Ironman Training Program

Fitso Triathlon Training Program

A triathlon race is a series of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines organised across the globe. Triathlons are of many types: Sprint, Olympic, half and full (Ironman). A full triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, an 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, raced in that order and without a break. It is widely considered one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world.

Ironman Training Program

World Triathlon Corporation sanctions and organises Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races every year. Since its inception, Ironman has been represented by ambitious and courageous people who aren’t afraid to push their limits. The title of Ironman does not come easily and once you become an Ironman, you are an Ironman for life.

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What it takes to finish full triathlon?

We often hear this question – Can I also become an Ironman?

The answer is sure shot YES.

You can finish triathlon if you are ready to put your heart and soul in the training and determined. Key is to do right training with the right attitude.

As the Ironman tagline says “Anything is possible” and we believe the same.

You can train for the Ironman or 70.3 continuing with your day-to-day life managing your Job, family and training together if you train consistently and in a structured way under the proper guidance.

Why is coaching important for a full triathlon?

Often people neglect the importance of professional coaching for such gruelling events and races and thus results in burnout or they give up their dream or end up with injuries or suffer to reach the finish line.

A coach is your guide, your friend, your mentor and Guru who has been through this journey and knows the know-how of the sport and shall help you prepare mentally and physically to take up such a huge challenge breaking it into multiple smaller milestones to be achieved during your training period.

Having a Coach helps an athlete to become more confident, improve faster and race better in an injury-free manner. Training for triathlon brings a lot of highs and lows in the life of trainee and to cope up with that in a better way one needs a Coach.

Even though the sport is gaining popularity widely but still there are only handful of people who have completed Ironman in India and professional training are not available for online and offline modules. In India, you can participate in major triathlons i.e. Hyderabad Triathlon or New Delhi Triathlon Championship.

About the program

Fitso is launching a personalised training program with Ironman Vinay Asrani and Gulupili Narahari, who was amongst 2017 World’s 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Swimmer.

Our Training program will include all the aspects required to train for Ironman race and the program will be made personalised for each individual based on their current fitness levels and goals. We will also help you with setting the goals and achieving them based on scientific principals of training

We are offering this program for select few, which includes online and offline training modules and cover.

  1.      Biking
  2.      Running
  3.      Swimming
  4.      Techniques
  5.      Nutrition
  6.      Motivation and counselling
  7.      Fitness- developing cardiovascular fitness, improving muscle strength and endurance, help in achieving flexibility and the race weight.

Commitment: Our Coaches are committed to making the best program suited for your requirement based on your current fitness level and the goals.

You can expect following from the Program:

  • 3 Swim sessions, 1 Running and 1 Cycling session per week with your Coach present in person (days can change as per the individual trainee’s requirement)
  • A week on week detailed training schedule and feedback on your workouts.
  • Race day strategy and break down of your long-term goal into short-term races to get you race ready.
  • Complete guidance on different races, strength training, tips on nutrition, mental focus guidelines, equipment checklists and more
  • Get free access to indoor, heated swimming pool (in Delhi NCR only)
  • Scientific video analysis of your running and swimming action

About Leadership Team

Ironman Training -Coaches


About The Head Triathlon Coach – Vinay Asrani


Fitso Ironman Coach Vinay

Achievements in Triathlon:

  • Ironman Malaysia – (11th November)- Finisher
  • Delhi International Triathlon (Feb 2016) – Sprint Distance – Winner
  • Delhi International Triathlon (Feb 2017) – Half Ironman Distance – 2nd position
  • New Delhi Triathlon Championship (Nov 2016) – Sprint Distance – Winner
  • New Delhi Triathlon Championship (Nov 2017) – Olympic Distance – 3rd position
  • Jaipur International Triathlon (March 2017) – Half Ironman Distance – Winner
  • Hyderabad Triathlon (Oct 2016) – Olympic Distance Participant
  • Delhi Olympic Association-Triathlon Event (2015) –  4th position

Triathlon Program Details:

Intro to Triathlon

₹ 4,999 (Including GST)

Course Duration: 5 Weeks

  • Personal Triathlete Coach
  • Get access to heated Swimming Pool
  • Video Analysis for Swimming & Running
  • Valid in NCR only

Triathlon Online

₹ 24,999 (Including GST)

Course Duration: 6 Months

  • Personal Triathlete Coach
  • Valid PAN India

Triathlon Offline

₹ 59,999 (Including GST)

Course Duration: 6 Months

  • Personal Triathlete Coach
  • Get access to heated Swimming Pool
  • Video Analysis for Swimming & Running
  • Valid in NCR only

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Final Aim of the Program:

  • To make you reach at the Start line fit and strong.
  • To make you cross the finish line smiling.
  • To make you hear the words which you will embrace throughout your life- “You Are An Ironman”

If you have any questions or request to make or if you want to get it started at your place, reach out to us at- or call us at +918800365025.

Here is the complete guide on Ironman training program.

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