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Top 10 Yoga Trainers in Bangalore

Yoga has been associated with health for as long as humans can remember. People have been practicing yoga for a health and stable lifestyle. Especially in today’s time when our lifestyle has become so hectic, we need to find a way that will help us get a balanced lifestyle. And simple and long-term solution for the stress of our chaotic lifestyle is Yoga. Yoga helps us get the health as well as mental stability in the best way possible. Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the most hectic cities of India and yoga is the perfect solution for people here to get a little balance in their life.

If you are living in Bangalore and wish to practice yoga, then you have come to the right place. We will help you find the best yoga trainers in Bangalore so that you will be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Top 10 Yoga Trainers in Bangalore

  1. Pankaj Baflia

pankaj bafila: yoga trainers in Bangalore

Pankaj Yoga trainer in Bangalore who started his own training when he was in 7th standard. Ever since then, he has been practicing the traditional Ashtanga Yoga. He carries a deep interest in Vedic and spiritual literature. He is a yoga trainer and his expertise lie in traditional and eight-fold yoga.

Experience– 1 years and 5 months

Trail Class–  Free

Address– Yoga at home

Price– 5,000 per 12 classes

  1. Yoga Classes and Instructor Course

Yoga Classes and Instructor Course in bangalore

Yoga Classes and Instructor Course has an experience of 19 years. She has taken a diploma in Yoga from Swami Vivekananda Vishwa Prakruthi Yoga Foundation. She is also certified as State Yoga Jury and Karnataka South Zone Yoga Association.

Experience– 19 years

Trail Class– Free

Address– Yoga at home

Price– 10,000 per 12 sessions

  1. Arogyandhama Naturopathy Yoga and Acupuncture Clinic

Dr Shakeel in Arogyandhama Naturopathy Yoga and Acupuncture Clinic

Arogyandhama Naturopathy Yoga and Acupuncture Clinic is group of yoga trainer who are passionate about Naturopathy, therapeutic Yoga, nutrition, and guided acupuncture. They have been holding yoga classes for quite some time now.

        Address– Home

Price– 8,000 per 12 sessions

  1. Dipak Mate

dipak mate yoga training centre

Dipak has a wide knowledge and yogic philosophy and psychology and that is what he uses in his training sessions as well. His aim is to spread knowledge and importance of yoga to the people so that they can have a healthy and flourishing lifestyle.

Experience– 3 years

Trail Class– Free

Address– Yoga at Home

Price– 6,000 per 12 sessions

  1. Karthik

Karthik: yoga trainer in Bangalore

Karthik has three years of experience as a yoga trainer and helps people attain a spiritual level with daily yoga practice. He believes that yoga is one of the best way to grow and his peaceful yoga practice help you get the stability and health you have been looking for. He also offers free trails to the trainees.

Experience– 3 years

Trail Class– Free

Price– 6,000 per 12 session

Address– Yoga at Home

  1. Namita Kulkarni

Namita Kulkarni: yoga trainer in Bangalore

Namita Kulkarni has 7 years of experience as a yoga trainer and has trained people in 4 countries. she also teaches yoga at Arts Village, St. Marks Road, Bangalore. She also has her own yoga and travel blog that she uses to inspire people and promote yoga.

Experience –  7 years

Trail Class– Paid

Address– Primrose Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Price– 12,000 per session

  1. Madhusudan K.H

madhusudan KH: yoga trainer in Bangalore

With 16 years of experience, Dr. Madhusudan has a wide experience in the field of Yogic Science. He believes that he is capable of evolving the lives of the people with the help of Yoga. He has yoga practices for different age groups at his center.

Trail Class– Paid

Experience– 16 years

Address– Yoga at Home

Price– Rs. 6,000 per session

  1. Nidhi Sharma

nidhi sharma: yoga trainer in Bangalore

Nidhi Sharma comes with the family of yoga practisers. Her father and grandfather both were highly reputable yoga teachers and today she is following their footsteps and have chosen yoga as her profession. With passion for yoga she has helped many people get a healthy and stable lifestyle.

 Trail class– Free

Experience– 2 years

Address– Yoga at Home

Price– 8,500 per session

  1. Anu Murthy

anu murthy: yoga trainer in Bangalore

Anu Murthy started her career has corporate HR, but soon he realized her love for Yoga and now she is professional yoga trainer with 1 years of experience. Her expertise lies in prenatal yoga.

Trail Classe– Free

Experience– 1 year

Address– Berlie Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Price– 3,500 per 12 session

  1. Vidhya Vakil

Vidhya Vakil: yoga trainer in Bangalore

Vidhya Vakil is a profession astrologer who has immense passion for Yoga. As a yoga teacher, her objective is to offer the best yoga lessons to the trainees and help them develop a balance state of mind and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Trail Session– Free

Experience– 3 years

Price– Rs. 9,600 per 12 sessions

These are some of the best yoga trainers in Bangalore. You can pick your choice and set a foot towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.