Train for a Race

Since we were going goal oriented, we carried out an elaborate survey in order to decide how training plans were to be put forth before users. Most users pursuing running courses or searching for running plans for themselves were preparing for a race. Many of our experts in the market place were being asked for complete running plans specifically for different racing formats. Thus, instead of just teaching our users how to run, we realized the need to train them for a race and this section was added.

You can flaunt your torso or biceps all you want but ask the exhilarating experience of the one who wins a race. Or even completes a marathon. On starting your running training, the first question that pops up in your mind is, ‘mileage or precision?’ A genuine doubt indeed which gets you running as many units possible in a day. This has an attenuating effect on your body and results in a gloomy ending to your athletic plans. You can be worried about mileage but after you have shed a cup of sweat and opened up your muscles to lesser restricted movements. But then, you might as well be worried about getting hit by lightning on a sunny day.

The beauty in your run, long strides, mid foot strike, right-angle bent arms, etc. are some points crucial to the success of your race plan and must occupy your mind before everything else.
Even if you are a seasoned runner, marathons are something that are probable to ooze sweat out of you. We have a set plan to get you geared up for your race.
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Depending upon your preferences, you may plan your workout for:

Couch to 5K (for beginners) (8 weeks)
Let’s Run 5K (6 weeks)

First 10K (14 weeks)
5K to 10K (6 weeks)

•Half Marathon
For Beginners (14 weeks)
10K to 21K (10 weeks)

Beginners (16 weeks)
Improver (16 weeks)

And after selecting your preference, off you go on your journey to becoming a professional runner! Few notable features provided by Fitso include audio assistance, which is your personal company throughout your run. It will guide you through the track, encourage you and suggest tips on efficient running and also assist you through anything and everything you need. Your coordinates are tracked and time taken, distance covered are noted. After completing a run, you can upload your run images for future nostalgia and save other details for record. Thus, making your training activity a satisfactory experience.

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