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Top 10 Yoga Instructors in Mumbai

Yoga or ‘Yog’ is a very old and famous meditation technique. The very name hails from the Sanskrit word, ‘Yuj’ which means a union of our Soul with the universal soul. It has Indian heritage, art and culture written all over it. This thousands of years old art is very famous now, all around the world.

woman doing yoga: yoga trainers in mumbai

‘Asanas’ are the very amazing and relaxing poses of yoga and these are the key units of a session apart from the chanting of ‘Om’. This process helps to generate energy and peacefulness at the same time. The chants do more than just remember god, they spread positive vibrations through your body, helping make very visible positive changes in your work. Yoga is very essential for a good health, flexibility and a great mind with peace. Yoga is a beautiful mixture of chanting, working out and meditating.

Most famous yoga instructors in Mumbai

  1. Meeta

meeta: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Meeta is a personal yoga trainer and is known to be finest in her line. She is a very able trainer who is very famous for her ability to motivate her clients to push for their betterment. She trains clients from Kandivali to Andheri and main areas in and around the west side.  She started practicing yoga in her teens and started exploring the world of yoga, organic movement, breath and meditation.

With a growing sense of fulfilment and happiness, it was only natural for her to move to advanced yogic practices and go on to obtain basic and advanced yoga teaching training certification.

  1. Sonia Sharma

Sonia Sharma: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Sonia Sharma is very dedicated and highly trained, interdisciplinary skills in athletics and artistic yoga. She trains clients in the eastern suburbs of Chembur, Ghatkopar and Wadala.

Sonia has been practicing artistic yoga and gymnastics for over 11 years and has participated in more than 15 tournaments so far, out of which she has won many zonal, district and state-level competitions.

As a yoga teacher who trains her clients in private as well as group sessions, her teaching technique can be best described as step-by-step, slow-paced and attuned to the comfort level and expertise of her students.

  1. Priyanka

Priyanka: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Priyanka is a highly committed and dedicated yoga instructor who trains clients both in group as well as in private one-on-one sessions. She has been practicing yoga for over 4 years and has a double certification in Teaching Yoga.

 She has completed her Yoga Teacher Training course from the Yoga Institute in Santacruz and has also completed the intense 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) from the reputed Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore. Thee main areas she trains in are Bandra and Khar.

  1. Bharat Thakur

Bharat Thakur: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Artistic Yoga has created a rage amongst fitness fanatics through its extraordinary new style that consists of varied postures to enhance one’s core strength.Bharat Thakur has certainly revolutionized the world of yoga.

Overlooking the beautiful gardens, the yoga studio is posh and ambient, offering the guests a perfect atmosphere to work out the body and relax the mind. The exact position of his studio is in Andheri, west.

  1. Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Yogacharya Sandeep ” is a highly qualified yoga instructor with a Masters in yoga psychology from Bihar Yoga Bharati (the world’s first yoga university).

With over 13 years of teaching experience, Sandeep has a thorough knowledge of various yoga techniques and their application to improve performance and productivity in the corporate sector. He has an amazing studio with beautiful services in Mumbai which is very highly recommended.

  1. Samanta Duggal

Samanta Duggal: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Samanta Duggal is the primary reason to join YogaSutra. She is a well-known teacher over past 20 years for dedicated to mind-body health. She was also the lead performer and professional instructor in Shiamak Davar Dance Company. She partnered with Shaleen Parekh to open India’s first boutique yoga studio. YogaSutra offers multiple classes as per the convenience of the Mumbaiker’s hectic life.

  1. Radhika Vachani

Radhika Vachani: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Yogacara is owned by Radhika Vachani. She started this studio with the main aim to promote traditional and Authentic approach for healing the body, mind, and soul. They offer various classes of Classical hatha yoga, Hatha flow, restorative yoga and pranayama and meditation. They also offer free trail classes and you can do online booking for the same.

  1. Yogi Shiv Kumar Mishra

Shiv Kumar Mishra: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Owned by Yogi Shiv Kumar Mishra, shiv holistic yoga institute offer a various package to individuals at their home and offices and also conduct special yoga class for children and senior citizen. Their yoga concept is based on the stretch where relaxing the muscle through stretch is the first step in healing the inner peace.

This was the man who began his yoga journey at the tender age of 10 and is now one of the top yoga Trainer in the country. Shiva holistic yoga center is one of the first ISO certified Yoga training Institue in the country.

  1. Prabha Yadav

Prabha Yadav: yoga trainers in Mumbai

Mrs. Prabha Yadav is the founder of Yoga Studio. Her main aim to spread the divine knowledge and power everywhere. The Studio offers various yoga program which includes Power Yoga, Zumba, Pregnancy Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Children Yoga, Corporate Yoga and Personal Yoga.  It is considered to be one of the top studios in Mumbai. 

  1. Amisha Yadav 

Amisha Yadav: yoga trainers in Mumbai

She is the lady who owns the Namaste yoga classes. This is one of the Yoga classes in Mumbai who offer yoga classes to a lady only. They provide amazing services which are the combination power yoga, different kind of Asana as well as wall exercise, ball exercise, pranayama and meditation which is conduct in small batches of 7-8 ladies.