adventurous places in Bangalore

Top 10 Adventurous places in Bangalore

Living and working in Bangalore can be a tedious task. It is like working day and night, forgetting all the fun just to earn money, but what about that adrenaline rush? What about that passion for doing something adventurous? Well, life is about balancing between work and entertainment, and for the people living in Bangalore, there is a wide variety of places to have some fun. For the people who are adventurous by nature, who want to travel and do something Kick-ass, here is a list of Top 10 Adventurous places in Bangalore, pay a visit once and make memories for a lifetime:

  1. Trek to Talakona Waterfalls: For the people who are fond of trekking and want to go someplace nice and serene, Talakona Waterfalls is the best option for them. Approximately two hundred forty-one kilometres away from Bangalore, this gorgeous waterfall is the perfect destination for fun and romance. You can enjoy trekking in a dense forest and enjoy waterfalls at the same time, also come back with some healing herbs.
    Talakona waterfalls
  1. Bamboo Rafting at Kaveri River: Bangalore is the hub of IT industry and encounters different IT events now and then. Due to different IT events, the place is full of IT professionals, national and international, who are looking for adventure sports in Bangalore. When it comes to finding an adventure sport in Bangalore, Bamboo Rafting comes on the top as it is one of the most famous and stress busting sport in Bangalore. Kaveri and Barpole Rivers are famous for bamboo rafting, so, get ready to cut the stress out of your life for some time and rafting in the river.
    bamboo rafting
  2. Kayaking: Kayaking is an adventure sport gaining popularity because of its Kayaks. Kayaks are boats made up using superior fibre and plastic material and come with floatation machine pre-installed. Earlier, Bheemeshwari, Dandeli and Coorg used to be the top rated destinations for rafting and Kayaking, but now, people prefer River Sharavathi in Bangalore to try this exotic sport because of a mind-blowing.
  3. ATV Bike Adventure in the Rocky Terrains of Bangalore: ATV bikes or quad bikes are very famous for terrain adventures. Many people have a fantasy to ride bikes on the rocky terrains of Bangalore, explore the beauty, check out natural vegetation and have a chit-chat with tribes living in the rocky terrains of Bangalore. If you are one of those adventure junkies, then pack up your bag and run for an ATV bike adventure. These bikes allow off-road hiking and simply the best for a thrilling adventure and a wonderful experience. So, get ready to have some fun with Quad Bikes in the wondrous terrains in Bangalore.
    rocky terrains bike ride
  4. Wall climbing activity near Bangalore: This activity is for all the fitness freaks out there who work hard at the gym and sweat their hearts out. Wall climbing is an enjoyable activity that helps the players to increase the fitness and induces the spirit of winning. Genthaa Wall near Bangalore is famous for wall climbing, in this activity an artificial wall is built along with barriers to make it challenging for the climbers. It is a safe sport and appropriate for youngsters who are looking for less risky adventure.
    wall climbing
  5. Rock climbing on the Deccan Plateau: Rock climbing is one experience every adventure enthusiast dreams for. Well, for the people living in Bangalore, Deccan Plateau brings an amazing experience to climb the rock and fulfil that long lasting desire. Many youngsters try climbing in Chitradurga and Savandurga in Bangalore because of its various formations and ranges.
    rock climbing
  6. Paintball in Bangalore Resorts: As it is known that Bangalore is the city of IT sector and people from various countries keep on visiting for mergers, meetings and social events. Many people love the idea of taking a break from daily routine and spend some quality time in a resort, and to throw the frustration out of the body they love playing Paintball. Paintball is an adventurous game in which guns are filled with paintballs. In this game, people are divided into teams, and each team has to target the opponents and kill them with paintball. If you are looking for a leisure time in Bangalore, then resorts with paintball come in the category of adventurous places in Bangalore, plan a trip and cut the stress out.
  7. Snorkelling in Bangalore: Just like scuba diving, snorkelling is an adventure sport for the nature lovers. Bangalore is full of jungle lodges that offer Nature camping facilities and enjoy a dive into the sea. Snorkelling is similar to scuba diving but with better safety measures as it is done using a tube and mask under water. If you want to experience the life undersea but afraid of going deep down, then snorkelling is the best adventure sport in Bangalore, all you need is to visit the jungle lodges and register of the upcoming camp.
  8. A Visit to Shivaganga Hill: Many people in Bangalore believe that Shivaganga Hill is the Hill where Shiva resides. It is a belief that the temples on the hill are sacred and the hill resembles like Lord Ganesha from the west side and Linga from the south side. Call it a trek or faith to visit the temple, a visit to Shivaganga Hill is an adventurous way to worship and gain blessings from Lords.
  9. Zorbing at a Resort in Bangalore: Last but not the least; Zorbing is an adventure activity for all age groups. This activity does not require any skill, any technique or practice, all you need is to enter in the ball and let the staff handle the game. Just sit and relax while the ball is going down the slope. Feel like you are in a bubble, harnessed and rolling here and there. Some resorts offer Water Zorbing in which the ball is thrown in a large pool of water, and you have to bounce the ball to bring it towards the shore. So, for a safe, carefree yet adventurous trip, visit the nearest resort and enjoy experimenting with Zorbing.