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Top 4 Swimming Trunks for Men

  • Swimming Trunks: Speedo

A name that needs no introduction, Speedo is a favorite among competitive swimmers. The FastSkin range has been designed keeping in mind the different dynamics of competitive swimming. You can try the Racer Elite 2 and Racer X to get the best combination of comfort and competitive advantage. The USP of these swimming trunks is that they have been designed keeping in mind the feedback and constructive advice from pro-swimmers. These suits offer a specialized compressive ability with top-notch features that multiply its performance.  

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  1. Swim Wear: TYR

swimming trunks

The TYR Avictor Venom Racing Suit is a high-end designer swimming trunk  that doesn’t just feel good but also boosts your efficiency by complementing your swimming capacity technically.

It comes with the Hydrosphere technology to help the swimmer maintain the best position while swimming. The suit prevents dragging in the water and is ultra compressed to maximize swimmer’s stability in the water.  Moreover, it offers speedy dry fabrication and super flex bonding that aids the performance.

It’s lightweight built is the icing on the cake that every swimmer must taste.  

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  1.  Swimming Trunks: Arena

swimming trunks

Arena is a big name known for its competitive swimwear for men and women. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex VX offers amazing flexibility and offers brilliant muscle compression technology.

The suit is designed specifically for mid-long freestyle swimmers who regularly perform breaststrokes and backstrokes. The biggest feature is the new and advanced V-flex system of bonded seams that enables the swimmer to move better. It offers maximum range of motion by enabling better hip flexion, lifting effect and allowing stronger push off the wall.

It also offers better coverage, intelligent compression, power return (with elastic bonding tape), and improved surface integrity.  

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  1.  Swim Wear: A3

swimming trunks

A3 Performance Vici is among the best suits on the market for competitive swimmers (men). It gives the wearer a wide range of motion and is not at all restrictive. Some experts even commended the slightly high cut design of the suit. The suit offers a one-way stretch technology and enables high compression in the hips. As far as performance is guaranteed, the bodimax technology really works in the favor or the wea  rer. Moreover, it lets the swimmer hold the speed for longer.   

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Final words

Swimmers particularly face the design and cut issues as some suits end up offering great technology but a restrictive design. Speedo’s FastSkin range offers a suitable range of motion and proper technology needed to maximize performance in competitive swimming. A3 Performance Vici, TYR Avictor Venom Racing Suit, Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex VX are among the most recommended suits for men by experts in 2018 so they will make a good investment.


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