Perfect your hill running

Tips for Hill Running

When it comes to hill running, a lot many runners don’t run with proper form. Understanding the idea of a “good” hill running form is fairly easy if you review a few basic truths about running uphill and downhill.

– Before straining yourself with hill run try to first train yourself on plains for at-least 3-4 months as we generally see more running injuries in the beginning, given runners push themselves too hard in the beginning.

– A good cardio vascular base aided with muscle strengthening – particularly of your lower body and flexibility program should be followed religiously for initial few weeks.

– When you start hill training do it just once or twice a week giving ample rest to your body to ensure better recovery. This also prevents any possible injuries. What becomes venerable while running uphill is the knee because of lack of strength in the quadriceps and Glutes. Leaning slightly forward from hip and lifting your knees in upward direction will help you climb up quickly.

– Running downhill requires good “brakes” that mainly comes from posterior compartment of the leg but what becomes vulnerable in this case are the hamstrings. So slow down a bit, lean backward and take deep breaths to recover for another uphill.

– Stretch quadriceps/hamstrings/IT band and calves nicely after a strong hill session. Use a foam roller or tennis ball to release stress from tight muscles after 7-8 hrs followed by stretching.

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