in her training regime
  • She also indulges in some yoga for relaxing and de-stressing herself and goes for some deep breathing and stretching exercises
  • Vaani also loves dancing, which keeps her fit and healthy.

With all the little that she does for her diet and workout regime, she makes sure to be disciplined in it.

Vaani Kapoor Fitness Secrets

So, apart from her body, her skin, hair, makeup and clothes too are flawless whenever she steps out. Let’s see how does Vaani Kapoor manage that:

  • Vaani Kapoor believes in wearing comfortable rather than fashionable just for the heck of it. In an interview she disclosed:

“My personal style statement is about grace and comfort. I love shopping for clothes, but shoes are my weakness”

  • When it comes to her skin, she swears by the three-step process of cleansing, toning and moisturising regularly. According to Vaani:

“Beauty is all about happiness and I prefer minimalist makeup and use products from M.A.C and Bobbi Brown”

  • For her lovely tresses, Vaani Kapoor prefers to use almond oil to massage her scalp and likes keeping long hair.

vaani kapoor diet plan and workout

However, we can’t just credit her incredible looks to her beauty regimen alone, it’s her positive attitude too that helps her. After all, you look the best when you are happy from inside. Well, you too can follow Vaani Kapoor’s less-is-more funda and stay simple but disciplined in taking care of yourself.