Top 10 Yoga Trainers In Delhi

Top 10 Yoga Trainers In Delhi

If something can prevent the inception of disease as well as aid in recovering from it, is Yoga. Enhanced flexibility, correct posture, spine protection, muscle strength building are some notable benefits that can be perceived from this spiritual, physical and mental practice. Though the impact of yoga done wrongly outnumbers the benefits, practising incorrect yoga can leave various complications in the mental and physical human health. So that you can reap only the benefits and not incur any damages, it is paramount to educate yourself about the Top 10 Yoga Trainers In Delhi.The Yoga trainers or Yogis are highly learned individuals who are certified and who try to help people who are seeking for a better health both physical and mental.

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Spirit, body and mind – all in unity

Very few people know their bodies in detail which is exactly the reason they find it hard to detect the fatigue or the laziness or the pain they feel sometimes. Start the journey of knowing and understanding your body with Top 10 Yoga Trainers In Delhi who will help you in practising self-care which is a very important thing altogether.

  • Mind – Yoga includes discipline, meditation, practice and focus that help in managing the workings that go inside the mind. Yoga can actually shift anyone’s awareness from negativity to positivity and also people can learn and accept the obstacles.
  • Body – When you are entering into the world of Yoga, you are actually grasping functional anatomy that makes you learn about poses that can have immense impact on your body. Challenging the limits is something that you will learn from Yoga.
  • Spirit – Energy, character and emotions are aspects that cannot be touched but felt. However, some people fail to do so that they can change by reverting to Yoga. Lighting up from your interior is only possible when you go through Yoga sessions but this will take time and not happen overnight.

Yoga: mind, body, soul

Top 10 yoga trainers in Delhi

There are numerous websites all over the Internet where you can search the names of Yoga trainers in Delhi. These professionals are background checked and you can even ask request quotations by visiting their profiles for booking the classes. Few experienced names are as follows:

  1. Aashima Taneja biz

Aashima Taneja biz: yoga trainers in delhi

She is a practitioner of Iyengar Yogakshema yoga form for full five years. She is currently hosting Artistic Yoga House through which she helps people to gain stamina and immunity in their bodies.

Reach her here:

2. Gajender

gajender: yoga trainers in delhi

By amalgamating 10 years experience, the professional carries a diploma in this discipline. He can help people with Yoga who have, incurred wrong food habits from many years.

Reach him here:

3. Deepa Sharma

Women face many issues in their bodies that they can overcome with trainers like Deepa Sharma who specialises in this area. Along with this, she can help people cope with stress related issues as well. Yoga has innumerable healing power that anyone can manifest with the help of such trainers.

Reach her here:

4. Rahul Malik

rahul malik

If seeking to develop your spiritual self, then get in touch with trainer Rahul Malik who will help you in initiating self-healing, personal power and a lot more.

Reach him here:

5. Mehr

mehr: yoga trainer in delhi

If you are interested in enhancing the overall health, flexibility and weight loss, then she is the one you need to contact. Get the quotes and get started with the classes in the studio that is situated near Jantar Mantar.

Reach him here:

6. Sanjay Rashmi

sanjay rashmi

Sanjay Rashmi has acquired expertise in Ashtanga Yoga. The Park, Jor Bagh Association and Brazilian embassy are the locations where he teaches Yoga to interested candidates. However, you can get personal training sessions at home with him as well. Cervical pain, asthma and diabetes are issues that you can overcome by practicing Yoga with him.

Reach them here:

7. Nikita

nikita chaudhary

Be it off or on your mat, you must always feel powerful both mentally and physically. You can actually enhance your life’s quality if you start taking lessons from Nikita. She has an experience of two years.she is a nutritionist and dietitian.

Reach her here:

8. Anjuu

anjuu gulati: yoga trainer in delhi

To enhance flexibility and incur self-control, you can take yoga lessons from Anjuu who is an experienced Yoga instructor.

Reach her here:

9. Zubin Atre

zubin atre: yoga trainer in delhi

If you are looking for Yoga sessions where the asanas will be customised as per your body, then he is the one you need to sit with. He has extreme good understanding of bio-mechanics and human anatomy that helps him teach asanas with precision.

Reach him here:

10. Mehak Puri

mehak puri

Being herself a sufferer of stress and health problems, Mehak turned to Yoga who makes fitness regimes harmonious for her clienteles. Even she teaches yoga to kids. The yoga styles approached by her are unique.

Reach her here:

To find  a few more teachers have a look here 

Few important criteria

Yoga is a discipline that is varied. Learning it yourself can be overwhelming and sometimes wrong as well. It is best to learn Yoga under the guidance of Top 10 Yoga Trainers In Delhi who have earned the necessary experience for teaching Yoga to others. Prior to appointing a Yoga teacher, keeping some points in mind is necessary.

Yoga trainers in delhi

  • The Yoga teacher must have experience
  • The professional must carry a certification from an authentic Yoga school
  • The Yogi must have a clear understanding of the Yoga form you wish to master
  • Personality must matter when you choose your Yoga teacher as it combines with the style of teaching as well.

Final Word

If you have still not searched the names of the Top 10 Yoga Trainers In Delhi, then this blog will be quite helpful for you. An emotional boost, better health, and increased stamina are what you can expect after you take training lessons from these professionals on a regular basis. However, it is necessary to remember that changes within your body can only take place when Yoga is practiced diligently and complete focus. Irrespective of being off or on the mat, Yoga makes people powerful from the inside out. It can change a person’s perspective towards life. Hence, contact the Yogis right away for experiencing a more fulfilling life. Once into Yoga, you will never want to stop practicing it.

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