adventure places in Hyderabad

Top 10 Adventure Places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is known as the city of pearls that still resembles the regal and royal past. There are many forts that still have the importance of royal heritage and still are embellished with all the historic events. There are many adventure places in Hyderabad like Shahi food, specialised and enchanting landmarks, remarkable maidens, top notch quality jewelry and positive minded people. The city deals with both new and old accomplishments. For the travellers, Hyderabad plays an exciting panorama of past events from 400 traditional years. There are many shopping destinations and remarkable hill stations.

Top 10 best adventure places in Hyderabad

  1. Rappelling at Bhongir Fort near Hyderabad

Rappelling at Bhongir Fort: adventure sports in hyderabad

This thrilling activity is the most attractive activity here. When one does the rappelling from the height of 300 feet at the top point of monolithic rock it feels awesome. This is held at Bhongir fort which is near to the Hyderabad. The fort is situated in Shanthi Nagar in Telangana. The rock structure gives enormous activities like climbing and rock climbing. This rock is egg shaped which will test your capacity and strength when you come down from such a great height to the ground.

Cost- INR 500

  1. Heritage walk

Heritage walk

You can happily move across the streets of Hyderabad and uncover the city like no one could ever do it. You can go for the 2 hours walk and discover the beautiful vibes which you get from the every corner of the streets. This will cover most of the adventure places in Hyderabad. This tour can be accomplished with the royal heritage and the award winning views which you will witness throughout the tour. You will come to know all the monuments and landmarks.

Cost- INR 2000

  1. Nehru Zoological park

Nehru Zoological park

This is a 50 years old park which has 380 acres. It is a wonderful mixture of animal habitats, ecological programmes, other famous attractions and research entities. Travellers can easily and freely spend their whole day here as it is well equipped with the sanitation facilities. Visitors can also enjoy numerous facilities such as rented bicycle rides, toy train, long walks surrounding aquariums with pure water and also you can observe marine life.

  1. Hussain Sagar lake

Hussain Sagar lake

This is one of the largest man-made lakes in India and a beautiful attraction for travellers in Hyderabad. The lake is filled with the pleasant air that will give you utmost happiness. The Buddha statue is the centre of the attraction of this lake. This is the best place to do the water sports such as boating, rafting etc. Also there is an amusement park in the neighbourhood region.

  1. Biggest baobab

Biggest baobab

This is the cave of 40 thieves and carries a pleasant history. It is not too far from the Golconda fort so in case if you are going to the fort for trekking you can also visit this place. As it belongs to the African Baobab family, the tree got its name as Biggest Baobab. It can easily accommodate around 20 people. It gave space to 40 thieves so it is admired by cave of 40 thieves.

  1. Guntur


This the perfect place where you can experience the factors of nature like Sea, waterfalls, museums and caves. It is a best place for adventure places in Hyderabad. This is the best place for the trekking, bird watching, and sightseeing. The best time to visit Guntur is from October to march. You can go with the family and enjoy the vacations.

  1. Belum caves

Belum caves

This is the second largest cave in India which is in the Kurnool district. The interior chambers that resembles stalagmites and stalactites is the top notch attraction of this place. You can do the rock climbing here and discover many secrets inside the caves. It is very beautiful and remarkable place to visit and you can witness the superior excellence. You can look at the earlier sculptures and figure out the history in a prominent way.

  1. Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram

Maredumilli and Rampachodav

This is the perfect and ideal place for the nature lovers. Those who want to discover the tribal attributions can get a chance to do so by going inside the jungles. This is well admired for the trekking and camping destination. It is surrounded by seasonal waterfalls and rivers of azure water. You can freely drive through the dense forest. This contains a perfect match for nature lovers.

  1. Horsley hills

Horsley Hills

It is a hill town in the Chittoor that provides some relief to the city travellers with its remarkable views, perfect green landscapes. It is as popular as Ooty. It is a best place for mountain climbing and gives a beautiful experience to the visitors by giving them feeling of walking in the clouds.

  1. Dandeli

Dandeli: adventure places in hyderabad

It is situated on the north side of Karnataka. It is the best suitable place for the river drafting. This is a combination of trees, birds, nature walks, bird watching, camping, jungle safaris. This is famous for water adventure places in Hyderabad. River Kali is known as one of the best rivers in the world as it gives individuals pure and azure water for the white water rafting.