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7 Best Swimming Goggles For The Best Pool Experience

There is an ever increasing need for the perfect pool experience and swimming goggles are designed to give you just that. Of all the swimming accessories, swimming goggles are one such accessory that you can’t do without. A good pair of goggles has the power to make all the difference to your swimming, whether that lengths in the local pool, training for a race or bringing your A game in the open water. You have to be able to see clearly underwater and also adjust the fit comfortably. If you are an outdoor swimmer, there is a chance that you would want UV protection and mirrored or tinted lenses which will decrease the magnitude of light seeping in helping to keep the glare down. There are many competitive swimmers who like smaller goggles which fit snugly around the eye sockets. Anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses must be on your list irrespective of the kind of swimming you do.

Why swimmers must be strapping when they hit the water?

  • Goggles help us see better underwater.

Our eyes weren’t actually made for seamless sight underwater and goggles make up for this particular deficiency so that we will be able to see underwater in a better manner. Goggles help us in a far better manner to see that upcoming wall clearly so that we can appropriately judge our flip turn and also prepares us to dodge that errant lap swimmer who tries a head-up breaststroke into our lane.

  • Most importantly, they protect your eyes from irritation.

According to research, nitrogen from sweat combines with the chlorine and it further leads to a formation of what is called as chloramine. It is the chloramine which leads to red eyes and swimming goggles act as a shield from them.

How do you buy the best swimming goggles suited for you?

  1. How the goggles fit on your face.

Faces come in varied sizes, and consequently, there are various shaped goggles out there. The goggles you select is going to be strapped on to your face and will be digging in and around your eyeballs, for hours at a stretch. When the nose strap is very wide the goggles stand a chance to leak. If the nose strap is too narrow, there is a possibility that the corners of the socket pinch the side of your nose. Unless you’re very sure that such problems won’t occur with your swimming goggles, it is wise to invest in a nose piece that you could adjust to as per your face structure.

  1. The lens color of the goggles.

    The lens color of your swimming goggles depend on whether you’re swimming indoors or outdoors. It also depends on how well lit the swimming pool is.

  1. Comfort is king

Swimming just like any other sport requires tremendous concentration. You cannot focus to do your best if you are not comfortable with your pair of swimming goggles. Prior to investing in one, thoroughly ensure they are comfortable and that you won’t keep fidgeting with it.

  1. No compromising on the Durability

You don’t want fragile pieces of goggles that won’t even last a week or two. See to it that you don’t compromise on the quality in the quest of achieving a better bargain. After all, it’s a matter of protecting your precious eyes in the pool.

  1. A little Style does no harm

Look good, feel good, swim well! With tons of options available for your eyes, there is no need to skip that stylish charm. Strap on those aesthetically appealing swimming goggles and rock your swim game like a star.

Now that you know the crucial checklist to consider while purchasing swimming goggles, below we give you a sneak peek into the top 7 swimming goggles that pass this test of fit, comfort, shape, visibility and durability, as well as looks.

Top 7 swimming Goggles sorted by Low to High price


swimming gogglesWhether you are an Occasional swimmer in pools or outdoors, this pair is perfect if you are looking for basic protection for your eyes while swimming. They are very comfortable and fit the face adeptly guaranteeing an excellent watertight seal. It has a standard field of vision of 100°-120° and come with 2 adjustment straps and nose bridge (S, M, L) along with wide strap and numbered notches. They have an ideal stability for recreational goggles thanks to the small lenses.
Designed with Anti-fogging and UV protection, the seals are soft and adapt to fit the shape of your face. They come with a warranty of 2 Years.

Price: Rs 399


swimming gogglesWith panoramic vision till 150 degree, 1 adjustable strap and soft seals these goggles are perfect for swimming. However, their stability is not designed for diving. The water tightness of any swimming goggles relies on the appropriate fit and compatibility of the silicone seal with the shape of your face. Prior to purchasing it, it would be advisable to do the “suction” test without the strap. In this case if the swimming goggles hold on to your face without any support or with slight suction, then the product will be perfectly watertight while you are swimming. This enables you to check if the size is extremely tight or just too big. Nabaiji Active mask by Decathlon stands true to this test and is available in 2 Sizes: S for small faces and L for large faces.

Price: Rs. 999


swimming gogglesBest for Regular swimmers for training or keeping fit, these mirrored goggles have a wide field of vision of 135-150 degree which are extremely comfortable due to their soft skirts that adapt to fit the shape of your face perfectly. They also guarantee an impeccable watertight seal which do their work of protecting your eyes in the best possible manner. Owing to its high elasticity and hydrodynamic design it ensures optimum stability. They come with a 2 year warranty and anti-fogging treatment.

Price: Rs.1199

  1. Celby Corrective Swimming Goggles

    swimming gogglesThese Corrective Swimming Goggles With Lens Power, High Quality Slip-Resistance while swimming and UV Shield are a priceless combination of everything a swimmer would want in a pair of goggles. These Celby Corrective Swimming Goggles with power are also designed using Polycarbonate Coated Lenses that allow anti-fog property and offer 180 Degree Wide-Angle Vision that help you to see clearly in water and train flawlessly. They are made with 100% Soft and Elastic Silicone Head Strap that can be adjusted as per your Size and avoids Goggles from slipping in the water. To top it up they have a smooth Eyecup Cover for extra protection to your eyes while you Swim Or Dive or for any water sports and sporting events.

Price: Rs.1800

  1. Dolphin Rx V510

swimming gogglesClaiming to be the best swim goggles worldwide, these Japanese made swimwear glasses are one of its kind. Tabata View is a Japanese brand of swimming accessories that design innovative models with powers, mirrored & non mirror lenses & colors. They have Universal size swimming goggles for age 12 years to adult and come with 3 nose clips (S, M & L). You also get a free hard case to store the goggles in. The silicone strap are of Surgical grade and are designed with cushioned face pad for a highly comfortable and waterproof fit along with 100% UVA & B protection too. The lenses are Hypoallergenic with Super Anti Fog.


Price: Rs. 2000

  1. Speedo Adult Rifting Swimming goggles

swimming gogglesThese stunning looking goggles are more than just looks. Speedo is revered for its high quality swimming accessories and this pair stands true to it. Rift Swimming Mask is an amalgamation of comfort with a panoramic field of vision and has very soft seals, that easily fit the face shape for a great watertightness. This Swimming Mask is designed with an anti-fogging treatment and anti-UV component. The SpeedFIT system enables a smart and intuitive adjustment at the sides to give you a zero irritation and super easy pool experience for your eyes.

Price: Rs.2380

  1. Durafit Silicone Big Swimple Optical Swimming Goggle

swimming gogglesYou could not go wrong with Durable and hypoallergenic silicone gaskets that give you a comfortable and watertight seal. Their uniqueness lies in the innovative and thoughtful design of shape over time Speed Adjustment. This makes it very easy to wear and has highly secure release buttons. These buttons enables quick and convenient strap adjustment.

Price: Rs. 3,374 – 4,656

Now you can easily choose your favourite pair from this list of top 7 and go swimming right away. You can get ahead of the competition in the pool or in open-water with our pick of the pairs!