fitness trainers in India

Top Ten Fitness Trainers in India

Since the last two decades, the definition of being healthy is being redefined to being fit, lean and muscular. Fitness has become the rage of today’s age not just for the youngsters, but even for the oldies. Gyms, that were once the hot spot for youngsters are now equally attended by middle aged and old aged people. Personal fitness trainers are extremely popular when it comes to getting faster and more effective results focusing on individual strengths, weaknesses and pain areas.

Most sought-after fitness trainers in India

  1. Abbas Ali

abbas ali: fitness trainers in India

The founder director of the high profile fitness center Bodyholics Abbas Ali believes that it’s just the lifestyle that needs to be modified to get the body of your dreams. Only a permanent fix will stay permanent. The man who helped Shahid Kapoor build six pack abs in just a couple of months with his gruesome training, motivation and diet plan, and helped Shilpa Shetty get the “to die for” figure has some super powerful fitness mantras to stay fit.

2. Kamal Chhikara

Kamal Chhikara: fitness trainers in India

Co-founder of the Reebok’s Crossfit Robust gym in Delhi and a firm believer in the concept that frequent small workouts are better than a big one. Kamal Chhikara also stresses that working out right is more effective than working out more. Kamal Chhikara is a model turned yoga instructor and fitness coach where the clients are offered innovative workouts simulating the lives of stone age men, who hunted their food.

3. Manish Advilkar

Manish Advilkar: fitness trainers in India

Probably the highest paid fitness trainer in the country, Manish Advilkar has helped many top celebrities like Farhan Akhtar and Salman Khan loose oodles of weight for a leaner look in a particular movie. Manish restructures the diet and workout in such a way that the diet works as a catalyst in weight loss.

 4. Pradeep Bhatia

Pradeep bhatia: fitness trainers in India

Having won the title of Mr. Delhi in Body Building Championship, Pradeep Bhatia co-founded Elixir Fitness, a focused fitness center in Mumbai. Pradeep is highly skilled and experienced at bodybuilding and sculpting. Training the likes of Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, Pradeep Bhatia excels at his job and believes to maximize the work out time by juggling various easy and hard workouts.

 5. Prashant Sawant

Prashant Sawant: fitness trainers in India

Co-founder of the popular training studio ‘Body Sculptor’, Prashant has been training the most famous Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan. Prashant is a super popular trainer in Mumbai. Prashant not only creates the workout plans, but also the nutrition plans for the clients to achieve the desired results. He motivates you to work hard and look forward to working out.

6. Rakesh Udiyar

Rakesh Udiyar: fitness trainers in India

A boy who once sold candies in the train, who worked his body by lifting heavy goods at construction sites, joined the gym as a sweeper. His interest and enthusiasm made him work hard to earn a certification for fitness coaching. His dedication and knowledge helped him gain the opportunity to train the celebrities like Salman and Aamir Khan.

7. Samir Jaura

Samir Jaura: fitness trainers in India

The specialist celebrity fitness trainer for achieving that athletic, muscular and sporty body that glows with sweat. Samir Jaura works towards strength training and flexibility training to build muscles. Samir believes that each body is different and not the same workout will benefit everyone the same way. One needs to know the body and its problem areas in order to modify it.

8. Satyajit Chaurasia

Satyajit Chaurasia: fitness trainers in India

Founder director of the Barbarian Power Gym, Satyajit is the man to go to when you want a ripped body with a perfect six pack. A high paced fitness trainer who believes that it only takes four weeks to transform your body if you work on it committedly. The words of this man who trained Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan, are something everyone can count on.

9. Yashmeen Manak

Yashmeen Manak: fitness trainers in India

A professional athlete and owner of the posh Gurugram Gym “Sculpt”, Yashmeen Chauhan Manak is legendary when it comes to inspiring people to get fit and help them with training instructions. She not only trains aspiring models and actors but also people with medical conditions to help them reach their ideal weight. Yashmeen shares training videos and tips on Instagram to inspire and motivate people any time of the day.

10. Yasmin Karachiwala

YASMIN KARACHIWALA: fitness trainers in India

Co-founder of Yasmin’s Body Image in Mumbai, Yasmin is the most popular female celebrity trainer. Yasmin Karachiwala believes in working the body inside out. Being a Pilates expert, Yasmin believes in strengthening the body first, making it flexible and then working it out for toning externally. The favorite trainer of Katrina and Deepika Padukone, Yasmin Karachiwala is deeply committed to her work and clients.

Stay motivated, stay fit!