Neha Mishra Transformation Journey with Fitso

Dr Neha Mishra is a formidable force to reckon with in her workplace, a reputed hospital in Indore, as she runs from one ward to another. As she healed patients and spread smiles, she did not let anyone in on her prolonged struggle with weight. For years she had been trying to lose weight and not without success in that either. However, her happiness would always be temporary as she gained the kilos back with a vengeance.

The Fitso app

One fine day, as she googled for ways to lose weight, she chanced upon the Fitso App on Youtube. She downloaded the Fitso App and within the next few days, she felt a difference. Her intuition told her that finally, she was on the right track. And it was then that she got in touch with Kevin, Fitso Expert in Indore. Her struggle wasn’t quite over, but she had found the right direction.

With Fitso started her journey towards fitness. She now has the one thing that had been missing in all her earlier endeavours to lose weight – guidance. Even though she knew the science behind losing weight, she realised that she needed solid technical support to help her shed those unwanted kilos. And Fitso provided her with exactly what she needed.

In Kevin, she found a friend and guide par excellence. He drew up a systematic weight loss routine to suit her hectic schedule and without displacing her life. Mishra could track her calorie consumption with a meal log and keep her food intake under a strict watch. She could now put a finger on how long she had worked out in a day.

“Fitso changed everything for me”, Mishra says, “Kevin was there every step of the way and still is. His guidance is invaluable.”

The Lost Kilos: Diet and Exercise

A few slight changes in her life were all that was required. Within a few days with Fitso she began to feel the difference. And in a month the effects were visible. Three months later, Mishra has lost 11 kilos. All this time, she hadn’t gained a single kilo back.

“When I started training with Kevin, I was 70 kilos. Today I am 59 kilos”, Mishra giggles.

The best part of her training is that she does not feel she is on a diet at all. Nor does she punish herself in the gym. Though not all was easy – she had been forced to include junk and fast foods due to her busy schedule. Giving up on fast foods took some determination but she did it. She added more fruits and salads in her diet instead. She began to see the results within a few days – she no longer craved for junk foods.

She reduced the amount of sugar to 1tsp in her morning tea and replaced it with jaggery and ginger for taste as well as to cut down on the calorie intake per day. Green tea, though good, does not sit well with her. She likes sweets and cookies but does not reach for them as much anymore.

Mishra has a flexible exercise routine and starts her day with a jog. “I started walking for 40 mins in the morning initially. As my strength and endurance grew, I began to jog. Now I go for a run in the mornings”

Mishra recently participated in the 5 km Marathon at Indore.

The evenings are reserved for stretching and ab exercises. She alternates it with cardio and trunk training for half an hour three times a week. And no, she doesn’t go to the gym for all of this.

“The balcony of my home is just perfect for my evening workout session”, Mishra gushes.

Her Inspiration

Mishra credits her mother for edging her on to look for ways to lose weight. Her mother was very clear with her message to her – it was not about the way she looked at all. It wasn’t ever about finding the right groom for her. It was all for herself. It was for her health and well-being.

“She said to me, you are so young and obesity is going to cause health problems in the future for you”, Mishra nods. “Not just this weight loss, I thank my Mom for everything. She stood by me always and she is my pillar of strength”

What next?

So how does it feel to lose weight? “Awesome!”, she laughs.

Once she went shopping for a special function and to her utter horror, even the XL size would not fit. The shop owner remarked caustically – “Madam, yeh dress aapke size mein kabhi nahin aayegi (Madam, this dress is never going to be made for your size).”

Embarrassed beyond measure, Mishra had hurriedly left. Life, however, came full circle for her when she recently visited the shop again. “You should have seen the look on the shop owner’s face. Incredible”, she breaks out into a hearty laughter. Shopping is a happy experience for her these days and she never has to try on anything beyond the “M” or medium size. She aims to lose another 3 kilos keeping in line with her 5 ft 4 in a frame.

Advice for Others

“Determination, dedication, persistence, and patience”, Mishra continues, “but most importantly – good guidance.”

Instead of googling for crash diets for magical weight loss, her advice is all about the right guidance. It is imperative not to follow advice blindly but always communicate and question. Everyone has a unique body and what works for one person may not work for another. It is about finding the right balance and keep on working without expecting miracles. Weight was not gained in a day and it will not go in a day.