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Top Cycling Events in Bangalore

Ride a cycle this weekend in Bangalore to kiss stress goodbye

Cycling is not only a fantastic, liberating experience but also a healthy one. Suitable for people of all ages, cycling makes you feel alive, refreshed, invigorated. A humble exercise with enormous benefits, cycling is great for the joints and an amazing cardio workout. You can cycle to work, to see your friends, to go shopping, or just for fun, a couple of hours every day. It is a great way of keeping active without getting bored and on the plus side, it saves the environment. So, you are not just burning calories, you are also doing climate a huge favor. Cycling in Bangalore is a particularly favored hobby and activity supported by many.

Cycling events in Bangalore

Spread over 709 km sq., Bangalore has its special secrets for making cycling so famous. Among one is its active population that has formed numerous cycling groups over the years that are still active today. One remarkable thing about Bangaloreans is their adventure and sports spirit that brings them together in cycling events. Bangalore cycling trips on Marathons are quite famous and owing to the several trails and routes, Bangalore is a wildly famous city for this aerobic activity.

Before we move on to counting down coming cycling events in Bangalore, let’s see how cycling really helps the body. Cycling improves

cycling posture: Cycling in Bangalore

  • posture and coordination
  • joint mobility
  • cardiovascular fitness
  • muscle strength and flexibility
  • disease management and prevention
  • bone strength

It counters

  • stress levels
  • anxiety and depression.
  • body fat levels

cycling benefits: Cycling in Bangalore

It doesn’t take too long to acquire health benefits with regular cycling. Two to four hours a week are more than sufficient for maintaining health. Certain features that make cycling stand out are

  • Low impact: It doesn’t involve much strain and causes least injuries compared to other forms of exercise.
  • Fantastic muscle workout: When you cycle, it makes every part of your body work making it great for the muscles.
  • Easy: You don’t need to be super-specialized to be able to cycle. There isn’t much need of physical skill. You just need to pedal and once you acquire the skill, your brain retains the ability, you don’t forget how simple it is riding a cycle.
  • Great for strength and perseverance: Regular practice boosts endurance, strength and aerobic fitness.
  • Changeable intensity: You can pedal slow and maintain a slow pace if you are not in the mood for an intense workout and if you feel like getting your heartbeat up, pedal faster and there you have a full blow cardio workout.
  • Adventurous routine: Adrenaline junkies know the pleasure of rolling down hills smoothly, pedaling on tough terrain and conquering rocky trails. Regular bicycling will hone your skills and if you are one for adventure, riding a bicycle is as good as it comes.
  • Time-efficient: Try cycling and get rid of sedentary (sitting) problem in public and private transportation.

Cycling in Bangalore: No shortage of trails and routes

cycling tracks: Cycling in Bangalore

There are numerous marathons held in Bangalore that you can enjoy. Cycling has become a full-blown, sponsored activity and event wherein people of all ages participate all year long. There are cycling tours to Savandurga, Heritage Cycling, Kabani Backwaters Cycling, Kemmanngundi Cycling, Cycling During Mullayangiri Trekking, Temple And Thindi Cycling Trail, Hessarghatta Grasslands Cyclothon, Great Bangalore Cycling Hunt, Treasures Of Nandi Cycling Trail, Cycle Ride Through Dandeli Biosphere, etc that you can participate in.

Bangalore Cycling Routes

Corporate groups, hospitality groups organize regular meetups and cycling events in Bangalore on a regular basis. If you are unaware where the meetup in your area is going to be, we recommend you make a “cycling events in Bangalore” alert and sign up for weekly newsletters from event local websites. This way, you will be notified the minute there is a press release or any information released regarding cycling events in Bangalore. Marathons are held by major Telecom companies, hospitality companies, photography, and history enthusiast.

cycling tracks: Cycling in Bangalore

Here are some amazing routes you should explore as an avid cycler:

  • Jayanagar, an uphill ride takes you through Lalbagh via Madhavan Park and is a daunting route. There is a 10-km loop but the road is smooth and nice with sufficient green cover.
  • Another trail is Cubbon Park which is quite wide, visible and frequently on weekends. It takes you through New BEL Road, along the Sankey Tank, via Palace Road, along the golf course and all the way up to Kanteerva Stadium.
  • The Airport ride is a great route but getting it is easy and coming back is hard. You can check out the Shiva’s road which offers some scenic sights.
    Old Madras Road, Infantry Road, Indiranagar (be nocturnal on this one), Kanakapura Road are some notable routes too.
  • Turahalli Forest, 8 km from Jayanagar, great for South Bengalurans is a longer route great for intensive workouts.  Hesaraghatta, bit outside the city is also an impressive option with its flat terrain and unremitting trails and lots of greenery.
  • The GKVK campus is sprawling and great for night rides.
  • Highway to Hyderabad is a long stretch post the airport with numerous trails, scenic sights, and a nostalgic countryside demeanor.

Join A Cycling Club

Bangalore cycle club: Cycling in Bangalore

There are local cycling groups that one can join to curb boredom and if you happen to develop a liking for the hobby, there is a scope with pro cycling teams that you can join too.

Bangalore’s racing season is just getting started. You can get your bike ready with lightweight tires and begin practicing already. Here are some Bangalore races that you should look forward to:

Bangalore bicycle championships

Bangalore bicycle championships: Cycling in Bangalore

Held throughout the year, these happen over 10 times. Adults can participate all through the year in tarmac and dirt races.

Bangalore Amateur racing

Bangalore Amateur racing: Cycling in Bangalore

These happen during the time when BBCs are not happening so avoiding any date clashes with the bicycle championships. Even amateurs can participate in these. Around 6 races will take place in the first four months this year.

Bangalore Mountain Festival

Bangalore Mountain Festival: Cycling in Bangalore

These are quite competitive and happen in February so the weather and trails are pleasant. What’s attractive is the prize money so if you want to cycle to win, this one is for you.

Enthusiasts can take bicycle classes for adults in Bangalore as there are age specific groups. You will have to start with beginners cycling clubs, obviously and then build the capacity to cycle with time.

Cycling is a time-intensive activity and if you plan on cycling as a pro, it might take a lot of time before you actually qualify as a pro-cycler. Many enthusiasts have the query how to get on a cycling team or how to join a professional club but once one is ready to accept the challenge, the ways open up. Meetups are organized on weekends that professionals can choose from.