fitness trainers in Mumbai

Top 10 Fitness Trainers in Mumbai

Everyone should be fit as a fiddle. Fit and healthy body keeps oneself happy and fresh all time. It is easier said than done. If one wants to be a healthier person then it is always advisable to go for regular fitness training from a good and properly skilled fitness trainer. Regular fitness training will enable every person to get rid of cardiovascular illness, diabetes and arthritis, rheumatic and osteoporosis. Regular and properly suggested fitness training will reduce the risk of cancer, cardiac arrest. Besides regular smoking, physical inactivity is just another cause of several fatal diseases.

fitness trainers in Mumbai

Regular fitness training helps all round fitness like:

  • Increase metabolism
  • More energy
  • Healthy muscles, joints, and bones
  • Enhance endurance
  • Increases the sense of well-being and will help one to fight against all stress
  • This helps in getting good sleep and to remain fast asleep for at least 7/8 hours which is mandatory for all.

fitness trainers in Mumbai

Keeping all these in mind mostly all Mumbai Kars are desperate for their fitness and they are never a miser in terms of fitness training. There is no second thought in spending to get the best fitness trainer for themselves so that every part of their human existence is healthier and safe. Some of the best fitness trainers or training centers are listed for quick and ready help:

Some of the best fitness trainers in Mumbai

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Kushru Misstry

Kushru Misstry: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Kushru Misstry is a freelance fitness trainer who is willing to take up the charge of one’s fitness on a serious note. He can train people on fitness at any place as per the convenience of the customer. It can be customer’s residence, third-party gym, outdoor, in a complex lawn. He prefers if the trainee has at least two fitness equipment with them or else they can buy from the market from the fitness outlets. He imparts different form training like cardio, functional, weight burning, plyometric, Pilates, runners’ knee, Thera tube/band and for ladies special to reduce the breast, hip and butt size and shape.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Prashant Sawant

Prashant Sawant: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Prashant Sawant is a big name in Bollywood and he is the man behind the great physique which Shah Rukh Khan has today. Lot others celeb in Bollywood is indebted to Prashant for his skill in re-vitalizing, body toning, body conditioning and for the performance which they show on the silver screen. He is a man who takes care of their diet and fitness training depending on the condition and the need of their body.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Amit is one of the best Fitness trainers in Mumbai.  He has his own fitness center named Power and Health but also extends fitness training at a personal level. He extends a very effective training which includes strength training, weight loss, Endurance building, power yoga, Crossfit, meditation and much more. He is also an expert in making a proper diet plan for his customer so that they follow a proper diet plan to withstand the strength training for better health and fitness. He is well known for understanding the need and physical structure of the body and this helps him to plan the diet and exercise and fitness training for them accordingly. He also takes care of the medical history of his customers.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Satyajit Chaurasia

Satyajit Chaurasia: fitness trainers in Mumbai

He is the man behind the great body which Aamir Khan had built up for his movie Ghajini. Chaurasia is not only a celeb fitness trainer but is one of the top fitness instructors with all his skill is getting rid of extra mass, gaining extra mass, strength training, weight lifting, muscle enhancement and much more. He is the man for Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan and many more top models for both male and female. His Barbarian Gym is the answer for all fitness training for celeb and other people who want to look young, fit and healthy.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Nazim Gazdhar

Nazim Gazdhar: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Nazim is a personal fitness trainer who provides training like Pilate training, Kickboxing training, weight training, functional training. He even prepares the diet plan for the trainees depending on the body structure and the needs of the body so that his customers gain confidence while receiving the training from him and for attaining the desired result after the fitness training term.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Abbas Ali

Abbas is the man who turned Shahid Kapoor from a chocolate boy to a rough and tough hero. He is a very strict fitness trainer with a prolonged stretching and his workouts are much more intense. He is a trainer who takes down all the details as a note which he does with his client as it helps him to notice their progress from day one till the last. Abbas is an expert in all type of fitness training and he uses very less equipment. He stresses on muscle building, bodybuilding, body flexibility, reducing excess fat and all types of training which will enhance energy and keep one healthy.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Samir Jaura

Samir Jaura: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Samir Jaura is one of the top Fitness trainers in Mumbai. He is the man who trained Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar for different films as per the need. Samir is a certified sports nutritionist from International Fitness Association, USA. He is a very accurate trainer with his workouts and diet plan. He himself is an inspiration for millions of renowned people in India and abroad because of his fitness accuracy and knowledge.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Marcell Dsouza

Marcell Dsouza: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Marcell is a certified fitness trainer from Gold Gym. He has his own fitness academy named Marcell Fitness Academy where he provides the training like weight training, functional training, kickboxing, cardio, yoga and much more. He is also specialized in preparing the diet plan for the trainees’ as per their need and body constitution.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Mayur Mhatre

Mayur Mhatre: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Mayur is a well-known fitness trainer in South Mumbai and he is a personal fitness trainer. He can provide fitness training anywhere convenient for the customer. But they should be well equipped with the fitness equipment which is available in the market. He is specialized Crossfit, weight loss, weight gain and circuit training.

#Top Fitness Trainer in Mumbai – Pradeep Bhatia

Pradeep Bhatia: fitness trainers in Mumbai

Pradeep Bhatia is another big name in Mumbai. He imparts his fitness training with accuracy and strictness to clients like Deepika Padukone, Malaika Arora Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal, Neetu Singh and much more. The name of his Gym is Elixir Fitness Gym and this a center where people comes to feel happier, healthier and to be fit with perfect body, shape, and style with accurate diet and workouts which include new techniques.


All type of aerobic and strength training exercises helps one to curb any kind of depression which may arise due to varied reasons.  One should never forget that 30 minutes of regular exercise will reduce cardiac risks and will also help one to fight against all types of disease. Some may need little more exercise or fitness training due to some inevitable cause. It is always advised by doctors to go for regular exercises and walk to live a better and healthy life which will happily face all odds in daily life.