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Tiger Shroff Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Latest Bollywood sensation Tiger Shroff shares his workout and diet plan with his fans. An ardent martial arts devotee, a huge fan of the legendary Bruce Lee and an active gymnast, Tiger Shroff body building is to be more sporty. He says if he hadn’t been an actor he would have been a sportsperson and would have played football for his country. For sure, Tiger, we would have loved you just as much no matter what. For those aspiring to be like him, be warned that the Tiger Shroff workout and diet plan is not for the weak at heart.

Tiger Shroff Diet

That chiseled body of Tiger Shroff is built on proteins. Therefore, Tiger’s diet includes chicken, eggs, protein shakes on a regular basis. Proteins are no good without fiber and Tiger supplements it with boiled vegetables (mostly greens) and oatmeal.

tiger shroff body building

Here is a more detailed menu:

Breakfast: 8 egg whites and a bowl of his favourite oatmeal

Lunch: Brown rice and chicken

Evening: Protein Shake

Dinner: Fish and Green Veggies like beans or broccoli

Apart from all these, Tiger snacks on dry fruits, whey shakes and prefers greens such as broccoli and loves fish. He makes sure that he is hydrated and drinks about 8 liters of water every day. And oh, he does not smoke or drink alcohol.

Tiger Shroff Workout

Rome was not built in a day and neither was Tiger’s chorded muscles and flexibility. A devout practitioner of gymnastics, kickboxing and Wushu martial arts, Tiger never misses an opportunity to improve his skills. Tiger Shroff workout routine is a rigorous routine that focuses on different muscle groups on each day of the week.

tiger shroff workout body building

  • Chest

Tiger tough sequence of exercises includes the Flat bench, Dumbbell press, Incline bench and Chest flyes.

  • Back

For his back muscles, Tiger does pull-downs with a lateral machine, followed by pull-ups and dumbbell rolls (100 kgs) as low and 1-arm.

  • Arms

Tiger concentrates on his biceps with the Olympic barbell curls using 60 kgs weight, dumbbell curls using 32 kgs wts, reverse curls using 30 kgs wts, close-grip barbell press, press downs and skull crushers using 68 kgs wts.

tiger shroff body building

  • Legs

Tiger works diligently on his legs with various squats including squats with 190 kgs wts on shoulders, free squats, step-ups with 90 kgs wts and hamstrings curls using 90 kgs wts.

  • Shoulders

For rounded shoulders, Tiger does knee and shoulder press using 90 kgs wts, military presses, rear flyes with 40 kgs wts and lateral raises using dumbbells and machine.

  • Abs

For those six – eight packs, Tiger does crunches, hanging reverse crunches, reverse crunches with weight loads of 10 kgs wts, seated and standing calf presses.

tiger shroff workout body building

  • Mixed of Tiger Shroff Body Building

One day of the week, Tiger has a mixed workout routine for overall body muscles. For this he does deadlifts using 250 kgs wts, squats with 100 kgs wts, kneel and press using 50 kgs wts and plyometric push-ups

Tiger Shroff’s Secret

And how many times a week does Tiger Shroff workout? The answer is “Everyday”. He changes his routine every 4 months to keep it interesting. His rigorous workout routine helps him maintain his body fat at less than 12 percent.

tiger shroff workout body building

Is there a secret to his great body? Tiger contributes his great physique to discipline, hard work and his genes – although he believes he is nowhere close to his dad, the legendary ‘HERO’ Jackie Shroff, in the cool quotient.

Some star kids impress and some don’t. Tiger Shroff, however, has raised the bar as he stands out with his good work, style and actions.

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