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Top 10 Fitness Clubs in Mumbai

Shared zest leads to the formation of some great and interesting groups– book clubs, movie clubs and, fitness clubs. Tired of running or jogging into the sunset all by yourself? Tired of cycling with just your iPod for the company? Here is a list of top 10 best fitness clubs in Mumbai. Connect with one of these groups and you shall never have to be alone on two feet or two wheels.

Mumbai Road Runners   

(Admin: Ram Venkatraman

They are a non-profit circle of passionate runners. Their aim is promoting running in Mumbai. They organize events like group runs, half marathons, relay races, 5k races, 10K races, yoga sessions for runners, boot camps, etc.

They have their regular first Sunday of the month half marathon which started long ago. It has grown rapidly as many runners started to take part in it. They had also organised the Runners’ Bash for consecutive three years in a row. They also are the trailblazers in India to start the concept of awards for running. This started in a tiny fashion and had grown by leaps and bounds.

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Bandra Cyclists Club  

(Admin: Vishal Hansraj Sharma)

B’India Cycling Club Team (B.C.C.T) was earlier known as Bandra Cycle Club (B.C.C ). It was founded on March 23rd, 2010 by Vishal Sharma with the dream of becoming “ one of the best fitness clubs in Powai” and the mission to encourage the concept of fitness and going green. This club has travelled a very long way and experienced an exciting journey and has been growing ever since then.It was created with the dictum of Creation of a Rider. The club organises activities like BCCT Academy for Amateurs, BCCT Academy for Endurance and Rehab, BCCT Academy for BMX etc.

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(Admin: Praful Uchil & Deepak Londhe)

Striders was established in 2006. It works as a fitness training group that trains running fanatics for fitness and competition. Since their establishment, they have rapidly grown, especially due to the enthusiasm for running shown by the people and trainers alike. They employed over 40 trainers, spread across major cities apart from Mumbai and work towards becoming one of the best fitness clubs in Mumbai.

These people gather together like-minded running fanatics and guide them in achieving their goals by designing tailor-made training programs. They also train people not so keen to run, with the stress on the importance of physical fitness. Their training methods are influential and systematic. They serve individuals as well as corporate offices.Corporate organisations are increasing to introduce fitness to their employees’ lifestyle. Striders trains the employees.

They offer specialised training packages like:

  • 10k, 21k , 42k and other categories run organisation
  • Focused road races
  • Athletic Meets – track and field events
  • Summer sports camps for children and students

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Runners Academy

(Admin: Kaushik Panchal

Runners academy has been training runners in Borivali National Park every week for 4 days, for one hour a day. It focuses on injury free run by doing a core workout, strength training, yoga, glutes workout, running forms, prefers breathing, pranayama, cone drills, etc. They train for 4 days in a week with programmes like pranayama, yoga, strength Training, hill run & long distance endurance running. The academy also conduct Diet & Physiotherapy lectures/ workshops and sports massages. For the services offered, this falls in the ‘best fitness clubs in Mumbai’ category without a doubt.cycling track in mumbai

Lakecity Pedalers

(Admin: Jose George

Jose George is an avid cycling enthusiast and the owner of the cycling store, Haybren Adventures. He started Lake city Pedalers (LCP), which is one of the first few amateur cycling groups in Mumbai. Usually, the distances the group’s ride range from 20 to 80km. The rides are held mostly on weekends, and help to bring the set of biking enthusiasts together. Lakecity Pedalers has the distinction of being the first cycling group in Mumbai/thane started in 2008.


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Mumbai Cycling Enthusiasts   

(Admin: Sujay Jairaj)  

This club is one of the world’s largest cycling community with more than 11K members associated with. It was created by Sujay Jairaj with the mission of promoting the cycle enthusiasts for cycle commuting to work, cycle commuting to school, to your neighbourhood gym, to visit your friends/relatives, to become a professional cyclist or for health and fitness. In addition, the community members also share and discuss everything to do with cycling along with planning weekend cycling tours.

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Mulund Riders

(Admin: Yash Kumar Sotta)  

Bicycling has gone through a long journey. Today, it is becoming a way of life for people all around the globe. Mulund Riders aspire to connect such enthusiasts in Mumbai. They promote a healthy lifestyle by emphasising on recreational cycling. Their team consists of people of diverse ages, from 10-year-olds to 60-year-olds.

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Borivali Cyclists Association

(Admin: Johann Daniels)   

Borivali cyclists association is a group of active cyclists who are located in areas of Malad, Borivali, Kandivali, Dahisar, Mira road and other areas nearby. They lay emphasis on

  • Finding like minded people to accompany each other during the cycle rides.
  • Joining organised rides.
  • Interacting with fellow cyclists
  • Creating awareness about the growing interests of people and the expanding cyclist’s communities.
  • Promoting cycling as a fitness sport and a means of green transport.

If you are looking for one of the best fitness clubs in Mumbai, you are at the right place.

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Chembur Cycling Club

(Admin: Bharat A Pai)  

Chembur Cycling Club is committed to serving the runners living  in or near Chembur, Tilak Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Ghatkopar, etc, irrespective of their abilities. The cyclists at the club are fun and diversified group of people and come from all walks of life in all shapes and sizes. Speed doesn’t matter to them. This community is mainly meant as an online meeting point for cyclists & aspiring cyclists from the area to know one another over social media and shares about cycling.


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Cycling For Foodies

(Admin: Sunil Gandhi)  

Now here is a riding club that combines two of our favourite activities– fitness and food. This is a differently themed cycling club. This club organises rides that end with a meal at a cafe or restaurant. Discovering new, hidden and exciting places to eat and then riding to a selected culinary journey’s end is what they do in their club. They discuss bicycles and fitness with as much zeal as they discuss food and culinary delights. This is one of the coolest and best fitness clubs in Mumbai.

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The idea of the fitness clubs is to promote fitness as a way to achieve a fit and healthy way of life. Whatever your goals in your personal life may be, a fitness club experience can assist you in achieving your fitness and workout goals. Joining a club can only improve the benefits of being a fitness lover, be it through group activities, competitions, guidance or advice from the experienced. The common zest for fitness brings close total strangers. It builds friendships and a sense of togetherness. So what are you waiting for? If you are in Mumbai, join one of these clubs and get going!

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