Top 10 Running Coaches in Bangalore

Top 10 Running Coaches in Bangalore

Running is not a sport it is an art to be learned to enter the dynamic field of events and marathons. To learn this art you need a coach who can train you well the entire know how of running. It is not as easy as it seems to be. You cannot just run a metre or even a mile and consider yourself a runner; you need to learn the tricks and techniques about running. Here we have selected running coaches in Bangalore for you who would help you learn it all, A to Z about running because they have been experienced runners. These running coaches have unique style of their own and have highlighted their name in the field of running. They are designated as the best coaches for running. Read about them:

1. Ashok Nath 

ashok nath - running coach in Bangalore

A renowned celebrity runner, Ashok Nath is popular among people by the name “Ash”. He has run ample marathons in India. His achievements are above par. He has broken many records in India and has won many races in international level too. Ash has always promoted the idea of running and staying healthy and active. He is the founder of CATALYST sports and wellness. You can enrol there and get trained by his skilled team.

2. Athreya Chidambi 

Athreya Chidambi - running coach in Bangalore

Founder of DRAVA running and many such brands as yet, Athreya Chidambi needs no introduction. He is a running coach who believes in training people irrespective of their fitness level. Athreya trains them to stay fit and healthy. His running interest triggered 10 years ago and since then he has run in many ultras and marathons. His personal best is of 100k: in 2010 which was completed by him in 12 hours 6 minutes and 18 seconds. Since then his DRAVA running has been popular among people where they love to get enrolled to be fitness trained and stay fit and healthy.

3. BC Tilak 

bc tilak - running coach in Bangalore

He is a well-known runner who has won many running events and competitions. He along with Monica Athare had represented Indian contingent at TCS 10k. Tilak loves running half marathon and 10k and has participated in many such events. He also trains people of Bangalore as their personal fitness trainer. You can consider him as your trainer if you want to get trained in 10k and half marathons.

4. Dharmendra Kumar

Dharmendra Kumar - running coach in Bangalore

He is a sports enthusiast and a running coach who is also Puma’s running ambassador. He has run many marathons and in different long distance races. Dharmendra Kumar is also a personal fitness trainer who is popular among the people of Bangalore for his dedication and enthusiasm. His running career took an ignition in the year 2009. He is a co founder and coach in the team of “Protons sports” and runs daily for long distances and loves sweating out in running ultras. He has also initiated in organising many running competitions and events. He also motivates people to join the running club and helps them stay fit and healthy. We recommend him as one of the best fitness trainer.

5. Hemant Chandra 

hemanth chandra: popular running coaches in bangalore

A gold medallist and not in just one running event but has won gold medal in many competitions. He got the medal in TCS world 10k and also in Bangaluru university half marathon. He is specialised in distance running and strength running. You can contact him through FITSO coaching centre. He is in the leadership team there. He says “The dream is yours the plan is mine, let’s make it happen by working together”. He clearly has the motive of training people in the best possible way to make them well trained in running distances and also to stay fit and healthy. You can consider him as your personal fitness trainer because of his achievements and enthusiasm.

6. Kothandapani KC 

Kothandapani KC - running coach in Bangalore

A retired Indian air force sergeant who has participated in all the runs of 10k held till date, Kothandapani KC is the enthusiastic runner admired by all. After retiring from air force he started training in boxing and then one fine day he switched to running which he had always loved. He began with running on weekends first and then one day he gave the selection trial of 800 metres run and stood second in the race and got selected. He follows a proper diet and has his own running kit which he keeps maintained. He also trains people in running long distances and helps them stay fit.

7. Neera Katwal

Neera Katwal - running coach in Bangalore

She is a personal fitness trainer. Neera Katwal is a woman of substance who is a parent to her pets; a cat and a dog. You will see her awake by four in the morning and energised and enthusiastic to run long distances. She helps the people of Bangalore who enrol under her to stay fit and healthy through her sessions which she takes every alternate day. She quit her job of HR manager to get trained to become a fitness trainer. She had enrolled herself in Reebok fitness training course where she had body conditioning and aerobics training. She is trained for yoga instructor, has learned zumba, trained herself in acro yoga, cross fit, rehabilitation and injury management. She is the on the top of our list of best fitness trainers.

8. Nirupma Singh

Nirupma Singh - running coach in Bangalore

You can reach her on STRAVA. She is an enthusiastic runner of Bangalore who trains people in the city. She has run around 104.1 km in 10 hours and 2 minutes. She is also into zumba training and trains people as zumba fitness instructor too. In spite of being a mother of two adults she has never fallen short on her energy and enthusiasm. She is surely a fitness trainer and a runner to look upon for your fitness training. She will help you stay healthy and energetic though zumba and running.

9. Pramod Deshpande

pramod deshpande - running coach in Bangalore

He has worked as coach and motivator in Jayanagar Jaguars. This group is associated with many social causes and has helped people to stay healthy by running. He has been working in this organisation and had organised many training programs and running events. He also drove and initiated many events that were conducted by Jaguar group. Pramod Deshpande is counted among the best coaches that train people in Bangalore for running.

10. Vinay Nagaraja

vinay-nagaraja - running coach in Bangalore

He says that “Give your 100%. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose”. He has completed half marathon in one hour and 9 minutes. He is a coach in FITSO and is well known among people as one of the best fitness trainer. He has specialized in half marathon training, sprint training and also middle distance training. He still runs marathons and is in the leadership team of FITSO. You can trust on him to help you train in running distances and even sprint running.