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Top 10 Running Coaches in Delhi/NCR

“There’s one person apart from you, who can make a huge difference to your fitness. It’s a coach”

Coaches are trained and experienced in helping runners figure out exactly how to meet their fitness objectives. Any runner who has a specific goal can benefit from a coach—whether that’s a time goal, qualifying for a marathon, or even losing weight. They all also help you set other goals by telling you what’s realistic, what it will take to meet your goals, and showing you the path to get there.

With a running coach, you get feedback to make adjustments. A running coach will focus your energy and keep you on track at every stage of training. Any feedback you get during your training will help tremendously for any upcoming races.

So, let’s have a look at the list of top 10 running coaches in Delhi-NCR. Find the best-suited coach and start your training now

1. Abhishek Rathor

Abhishek Rathor- top running coaches delhi ncr

He is a walking inspiration for the youth of the country. With a passion for helping underprivileged and needy runners, he started his career in 2012. Since 2012, he specialised in various middle distance races, half marathons, and hilly train run and now he is working as running coach at Fitso.

Before that, Abhishek was pacer with Nike+ Run Club. After attaining respect, guidance and power, he is preparing for Top 10 Ironman finishers in India because he believes that after overcoming injuries, comes success and glory. With consistent hard work and effort, one of his trainee has qualified for World Youth Championship in Kenya. Apart from sports, Abhishek believes in doing good deeds that is why he is connected with Bhagta Bharat as head coach for social service.

  • Training sessions available at: Nehru Park (Delhi), Noida Stadium (Noida), Indirapuram
  • Contact: / FB Page:

2. Coach Ravinder

Coach Ravinder- top running coaches delhi ncr

He is a man to take inspiration from, a man who had the courage to leave a well-settled service and follow his dream. Coach Ravinder has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing, start-up business and counselling. At the age of 40, he ran his marathon and felt like a child once again. After successfully conquering the corporate world, at the age of 40 he took a decision to enter into full-time coaching.

Coach Ravinder believes in training his students with full efficiency, dedication, passion and speed. With a passion for helping underprivileged students, he has successfully trained students for half as well as full marathons.

  • Training sessions available at: Leisure Valley (Gurgaon)
  • Contact:

3. Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar- top running coaches delhi ncr

A man with a vision to run marathon irrelevant of his age. Dinesh Kumar is one of the best running coaches in Delhi who has participated in many half marathons.  He lives with a Motto “Keep your dreams alive and determination to achieve”.

Recently, Dinesh Kumar participated in Half Marathon in Singapore and won the 1st prize representing the country. Nowadays, he is giving personal training and running technique coaching in Elite Runners Academy in Delhi.

  • Training sessions available at: JLN Stadium (Delhi) 

4. Gagan Arora

Gagan Arora- top running coaches delhi ncr

Some people come in the world to uplift others. Gagan Arora is one of those people who believe in doing something constructive and helping the people of Delhi in the running. He is a fitness trainer and master trainer in Reebok running squad. Gagan has been in the field of training since 15 years and consecutively trained the youth for a marathon.

  • Training sessions available at: Lodhi Garden (Delhi)
  • Contact:

5. Jatin Arora

Jatin Arora- top running coaches delhi ncr

Jatin Arora or should I say “Guardian Angel”. He is one of the hard working, motivated and knowledgeable coach in Delhi. With an experience of running the marathon, Reebok Master training, CrossFit level 1 and 2, Jatin is giving all his knowledge to his students. He is the founder and head trainer of Boot Camp Yellow where he acts as a mentor, trainer, motivator and the coolest coach.

  • Training sessions available at: Nirvana Country (Gurgaon)
  • Contact:

6. Rajender Yadav

Rajender Yadav- top running coaches delhi ncr

Keeping discipline and consistency on the top, Rajender Yadav has successfully trained students with an experience of more than six years. He specialises in half marathon training, marathon training, distance running training and strength training which makes him a successful coach at Fitso.

In the past six years, Rajender Yadav has won gold medal thrice at National School Level. His biggest achievements in 10k and 21k are completing the race within 31:04 and 1:09. Rajender Yadav is a coach for the students who want to achieve big and make the country proud.

  • Training sessions available at: Tau Devilal Stadium (Gurgaon), Sec-12 Sports Complex (Faridabad)
  • Contact:

7. Shashank Pundir

Shashank Pundir- top running coaches delhi ncr

Shashank Pundir, a resident of Gurgaon, who runs for a dream to take India internationally. Pundir is known for his skills and speed in ultra runs, and now he is training people of Gurgaon with the same enthusiasm and hard work. He was a victim of a very unhealthy lifestyle. With a change in his mindset, he is now setting an example for the youth to transform from diseased animal to a fit and healthy human being.

  • Training sessions available at: Leisure Valley (Gurgaon)

8. Shiba Mehra

Shiba Mehra- top running coaches delhi ncr

Who said, “Girls are only meant for household work”. Shiba Mehra, the pride of the country, changed the thinking of the people in India by running and winning in the field of men. She believes that obstacles are mandatory in life and instead of running away from them, taking a long run and overcoming them is a wise option.

Shiba Mehra is coaching all the citizens of Delhi from past 17 years in stamina building and core strength. She is working as a coach in Classic Fitness Academy and training people to run for life.

  • Training sessions available at: Nehru Park (Delhi)

9. Tribhuvan Ram Narayan

Tribhuvan ram- top running coaches delhi ncr

A trainer who believes that any person can run after enough recovery and putting optimum effort. Tribhuvan Ram Narayan is a running coach who is a master trainer for children with special needs, done masters in athletic specialization and PhD in Sports sciences.He specialises in long distance running and sprinting who is presently working as a coach at Fitso.

The achievements include training a student who won bronze medal at Kerala National Games in 2015. Also, the coach has trained a school team in three months who won 53 medals including 32 gold medals.

  • Training sessions available at: DDA Park, Sec-11 (Dwarka), Bosco Park (Paschim Vihar), Japanese park (Rohini)
  • Contact:

10. Vijay Shukla

Vijay Shukla- top running coaches delhi ncr

Vijay Shukla is a man full of motivation and strength. He is a successful runner in half marathons, an adept trainer who specialises in endurance training. People say Vijay Shukla is a man with words and has a miraculous power to solve every problem.

Nowadays, he is working as a head running coach, head pacer at Nike+ race club and head coach of striders. Vijay Shukla is also famous for his Yoga training, positive attitude and running coaching. After working as a running coach at Fitso, he is taking a step towards endurance training career.

  • Training sessions available at: Nehru Park (Delhi), Central Delhi

So, a shout out for all the Delhites, if you are planning to run a marathon or willing to make a career as an athlete, these are the people to find and start training. There is no particular order, but all the names are given alphabetically. As it is said, “To be the best, learn from the Best”, similarly, keep a learning attitude, high-spirit and gain as much motivation and strength to make your country proud. So, if you are willing to train, you can contact for queries at