Tips for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018!

For many runners, completing a half marathon is a long cherished dream and are willing to do whatever it takes on the race day to cross the finish line. But gone are the days when people solely relied on the old ‘determination and will power’ to get it out in events like the Half Marathon – you now need to be adequately prepared and build a nice rhythm leading to the race day. This way you can save your body the sudden beating and also breeze ahead of others comfortably.

So let’s buckle up and put some things into perspective before you kick-start your preparation for The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

Get Started2018
Airtel Delhi Half Marathon_Tying the shoelaces
You discover a lot about yourself when you start preparing for a marathon. And if it is your first attempt, you are in for an amazing and transformative experience.

Set weekly goals and stay motivated, don’t compare yourself with others till you’ve trained well. Sure a 13-mile run would look intimidating, but if you follow the regimen to the dot, you have nothing to worry. You will become ready for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in no time!

Choose your gear

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Different type of shoes

For starters, you can practice in a good pair of running shoes, with a countdown timer and comfortable clothing.

Optionally, you can add accessories like sweatbands, sunscreen lotions, strap-on water bottle for hydration and probably, your earphones.

Train right

Sound training is the crux of your preparation. Start small and then gradually intensify your preparation.

Ideally, 3-4 months’ time is sufficient to train your mind and body, while avoiding unnecessary strain. Divide your month for long, medium and short runs. If possible mix them up with some cross training too.

Make use of Fitso’s marathon plan and follow the schedule every day without fail. This kind of discipline is needed if you want to successfully participate in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Rest days mean no running. Cross training in swimming, cycling or lifting weights is okay for short duration. Here are some beginners’ hacks and plans for running.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Healthy food options

Since you will be burning a lot of calories, you should also replenish your body’s carbs and proteins during your training period.

Keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after the practice.

Distance yourself from caffeinated drinks and alcohol – they have 0 nutritional benefits and keep you up late into the night.

Remember, you need to eat right to support your body and sleep well to help it recover.

Still confused? Consult a dietician on your app and get a diet plan to help you with your regime

Find ways to stay motivated. Meet your fellow marathoners and interact with them. Read some interesting stories of the past editions. Write your own experiences on what got you started and how you managed to train; maintain a log if possible – it will definitely help someone someday!

And finally, enjoy the moments! Bask in your surroundings and run with a smile. In case you are looking for from tips for the last week, check this.

Do you need to work on pace, or is it endurance? Maybe stamina is something you have your eyes on. Get a Personal Coach from Fitso and improve your efficiency 10-fold. The trainer will provide you with a customised training schedule for you with fartlek, easy run, pace run, brisk walks to maximise your stats. Have any doubts? Discuss with our running experts.