marathons in mumbai

Top 7 Marathons in Mumbai

Running a marathon takes a lot of commitment. And who said that you can be a part of a marathon only if you are a trained runner? There are tons of Marathons in Mumbai that are open for all kinds of people. All you have to do is, know about them, register on time and be there to run – run for a cause, for the betterment of some lives and for the progression of the society at large.

All geared up for a marathon run?

A list of Marathons is Mumbai that you must look out for

  • Pinkathon

If there is any marathon that is run with the cause of empowering women and breast cancer, then it is this one! As we are all aware that the pink ribbon is all famous for supporting and standing against one of the most dangerous disease among women – breast cancer. The first Pinkathon happened in 2012, and since then it has been such a hit. Today, it considered to be more than just a marathon. Lot of celebrities and eminent business people ensure to run for a cause in this marathon. It happens in different cities of the country and Mumbai is certainly one among them. This is one of the most famous Marathons in Mumbai.

  • Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

This was initially called by this name, and today, it is renamed as the Tata Mumbai Marathon.  They host this every year and it has been a great success each time they host it. It usually happens in January and it is open not only to the employees of the bank, but also for the general public in the city of Mumbai. The day of the marathon is fixed too – third Sunday of January. The marathon is held for a cause – a reason to be able to do some charity to other communities that are less fortunate. As a matter of fact, this marathon is organized in different parts of the cities as well as the globe. The runners compete in 6 categories – Half marathon, full, senior citizen race, dream run, champions with disability, and DHL corporate championship.

  • Vasai Virar Mayor Marathon

If you are not a great runner, but enjoy the process thoroughly, then you must surely participate in this Vasai virar Mayor marathon. This is an annual event that the Vasai Virar community organized for the dwellers of Mumbai. They have a full marathon for 43 kms, half marathon for 22 kms, 11K run, obviously for 11 kms and the Dhamaal Dhaav which is a 4 km run. The charges for each run varies and you can easily register from their official website. This is sponsored Indiabulls home loans and was pioneered in 2011. It started off with 700 participants and today, it has double – 1500 registered runners.

  • Hiranandani Powai Run

Do you want to have some fun along with just running? Then this run which is just not a marathon is what you have been looking for! The organizers say that this is a run that is also a carnival! It is organized by the Rotary Club of Mumbai Lakers and 2018 marks the seventh year of this successful event. It is organized at the Hiranandani complex and Powai Lake. All the funds that is collected through this event is donated off in charity. Along with running, the 12, 000 runners enjoy the beautiful lake view too. The main aim of this marathon is to build community and bring sense of harmony, promotion of better lifestyle and to raise funds for social causes that require financial attention.

  • Pennat Kalyan Dombivli Marathon

Pennat Kalyan Dombivli Marathon, also shortened as the all famous PKDM run, marks it second year in 2018. The first year was so successful that the organizers just could not resist having it again. Through this run, the organizers intend to add health benefits within the city dwellers. They have half marathons for 21 kms, 10K runs, 5K runs and fun runs which is for 3 kms. Their brand ambassador is Mr. Bijender Vats who actually hails from a non-runner background and thus is an inspiration to all those who like to run, but do not have the proper runner training. They believe that when you run a marathon, you run against the distance and not against other runners and time. This is one of the best Marathons in Mumbai.

  • Causeathon

Some people run for their passion and other marathons happen for charity and donations, but this one is unique. Isn’t that obvious from the name? Well, this marathon is specially organized to represent Autism. The entire event is organized by those specially challenged children! They are supervised by their mentors and teachers, but the children are the main heroes! They will run along with you. You can either run with them, or stay in the audience and applaud for the children who have the audacity to take up this challenge, come up in front of the crowd and run, run for themselves and to prove that they are not disabled!

  • Oxfam Trailwalker

2018 marks the 67th year of Oxfam in the country. They are an independent organization of the nation which is also a proud member of a global conference of 20 Oxfams. By registering for the Oxfam Trailwalker, you will be either walking for 100 km in 48 hours or for 50 km in 24 hours! This walk is for equality, a walk to make a difference in someone’s life. Apart from this uniqueness, there is one more challenge up here – this walk is not an individual one. You need to walk in teams and the challenge has to be completed with the same teams! Your team will raise a fund before starting and at the end of the walk, the Oxfam team will use those funds for those good deeds that will reduce inequality in the society! This is a new addition in the list of Marathons in Mumbai.